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1) Character Portrait

The portrait of the current character in play. Player 1 is on the left, while Player 2 is on the right.

2) HP Gauge

This gauge displays your remaining life. If this HP gauge drops below a certain % that player will enter Awakening.

3) MP Gauge

This gauge ties into MP skills. As you lose life the maximum amount of MP you can have will increase going all the way up to 200, which gives the player access to Awakening.

4) Guard Gauge

This gauge ties into Guard damage. Each move applies a set amount of Guard damage and when the guard gauge is depleted, that character will have their guard broken

5) Timer

Each round has a set time limit. If the timer reaches zero, then the character with the most life calculated by percentage is the winner of the round.

6) Round Counter

Each round you win will be tallied up here. If a player wins a round one of the circles will be filled.

Combo Counter

Indicates the number of hits dealt in the current combo.

System Text

Various texts will appear on the edges of the screen, relating to any interactions that occur.

Move Properties

DNFD Projectile Icon.png Denotes the move is a Projectile

DNFD Knockdown Icon.png Denotes the move inflicts a hard knockdown on hit

DNFD OTG Icon.png Denotes the move can hit an opponent OTGThe act of hitting the opponent when they are knocked down. Short for "off the ground" or "on the ground."

DNFD Low Icon.png Denotes the move hits low and cannot be guarded standing

DNFD Overhead Icon.png Denotes the move overhead and cannot be guarded crouching

DNFD Grab Icon.png Denotes the attack is a grab/throw attack.

DNFD Projectile Invincible Icon.png Denotes the move is invincible against projectile property attacks

DNFD Nonthrow Invincible Icon.png Denotes the move is invincible against all attacks except throws

DNFD Throw Invincible Icon.png Denotes the move is invincible against throws

DNFD Super Armor Icon.png Denotes the move has Super Armor, allowing it to continue when struck by attacks that are not awakening attacks.

DNFD Counter Attack Icon.png Denotes that the move counters attacks that are not projectiles or lows

DNFD Reversal Icon.png Denotes that the move has invincibility frames

Buff and Debuff icons


DNFD Increase Damage Icon.pngDNFD Decrease Damage Icon.png Increases / Decreases damage dealt on hit.

DNFD White Damage Up Icon.pngDNFD White Damage Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases the amount of white damage dealt to the opponent when an attack is guarded.

DNFD DoubleDamage Increase Icon.png Increases both damage dealt on hit and white damage dealt on guard

DNFD Guard Damage Up Icon.pngDNFD Guard Damage Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases the amount of Guard Gauge damage dealt to the opponent when an attack is guarded.

DNFD Guard Gauge Increase Icon.pngDNFD Guard Gauge Decrease Icon.png Decreases / Increases the amount of Guard Gauge damage received while guarding.

DNFD Decrease White Damage Icon.png Decreases incoming white damage when guarding.

DNFD MP Regen Up Icon.pngDNFD MP Regen Down Icon.png Decreases / Increases MP recovery delay after using MP moves.

DNFD MP Recovery Up Icon.pngDNFD MP Recovery Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases the amount of MP passively recovered and the amount of MP recovered while attacking.

DNFD Defense Up Icon.pngDNFD Defense Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases defense.

DNFD Recovery Up Icon.pngDNFD Recovery Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases the speed of white health recovery.

DNFD Movement Speed Up Icon.pngDNFD Movement Speed Down Icon.png Increases / Decreases movement speed.



DNFD Flege's Essence Icon.png - Inquisitor's debuff inflicted by Flege's EssenceDNFD Inquisitor 4S.pngGuardMidStartup34Recovery17Advantage-7. Opponents affected by Essence become vulnerable to receiving the Incinerate status.


DNFD Incinerate Icon.png - A short duration Fire damage over time effect.

  • Inflicted by Inquisitor by hitting opponents affected by Essence with any MP Skill, consuming it to launch the opponent and deal damage over time.
  • Inflicted by Brawler by hitting opponents with explosive skills.

DNFD Poisoned Icon.png - A long duration damage over time effect

  • Inflicted by Brawler by hitting opponents with Poison skills.
Engraved Time

DNFD Engraved Time Icon.png - Lost Warrior's stacking debuff inflicted by hitting opponents with any MP Skill. Reaching 5 stacks activates Time Stop.

Time Stop

DNFD Time Stop Icon.png - Lost Warrior's debuff triggered by reaching 5 Engraved Time stacks. Freezes the opponent in place. Duration increases during Awakening.

Burning Stigma

DNFD Burning Stigma Icon.png - Kunoichi's debuff inflicted by hitting opponents with any MP Skill. Explodes after a delay, inflicting damage and launching the opponent.

Doll Hit

DNFD Doll Hit Icon.png - Enchantress's debuff inflicted by Keep Away!DNFD Enchantress 214M.pngGuardThrowStartup18Recovery40Advantage-. Opponents inflicted by Doll Hit are transformed into a doll, where they cannot take any actions besides walking, jumping, or using A normals. When the effect expires, they are momentarily left defenseless.

Grace Of Lemidios

DNFD Grace Of Lemedios Icon.png - Crusader buff granted from Grace of LemidiosDNFD Crusader 214M.pngGuardMidStartup45RecoveryAdvantage- that grants 1 hit of super armor, the Holy Shock effect on some moves, and access to two extra MP Skills that consume the buff. If the buff expires on its own, Crusader is left defenseless for a short period.


DNFD Shocked Icon.png - Crusader's debuff inflicted via Strike of RepentanceDNFD Crusader 214M214M.pngGuardMidStartup22RecoveryAdvantage-8. Opponents inflicted with Shocked cannot jump.


DNFD Frenzy Icon.png - Berserker's unique "Install" state accessed via FrenzyDNFD Berserker 5M.pngGuardN/AStartup18RecoveryTotal 23Advantage-. Greatly increases his speed, powers up his normals, and grants access to Blood TwisterDNFD Berserker Frenzy M.pngGuardMidStartup17RecoveryAdvantage+3.


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