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A newcomer to the EXVSMBON roster, the Barbatos Lupus Rex (henceforth refered to as Lupus Rex for brevity), distinguishes itself with some of the trickiest movements of all units in EXVS. Its animal-like movements with command dash let you quickly close in on enemies before they have a chance to react and its signature Tail Blade lets you hit your target from corners within their blind spot. Lupus Rex's cancel route loops into its command dash allow it massive overheat plays; fitting the beast-like impression the suit gives off. Despite this, Lupus Rex's ranged and mobility options are the most potent aspect of this unit and its melee are a supplement to when you've finally drained their boost through hounding them down. Despite the animalistic drive given off by the Lupus Rex; it requires extremely tight and unconventional execution of movement, alongside high positional awareness in order to fully utilize the unit's slick and sly movements and attacks.

If you're able to get the feel of the Lupus Rex unconventional style of approach, the unit offers a limitless amount of ways to attack out of your opponents sight and through this, the Devil of Tekkadan is a fitting name for the havoc it can wreak in a match.

"We can't stop yet... Not me... Not Barbatos..!"
Lore:This is the upgraded form of the Gundam Barbatos Lupus, repaired and modified after it was critically damaged in battle against a Mobile Armor near Chryse, a city on Mars.

Its reaction speed has been increased to its theoretical limit; furthermore, the movement pattern of every single joint of the frame has been finely tuned to be a perfect match for the pilot's barest instinct.

Parts of the Mobile Armor Hashmal, destroyed in the previous confrontation, have been used to repair its damaged components; the Rex Nails have turned its arms into weapons; the heels have been equipped with Heel Bunkers; and the back has been mounted with the Tail Blade. These new weapons give this Gundam a very savage silhouette.
Voice:Kengo Kawanishi

File:EXVSMBON Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Icon.png Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Lupus Rex is a ranged specialist that plays front with extremely tricky movement options that gives its melee immense pressure as well.

  • High performance/tricky mobility: Command dash loops and spam give Lupus Rex an unnatural amount of overheat plays and angle freedom that other units don't have which makes its approaches unpredictable.
  • Powerful Ranged options: AB, BC+A, cs.A, and AC are all strong by itself with high tracking correction and projectile speed. Combined with BC cancel route loops, the amount of pressure applied on your target is immense.
  • Tail Blade(cs.A): Your bread and butter, and the key to Lupus Rex's kit. Your strongest and highest mobility routes and pressure are tied to this tool as almost all inertia from using this freefall route from command dash is carried over.
  • Good pyonkaku: Supplementing Lupus Rex's already high mobility, a good performance pyonkaku is a godsend for approaches with your Tail Blade.
  • Live ammo based: Despite the strong qualities of Lupus Rex's armaments, all of its projectiles besides Tail Blade tend to get deleted randomly from time to time.
  • Difficult boost management: Amazing mobility comes at a cost for Lupus Rex. A lot of its movements and pressure options tend to burn through boost fast; and even though its overheat struggle plays are good, it's still an undesirable situation to be in.
  • Low average ranged damage: Proration on CSA is pretty heavy, and a lot of Lupus Rex's tools have pretty high down value which makes it difficult to deal high damage consistently.
  • Unconventional and difficult execution: Even when compared to the roster's entirety, the amount of variations and routes to memorize makes Lupus Rex probably the highest level execution unit in the game.
Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex
EXVSMBON Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Portrait.png
Mikazuki Augus
EXVSMBON Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Pilot Portrait.png
Call Sign: Barbatos Lupus Rex
Mode Change:Yes
Dash Type:Flyer

Ranged Attacks

200mm Arm Gun


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Cancels into: A+B, A+C, B+C, 2B

Tail Blade (Chase)


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Tail Blade (Stand by)


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute



Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City Support


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Special Movement


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Melee Attacks

Burst Attacks

Savage Beating

A+B+C during EX Burst

Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

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To edit mobile suit move information or data, edit values in EXVSMBON/Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex/Data.

a Mobile Suit is exclusive to the console release.
b Mobile Suit is a preorder bonus for the console release.