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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+MS becomes 236M.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = LinkTo perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = CancelTo bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
IAS = Instant Air Special
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
cc/cv = Conversion Cancel
BRZ = Berserker
CRS = Crusader
DRK = Dragon Knight
ENC = Enchantress
GHO = Ghostblade
GRP = Grappler
HIT = Hitman
INQ = Inquisitor
KNO = Kunoichi
LAU = Launcher
LOS = Lost Warrior
RNG = Ranger
STR = Striker
SWI = Swift Master
TRO = Troubleshooter
VNG = Vanguard

Combo Theory

Note: combo routes are for demonstration purposes. Combos may vary largely in how they route from specific positions.

Combo Starters

Cut-in Bash RouteConfirms from any hit, for consistent corner-carry.
Very Easy

... > 5S > 6S~S > Jump Cancel > ...
Thanks to Inquisitor's large Punishment Cross (2S) it is trivial to start any combo by going from Punishment Cross into Cut-in Bash (6S~S). You can then jump cancel and begin jump cancel routing. This will work off almost any hit, at almost any spacing, from anywhere on the screen. However, spacing is very far, it might be nessecary to cancel off only the first hit of Punishment Cross.

You can actually begin Cut-in Bash off any hit except 5A, 2A, and Rising CutDNFD Inquisitor 2S.pngGuard:
, making it notably easy to begin a combo with.

Rising Cut RouteBig damage route, but spacing-sensitive.

... > 2S > 6S > (5B or 5S or 236M or Jump) > ...
Launching very high with high damage, Rising Cut (2S) makes for much stronger combos. Due to its slow recovery, you will need to cancel into Cut-in Dash (6S), which also places Inquisitor just below the opponent, which can then be followed up with for a strong combo.

However, this starter comes with several weaknesses. Rising Cut (2S has limited range, therefore long-range confirms will whiff. Secondly, it is weaker in pressure, therefore to maintain safer pressure you will need to hitconfirm much earlier from a B Normal, whereas Punishing Cross (5S) is part of a standard blockstring.

Combo Extensions

God's Wrath OTGYes this is a combo. Huge corner carry.

... > j.M > Dash > 5B > (2B) > (5S or 2S or 236M) > ...
The Hard Knockdown of God's Wrath (j.M lasts very long, enough time to run across the entire screen, OTGThe act of hitting the opponent when they are knocked down. Short for "off the ground" or "on the ground.", and pick up the combo, with 5B being the usual OTG of choice for its high damage and cancels. How you extend after usually depends on situation:

  • 236M > 6S~S - Summary Justice is high damage and MP-efficient. The combo will only continue if they hit the wall.
  • 5S > Delay > 6S~S - Punishment Cross is completely MP-free, but must be used much earlier in a combo.
  • 2S > 6S - Rising Cut allows high-damage routes and is MP-free, but with more difficult and combo-sensitive routes.

While very expensive for its use of God's Wrath (j.M, it is notably high damage and the corner carry is very high, making it easy to convert into corner combos if the MP allows for it.

Burning WheelMP-expensive and combo-sensitive, but massive damage with Incinerate.

... > j.2S > Delay > 214M > 5B > 4S > 6S~S > Jump Cancel > j.S > (j.2S or j.M) > ...
Burning Wheel (214M) locks the opponent down for a long time, this makes it an excellent opportunity to apply Incinerate DNFD Incinerate Icon.png for a flat +50 damage. Once Burning Wheel is finished, the opponent is likely to tech out soon if not immediately, this makes it somewhat dependent on the combo route for optimal use, as Burning Wheel too early sacrifices a lot of combo damage, but too late and the opponent will tech out before Essence DNFD Flege's Essence Icon.png can be applied.

For optimal combos you will need to time Burning Wheel (214M) to catch the opponent as low to the ground as possible. This is because the Incinerate DNFD Incinerate Icon.png effect launches them up, and potentially out of range of useful moves like Cut-in Bash (6S~S).

You can either perform a well-timed Raid (j.2S) or God's Wrath (j.M) at the end of the Burning Wheel to prolong the combo. Alternatively, you can allow the opponent to tech out automatically to set up okizeme. If they tech out very early, they can even be hit meaty by the Burning Wheel.

