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HP Gauge

This gauge displays a character's Hit Points (HP), which when depleted causes that player to lose the round. Most moves will deal a portion of their damage as White Damage which can be recovered over time at a rate of 30 HP per second. The larger portion near the end of the gauge represents 30% of max HP, the point at which characters will activate Awakening.

MP Gauge

This gauge displays a character's Mana Points (MP).

Gaining MP

MP is restored naturally over time, by hitting with attacks that do not cost MP, and by using Conversion. The general trend for MP gain from most single-hit moves on hit is that 1 MP is gained from A normals, 3 MP is gained from B normals, and 5 MP is gained from Skills. MP is not gained by attacks that are blocked.

Characters start each round with a full MP gauge with a maximum of 100 MP, which increases by 10 MP every 7% damage taken up to a maximum of 200 MP at 30% of max HP. Different characters have different natural MP regeneration rates.

Spending MP

Using MP Skills and Guard Cancel costs MP. Different MP skills cost different amounts of MP, while Guard Cancels cost 100 MP. There is a brief delay before MP begins naturally recovering after using an MP Skill. This delay varies between different moves and can be shortened by using the MP Skill's "technical" full motion input if it has one. MP Skills can be used as long as at least 1 MP is available, while Guard Cancels cannot be used without at least 100 MP.


Using an MP Skill that reduces the MP Gauge to 0 or to an (invisible) negative amount will put the character in Exhaustion state. MP Skills are not usable while exhausted, and remain unavailable until MP recovers above 0.

Guard Gauge

This gauge depletes for defenders when blocking attacks, and regenerates over time when not blocking. If completely emptied, the character is Guard Crushed, stunning them for 60 frames during which they are unable to take any action, including blocking. Different characters have different amounts of maximum Guard Gauge.

Status Effects

Icons under the portraits represent various statuses affecting characters, ranging from Awakening Effect buffs when characters enter Awakening to unique buffs and debuffs used by certain characters.


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