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The original Gundam that started it all; both in the anime that it originated and the Mobile Suit title that the Extreme Vs. series carries itself with. The Gundam; piloted by Amuro Ray, carries most of the tools that almost all mobile suits in the game take after in terms of raw fundamental functions. That being said, the Gundam is an all-rounder that also carries a few unique moves within its toolset that sets it apart from the rest of the cast but the basic fundamentals of cancelling into other armaments in order to build a sufficient neutral game against other suits affects it more heavily than other suits because of its predictable and overall generic toolset with no cheap tricks and freefall routes.

A jack of all trades, master at none; the Gundam only truly shines in the hands of a player who has a firm grasp on the different fundamental aspects of the game, lest it gets run down due to its below average firepower and damage.

"I can pilot the Gundam better than anyone!"
Lore:A Mobile Suit developed by the Earth Federation Forces for close-quarters combat. It is a highly efficient unit, equipped with powerful weapons such as the Beam Rifle and the Beam Saber, and with armor made from Luna Titanium alloy. It was called the White Devil by soldiers of Zeon; a simple nickname, but enough to make them tremble in fear. It carries a variety of weapons, such as the Hyper Bazooka, the Beam Javelin and the Super Napalm.
Voice:Toru Furuya

File:EXVSMBON Gundam Icon.png Gundam The Gundam is an all-rounder suit that typically plays from behind with its wide variety of ranged options.

  • High health/durability: Being on the higher side of the health spectrum for 2k units allows more leeway for mistakes and to have more flexibility playing front or back.
  • Powerful assists: The Guntank and the Core Fighter assists track surprisingly well and can catch opponents off-guard.
  • Melee counter: Especially important for a low mobility back unit that are usually at risk of being run down.
  • Simple range cancels: Being able to spam Main (A) into Bazooka (AB) into Beam Javelin (AC); or assists in a smooth flow consistently is a simple but deceptively strong cancel route.
  • Beam Javelin debuff: One of the only suits able to reliably debuff downed opponents with javelin and probably its most unique trait in getting an okizeme advantage.
  • No freefall: Lack of a freefall route makes the Gundam prone to losing boost trades in neutral.
  • Long reload times: Main(5A) reloads at 3 seconds per ammo and it doesn't have many other options to compete at neutral since its assists are on a long cooldown as well.
  • Overall low damage: All of its tools do below average to average damage with no stand-out features.
  • Below average mobility: Maneuvering is as vanilla as it gets on the Gundam with nothing unique to its name.
  • Overreliance on raw fundamentals: With no particularly strong options or gimmicks, it relies heavily on the player's overall understanding and skill to win; making it somewhat of a not so beginner-friendly suit despite the vanilla playstyle.
EXVSMBON Gundam Portrait.png
Amuro Ray
EXVSMBON Gundam Pilot Portrait.png
Call Sign: Gundam
Mode Change:No
Dash Type:Flyer

Ranged Attacks

Beam Rifle


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
70 7 Constant 3 - Beam 2.0 Stagger

Standard beam rifle that can be generally cancelled into your other armaments for sustained pressure.

  • An important gimmick to note about the Gundam's main is that it has a special property known as Newtype(NT) Shooting or Rear Shooting where the Gundam would enter a special animation firing backwards instead of turning around and typically verniering in the air. The vernier animation still consumes some amount of boost so preferably try to avoid entering this state.
  • This special vernier animation carries some inertia from the previous motion which includes stepping or BD-ing and can be used to your advantage to get a slight edge in kiting if the situation arises as your momentum doesn't completely stop.
  • Because of this special Newtype Shooting animation, if you activate S Burst and keep firing from this state, you would perpetually vernier instead of free falling like normal so use your Bazooka to reorient your suit if you want to freefall immediately with this.

Cancels into: A+B, A+C, B+C

Beam Rifle (Max Output)


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
120 - Charge 2 - Beam 3.0 Down

Charges for 2 seconds and fires a single, powerful, fat and fast beam.