Combo Enders

Flege's Essence EnderSimple confirm for easy corner pressure

... > (j.2S or j.M) or > Land > 4S
The primary goal of Inquisitor's combo ender is to end with Flege's EssenceDNFD Inquisitor 4S.pngGuard:
. This costs 0 MP, and has a large range of benefits in the corner:

  • Jumping into j.B or j.S is a safejump, protecting you from reversals.
  • You are advantaged enough to use Throw on its earliest timing (Frame 10).
  • You are advantaged enough to 2B or dash in with Conversion j.A to mixup if you have White Health.
  • The opponent is afflicted with the Essence DNFD Flege's Essence Icon.png Debuff.

This is easily accomplished using either the Hard Knockdown of God's Wrath (j.) for an OTGThe act of hitting the opponent when they are knocked down. Short for "off the ground" or "on the ground.", or a Raid (j.2S) to launch them high enough. This is combo-sensitive, long combos may allow an opponent to tech out mid-air, and hitting too low to the ground you will not be as advantaged, therefore unable to safejump.

Raid (j.2S) is staggeringly cheaper, preserving MP for pressure. However, it is slower, requiring it be used slightly earlier in combos to be able to hit in time, and Raid has some sensitivity if it hits too high above the opponent (causing the Flege's Essence to whiff). By contrast, God's Wrath (j.M) does much more damage, can be used later in combos, and will consistently OTG so long as the final hit connects.

This can be done most easily from a Cut-in BashNo results jump cancel, but it can also be after a Burning Wheel (214M) if well-timed. This is even doable at mid-screen positions if close enough, particularly with Raid, but this will not give good pressure. In these situations it is preferable to use a Noble Rage (623M) ender if you have MP to spare.

Noble Rage EnderHard Knockdown, for consistent pressure midscreen.
Very Easy

... > (5S or j.2S) > 623M
Noble RageDNFD Inquisitor 623M.pngGuard:
performs a cinematic hit, locking the opponent into a fixed Hard Knockdown at +19 advantage no matter when it is used. While this is notably weaker than Flege's Essence in the corner, it provides OkizemeFrom Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. from anywhere, with several benefits:

  • You are advantaged enough to MeatyHitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals. with any A Normal, B Normal, 5S, or 2S.
  • You are advantaged enough to use Throw on its earliest timing (Frame 10).
  • You are advantaged enough to 2B or dash in with Conversion j.A to mixup if you have White Health.

This can be accomplished most easily by cancelling off Punishment Cross (5S) or Raid (j.2S). While this can be done from a God's Wrath (j.M) OTGThe act of hitting the opponent when they are knocked down. Short for "off the ground" or "on the ground." with j.M > 5B OTG > 623M, the MP cost will be massive, making it almost never worthwhile.

Unfortunately as an ender this is very MP costly. If short on MP, it may be better to use a midscreen Flege's Essence (4S) ender with Raid, sacrificing okizeme to maintain MP.

Burning Wheel OkizemeBegin Burning Wheel setplay unchallenged. Extremely expensive.

... > (2S or j.2S or 236M or j.M) > 214M > ...
Ending a combo by allowing the opponent to tech out and immediately fall into Burning Wheel (214M) lets you begin Burning Wheel setplay completely unopposed. This won't prevent the usual counterplay, including Guard Cancels, but prevents any opportunity to abare and counter combo Inquisitor for setting up, making it low-risk.

The biggest problem this has is the 90 MP cost of Burning Wheel on top of any MP spent in a combo. If there is to be a serious threat of Guard Break, you will likely need to have began the combo with a lot of MP to spare and/or be in Awakening. Using a more MP-efficient combo is therefore very important to this routing, but this also comes at a cost of lower combo damage.

This can be set up both mid-screen and in the corner, but it is generally better to set up in the corner if possible.

Additional Techniques

Cut-in Bash CancelJump cancel into an MP Skill for new cancel types

6S~MP Skill
When performing a Jump Cancel, Inquisitor remains grounded for 4 frames. During this time she can execute an MP Skill despite otherwise being unable to MP Skill cancel Cut-in Bash.

Because Jump Cancel can be buffered during the hit, this is somewhat forgiving on timing. Input a jump then immediately input an MP Skill of your choosing, or buffer the motion before inputting Jump and M together. Additionally, because you cannot Jump Cancel on block, you can buffer the entire sequence to automatically hit confirm the attack.

Below are some practical uses of this in combos:

  • Noble Rage (623M) - A solid combo-ender.
  • Summary Justice (236M) - Extend a combo while bypassing Raid.
  • Burning Wheel (214M) - Begin a Burning Wheel combo earlier without the need of Raid.

