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  • A.png = Shoot
  • B.png = Melee
  • C.png = Boost
  • GGD.png = Search (switch target)
  • Command

Arcade Layout

EXVSMBON arcade controls.png

In the arcade version Comm is mapped to the start button. For home use on a console folks usually map it below or to the right of C.png.

Pad Layout

EXVSMBON pad controls.png



Pushing the joystick or d-pad in any direction makes your mobile suit walk in the desired direction. It's the slowest way to move around the battlefield, but consumes no boost.

Jump (Vertical Boost)

Press C.png to make your mobile suit jump. Jumping consumes boost gauge. Continue holding C.png to boost higher at the cost of more boost gauge.


Press 22, 44, 66, or 88 to Step.

Stepping allows your mobile suit to:

  • break tracking of your opponents' projectiles and melee attacks
  • cancel your own melee attacks allowing for combos into other attacks

Rainbow Step

Essentially the same thing as a step except the command is entered during a melee attack. Rainbow Steps consume more boost gauge, but move your mobile suit a farther distance than a regular step.

Boost Dash

C.pngC.png initiates a Boost Dash. This quickly moves your mobile suit in a direction, while consuming Boost Gauge. Use directional inputs to set the trajectory before pressing C.pngC.png, otherwise your mobile suit will Boost Dash in the direction it's currently facing.

Continuing to hold a direction extends the Boost Dash duration in the desired direction relative to your target. Holding C.png on the second tap extends the Boost Dash's duration in a straight line. At any point during a Boost Dash, it's possible to change your mobile suit's trajectory using directional inputs.

Boost Dashes can:

  • cancel out of most attacks
  • cancel into a Step to quickly cut your opponents' tracking


Hold C.png then press 22, 44, 66, or 88 to transform into MA (Mobile Armor) mode.

During MA mode:

  • C.png will increase your elevation
  • C.pngC.png will decrease your elevation
  • 88 will home in on your target

The mobile suit will drop out of MA mode as soon as directional inputs return to neutral. Not all suits have MA mode.

Offensive Actions

Main Shot


Primary ranged attack. Usually a beam rifle, projectile rifle, or similar.



Primary melee attack. Will lunge towards the targeted opponent if they're a short distance away.

Sub Shot


Secondary weapons like bazookas or funnel type moves

Special Shot


Generally powerful ranged moves like gerobis or an assist

Special Melee


Usually unique melee attacks or an assist. Sometimes it can be another ranged attack despite the name of this weapon slot.

Extreme Burst (EX Burst)

Gundam activating Fighting Burst

Once your EX Meter is at 50% or more, you can activate an Extreme Burst by pressing A.png+B.png+C.png. Activating your Extreme Burst recovers most of your ammo (typical exceptions include timed transformations or buffs, certain long-reload beams, and one-time use ammo) and a portion of your EX Gauge.

EX Gauge increases when taking damage, dealing damage, your mobile suit is destroyed, or your teammate's mobile suit is destroyed.

Destruction of you mobile suit during EX Burst does not increase EX Gauge.

There are 3 types of EX Burst:

  • Fighting Burst (F Burst)
  • Shooting Burst (S Burst)
  • Extend Burst (E Burst)

Fighting Burst
Shooting Burst
Extend Burst
  • Greatly increases melee damage, tracking, and reach
  • Can cancel ranged attacks into melee attacks or into Burst Attacks
  • Can cancel melee attacks into special movement or quick MA moves
  • Melee attacks cause guard break
  • Greatest increase in mobility
  • Small defensive bonus
  • Half bursts recover 70% boost and full bursts recover 100% boost
  • Charge attacks take 25% less time to charge
  • Increased ranged damage and red lock range
  • Significantly increases reload speed
  • Can cancel ranged attacks into other ranged attacks or into Burst Attack
  • Can blue step attacks that stop you in the air
  • Smallest increase in mobility
  • Small defensive bonus
  • Half bursts recover 30% boost and full bursts recover 60% boost
  • Charge attacks take 35% less time to charge
  • Can Reversal Burst with 50% or more meter (passive)
  • Can diagonal step
  • Moderate increase in mobility
  • Highest defensive bonus
  • Half bursts and full bursts both recover 50% boost
  • Charge attacks take 25% less time to charge.

Burst Attack

Pressing A.png+B.png+C.png during EX Burst does a Burst Attack or "super." Burst Attacks cannot be canceled, and they do not consume EX Meter or Boost Gauge while performing them. Most mobile suits have super armor during the startup and tracking portion of the Burst Attack.

Defensive Actions


Press 28 to guard against incoming attacks by spending Boost Gauge. Continue holding 8 to extend your guard time. Not all attacks can be guarded.

Reversal Burst

Various other names include "Tech Burst", "Defensive Burst", or "Flip". The community is all over the place on this one.

When your EX Gauge has reached 100% (or 50% or more when using Extend Burst) you have the ability to activate a Reversal Burst. While in hitstun press A.png+B.png+C.png to spend 30% of your EX Gauge to interrupt your attacker's momentum, giving you a moment of invulnerability to escape or counter attack.


a Mobile Suit is exclusive to the console release.
b Mobile Suit is a preorder bonus for the console release.