  • The charge shot animation itself doesn't carry a lot of inertia from your previous motion and the animation is long which makes it a little bit awkward to use frequently to supplement your normal beam rifle shots and so; this will normally be used in mid to far ranges to not run the risk of getting focused while prepping your shot.
  • The muzzle correction of the shot and the tracking of the beam shot however, is overall excellent for a charge shot and can be used to catch landings when timed right or be used to intercept overly aggressive melee.

Super Napalm


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
95 - Charge 2 - Beam / Physical+Explosion 2.0 Stagger / Fire Stun

Throws a container containing Napalm and shoots it to explode the area infront of it. The Napalm when thrown has a hitbox and can hit suits that are in the way.

  • Overall not a very useful move because of the long awkward animation it takes to complete it.
  • It does however cover a decent area in front of you and can be used to stop units rushing down and double locking your partner, potentially.
  • Won't be seeing a lot of use out of this move.

Hyper Bazooka


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
99 3 Empty 4 - Physical+Explosion 2.5 Launch

Fires a live ammo single rocket that can be cancelled from main that causes vernier.

  • The fast reload time of this weapon makes it easy to spam and helps supplement pressure when used alongside your main which also in turn saves ammo from it as well.
  • There's a maximum range to this weapon that causes the rocket to explode before it hits its target.
  • Overall a decent sub and main part of your neutral pressure.

Cancels into: A+C

Beam Javelin (Thrown)


Version Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
Level 1 90 - - - - Physical 2.0 Stun
Level 2 140 - - - - Physical 2.5 Stun
Level 3 190 - - - - Physical 3.0 Stun

Throws a chargeable lance. Can be used infinitely with no cooldown. Each level of charge takes 0.5 seconds of verniering.

  • At level 2 and above, the javelin will stick to the opponent when hit and will apply a slow movement debuff on them for a duration.
  • Cancellable from main or sub which reduces damage dealt from 90 to 65. However, if the lance is charged above level one from the cancelling, the damage reduction is negated.
  • The muzzle correction on the javelin is a bit special as it doesn't get disjointed while being charged or thrown; only as the projectile travels through the air.
  • The horizontal tracking for the javelin is fairly weak horizontally but vertically is where it truly shines as the vertical tracking for the javelin is fairly aggressive. Try to catch landings and align yourself with your opponents jumps in order to catch them off guard using this.
  • It's possible to use the BC melee derivative in order to land a level 3 javelin when the opponent lands on the floor. It's a strong down option that does a decent amount of damage as well so if you get an opportunity in melee, always try to do this as it makes your okizeme potential way higher.

Core Fighter Support


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
138 3 Empty 18 - Physical 2.1 Stagger+Launch

Calls a Core Fighter that flies towards your target and fires vulcans.

  • The Core Fighter fires up to 3 sets of vulcan fire as it pursues the target and rams itself into them then explodes.
  • The live ammo vulcans on the Core Fighter has no tracking but the Core Fighter itself has good tracking and speed, making it easy and practical to use this assist to score a quick down or to confirm a hit off a beam rifle shot.
  • The damage on the core fighter isn't bad so it's an overall good option to use it to space out your shots.

Guntank Support


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
148 - - - - Physical 2.0 Stagger

Calls the Guntank and fires 3 live ammo shots in an arcing motion.

  • Probably the Gundam's strongest assist out of the 3 as the tracking, stagger and muzzle correction properties on this assist are overall excellent as the arcing motion of the projectiles can catch targets even above you.
  • Each of the shots that the Guntank fires reapplies muzzle correction which makes the assist a must step to reliably dodge which is an important tool to force boost usage as the Gundam has few ways of forcing it.
  • In close engagements, it might be better to consider the 2 other assists as they are able to track faster and more quickly comparatively to the Guntanks slow outbreak of shots and fire rate.
  • A weakness it has is that from the first shot onwards if stepped, correction and tracking isn't applied thereafter and the Guntank basically fires into the void where Fraw's love for Hayato is.

