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Normal Moves

Pressing A or B performs an attack, ranging all the way from simple punches to huge weapon swings. Normals form the core of every character's offense and are often cancelled into Skills and MP Skills to create damaging combos.



In order to perform a throw, input A+B while next to the opponent to throw them forwards or 4A+B to throw them backwards.

An opponent being thrown
A throw being whiffed

Throws are strong tools against opponents who have been conditioned into blocking for too long. However, using a throw while out of range triggers a vulnerable whiff animation.

Command Throw

Throw Invincibility

Opponents cannot always be thrown. Below is a list of situations when the opponent cannot be thrown:

  • While the opponent is in hitstun + 7 frames after hitstun ends
  • While the opponent is knocked down + 7 frames after wake-up ends
  • While the opponent is in blockstun + 8 frames after blockstun ends

Priority of Strike vs. Throw vs. Command Throw


  • Also known as Specials

Performed by pressing S and a direction together (including 5). Skills function in a variety of ways depending on the character. Some Skills function closer to normals while others have special properties.

MP Skills

  • Also known as MP Specials

MP Skills are powerful moves that have unique effects and properties. Each MP Skill costs varying amounts of MP to use and pauses MP regeneration briefly when used. They can still be used without enough MP in stock as long as a character has at least 1 MP remaining, but this puts the character in Exhaustion until MP recovers to at least 1.

Most MP Skills can also be input with a "technical" full motion e.g. 6+MS can also be input with 236+MS. Using the full motion causes MP to begin regenerating sooner than when input normally.

Awakening Skill

A very powerful attack that can only be used once a round, and only after a character activates Awakening. While it deals high damage, it has no invulnerability and using it turns off your character's Awakening Effect for the rest of the round.

The startup of an awakening skill


Can be performed by pressing B+S while in a neutral state or during most moves when the character has any amount of white health. Consumes all remaining white health plus an extra 5% of max health on activation to cancel the character's current action and restore MP. The more health is consumed, the more MP is restored. Cannot be done while blocking or after throws, some MP Skills, and Awakening Skills.


Cancels are the act of canceling one move into another. Usually this requires that the first move makes contact with the opponent. Cancels are commonly used to make combos and blockstrings.

Normal Cancel

  • Also known as Gatling Combinations, or Gatlings for short.

Many normal moves can cancel into other normals.

Normal cancels vary character to character but most characters have these cancels:

  • A > A
  • A > B
  • A > 2B
  • 2A > B
  • 2A > 2B
  • 5B > 2B

Check each character's Frame Data page for specific cancels available for them.

Special Cancel

Most normal moves can be canceled into Skills and MP Skills. Skills and MP Skills canceling into each other varies widely by character.

Jump Cancel

Some Skills can be jump canceled. Check each character's Frame Data page for specific cancels available for them.

Conversion Cancel

Conversion can be performed during most moves to return the character to a neutral state, the use of which includes (but is not limited to) extending combos, pressure, and making unsafe moves safe on block. Cannot be done after throws, some MP Skills, and Awakening Skills.


A special powered-up state that automatically activates when characters reach 30% health or less, visually indicated by the larger section at the end of the health bars. This activates the character's Awakening Effect and enables the use of their Awakening Skill. Healing white life back above the Awakening threshold does not disable Awakening.

Awakening Effect

A passive buff that all characters receive upon entering Awakening. Each character has a unique buff, and more details about them can be found on their character pages.


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