Cut-in Bash Side-switchChange direction mid-combo, especially for holding the corner

6S > delay > ~S
By timing Cut-in Bash to a specific point of the dash, it is possible to get behind a launched opponent. Depending on spacing, launch, and timing, the side-switch may either turn around (as shown in the clip), hit backwards without Inquisitor turning around, or turn around but whiff away from the opponent as a result. Timed right, this can allow combos to swap positions to put the opponent back into the corner, for corner combos that are not otherwise achievable.

This does not strictly require Cut-in Bash to work. With some high launches you can side-switch using only the Cut-in Dash then continue the combo with another attack.

Beginner Combos

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible.
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple

Core Combos

Intermediate.png Core combos balance potency with consistency. They:
  • Work against most characters of a selected weight or hurt box type
  • May require moderate adjustments to account for variables such as screen position, hit count, resources, and opposing character
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by most intermediate and advanced players who main the character

Specialized Combos

Advanced.png Specialized combos are advanced routes which require more knowledge and awareness, but offer advantages over core routes. They:
  • Can have any number or combination of requirements and conditions—character, spacing, hit count, resource, or situation specific
  • Offer some advantage over core routes; be that in damage, corner carry, okizeme, meter gain, etc.
  • Might not necessarily be harder than core combos, but require more specific circumstances and knowledge to execute

Essence Conversion Instant Overhead Corner Combo

Essence Conversion Instant Overhead Corner ComboClosing a round out under perfect conditions.

8B+S > j.A > j.M > 66 > 5B > 2S > 4S > 6S > S > 236M > 66 > 5B > AS

  • 605 damage total (includes 120 Incineration damage)

Requires Essence already be applied to the opponent.

Miscellaneous Combos

The MP Gain in parenthesis is the value with the Awakening Passive.

Midscreen Combos
Combo Position Damage MP Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5S > 6S~S > j.d2S > 214MS > j.d5S > 2S > 4S > 6S~S > j.5S > j.MS > [66 > 4S or AS] Works from anywhere 337 (535) -90 (-50) All Core Only works with 2 hits or less before 6S~S. Does not work from A starters. Can do j.2S instead of 2S for 3 extra damage at the cost of some reliability https://youtu.be/gfmO4XJNRB0 / https://youtu.be/qXc93aaAfwE
2A > 2B > 5S > 6S~S > j.dS > 6S~S > j.5S > j.MS > 66 > [4S or 5B > AS] Works from anywhere 234 (438) -55 (-35) All Core Works with any starter, from anywhere but does a lot less damage than the Burning Wheel combo. Only use this one for A starters. https://youtu.be/woufOp-2DOM
Midscreen to Corner Combos
Combo Position Damage MP Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
2A > 2B > 5S > 6S~S > j.S > j.MS > dash > OTG 5B > 2B > 6S~S > j.S > j.MS > otg 4C Midscreen 258 - - Easy Costs 95MP. Works off 5AA starter as well, the first j.S can cause the j.MS to hit a little awkward sometimes and can be omited without affecting anything but damage. The second j.S is necessary to buy time for meter to regen and avoid exhaustion at 100MP -
5B > 5S > 6S~S > jc > j.2S > 214MS > j.S > j.2S > backdash > 6S~S > jc > j.MS > AS Midscreen 529 - - - Requires Awakening https://twitter.com/CrazyD0gma/status/1540109226034561025
Corner Combos
Combo Position Damage MP Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
j.2S > 236MS > j.S > j.2S > 236MS > j.S > j.2S > 236MS > j.MS > [4S or AS] Corner 439 (636) -100 (-70) All but Enchantress and Swift Master Core Works from any one or two normal hits that will lift the opponent off the ground (j.2S, 2B, 2S and 5S). You can also start this combo with 6S~S if you omit the first 236MS and can add an extra j.S before the final j.MS. https://youtu.be/FSduS6HPdys
2B > 2S > 4S > 6S~S > jc > j.2S > 236MS > jump > j.S > J.2S > 623MS/236MS > AS Corner 302/478 0 - - Requires 200 mana https://youtu.be/TaPxQv1knDg
5B > 5S > 6S~S > jc > dl j.S > 6S~S > jc > j.S > j.MS > dash > OTG 5B > 236MS > 5B > 623 MS Back to Corner 349 0 All - Requires 100 mana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-uvzlAUjb0
j.A > j.S > 6SS > jc > j.B > j.S > 6SS > jc > j.S > j.MS > dash > OTG 5B > 6SS > jc > j.2C Back to Corner 323 40 - - Requires 70 mana https://twitter.com/DDT_Shiki/status/1541800324528316417


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