Guncannon Support


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
82 - - - - Melee+Physical 2.1 Grab+Dust

Calls the Guncannon to run towards the target on the ground and grabs them. Does a point blank shot if successful in grabbing them after a certain amount of time.

  • Overall the least utilized support out of the 3 that the Gundam has because of the grounded nature of the support.
  • The tracking on the assist however, shouldn't be underestimated as it's possible that it takes a U-turn motion towards the target if they haven't stepped out of it.
  • Against opponents that utilize the air space well enough though, it's difficult to actually land this assist in any capacity except maybe in an anti-melee scenario.

Melee Attacks

5B starter

Version Damage Proration Down Value Attribute
5B 65 -20% 1.7 Stagger
5B~B+C - - - Down
5BB 70 -15% 0.3 Stagger
5BB~8B 14×5 -3%×5 0.1×5 Down
5BB~8B~B+C - - - Down
5BB~8BB 100 - 1.0 Down
5BB~B+C - - - Down
5BBB 85 -12% 1.0 Down

Run of the mill melee with no special qualities.

  • If you do happen to land it, either the BC derivative or the 8B derivative should be done for better damage/oki.

8B starter

Version Damage Proration Down Value Attribute
8B 18×5 -5%×5 0.5×5 Down
8B~B+C - - - Down

Verticle tracking, rush in speed, down property, and slightly disjointed hitbox makes this melee your go to alongside side melee (4/6+B) when trying to intercept incoming melee attempts.

  • The startup is a little bit slow but if you land it, it can be cancelled into your BC derivative so keep it in mind.

4/6B starter

Version Damage Proration Down Value Attribute
4/6B 42×2 -12%×2 1.0×2 Down
4/6B~B+C - - - Down
4/6BB 35×3 -6%×3 0.2×3 Down

The Gundam Hammer swinging animation isn't just for show; the hitbox actually encircles the Gundam as it's being swung which makes it scary for some suits to engage in a direct melee confrontation with the move.

  • The start-up for the move as a side melee is considered slow and can be completely by passed by the opponent if they attack first, so don't rely on this move to make plays.
  • Overall damage is low from using this move so the risk to reward ratio isn't too good.
  • Again, BC derivative possible on 1st and 2nd hits.

2B starter

Version Damage Proration Down Value Attribute
2B 0 -0% 0 Stun
2BB 80 -20% 1.7 Down

A special counter melee that has a shooting guard in front of it and moves you some distance forward if untouched.

  • Quintessential counter that can be used in overheat struggle plays if needed in order to counter an incoming melee or to block projectiles with no boost left.

bd.8B starter

Boost Dash ~ 8B

Version Damage Proration Down Value Attribute
bd.8B 65 -20% 1.7 Stun
bd.8BB 5×8 → 70 -1%×5 → -15% 0 → 0.3 Dust
bd.8BBB 25×3 -4%×3 0.4×3 Down

First slash-through does a long stun stagger that makes it possible to charge a level 3 javelin if rainbow stepped out of immediately.

  • Chase speed is okay, nothing too special about this move.
  • BC derivative is possible from the last hit.

Burst Attacks

Last Shooting

A+B+C during EX Burst

Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
280 - - - - Melee+Beam 5.0 Forced Down

  • Rushes at the target with super armor and melees them to the air for one Final Shooting. One of the few practical EX attacks because of the speed and damage and it also comes with benefit of looking pretty damn cool while doing it.
    • Strangely enough if this move's melee lands while the opponent has super armor, it's possible for the arm to bend in order for the final shooting shot to make some really jank muzzle correction that can aim basically anywhere it sees fit due to the nature of the shot.
    • Be careful about using this move against shooting guard targets like mantles or 00(Q)'s shield bits.

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To edit mobile suit move information or data, edit values in EXVSMBON/Gundam/Data.

a Mobile Suit is exclusive to the console release.
b Mobile Suit is a preorder bonus for the console release.