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How do I play Lost Warrior?

Complete the Story Mode.

 Lost Warrior must first be unlocked by completing Chapter 9 in Story Mode on any character's story. Once completed, you gain access to Lost Warrior in all game modes.

Is there any reason NOT to use Guard G?


Like many games with a Guard button, while it has obvious advantages, namely for rendering cross-up attacks completely harmless, it creates some subtle weaknesses when used instead of standard blocking with a 4, 7, or 1 input:

  • If you are hit by a Throw while holding Guard G, you cannot Throw Break.
  • During gaps in pressure, you cannot walk backwards.
  • If you are not currently in blockstun/hitstun, you cannot jump for at least 1 Frame even after releasing Guard G.

All three of these have significant impacts on the strength of Throws and Command Grabs. In advanced play this makes it very important to utilise both, as strengthening yourself against Throws will quickly make you vulnerable to cross-ups, and vice-versa.

What does using Technical (motion) inputs do?

Reduces overall MP usage.

As explained on the Offense page (See: Offense#MP_Skills), using the Technical input reduces the MP Regeneration cooldown by 40%. The cooldown itself varies by move, but in larger cases this can result in as much as an entire second of MP regeneration.

For example:

 Launcher's BBQDNFD Launcher 623M.pngGuardAllStartup18Recovery45Advantage-32 (Her DP Dragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.) has an MP Regeneration cooldown of 120F. Using its technical input lowers this down to 72F. For Launcher this is functionally 9.6 MP saved.

What's the difference between Green and Blue Technical (motion) inputs?

There is no difference.

For context, the game will display a coloured "GOOD" when performing a Technical input. The text will be green if the input is done slowly, or blue if it was done quickly.

There is no known gameplay difference between these, and is purely visual. Contrary to popular belief, it has no effect on MP Regeneration cooldown

Do MP Regeneration Cooldowns stack?


If two MP Skills are used in quick succession, only the longest remaining cooldown is in effect.

By using a move with a low MP Regeneration cooldown shortly after a large cooldown, the move will grant little or no additional penalty. However, it is very rare for moves to encompass each-other like this, therefore there is still likely a benefit to using Technical inputs on both MP Skills in such a sequence.

For example:

  •  Inquisitor's Burning WheelDNFD Inquisitor 214M.pngGuardMidStartup40Recovery30*Advantage+166 has a 150F MP Regeneration cooldown. If she then immediately uses her Summary JusticeDNFD Inquisitor 236M.pngGuardMidStartup18Recovery21Advantage±0 with its 60F cooldown, it will have no effect on her total cooldown and will begin regenerating after 150 Frames.
  • If the Burning Wheel has proceeded for some time and the MP cooldown is now below 60F, Summary Justice will return it to 60F, and she will begin reginerating after 60 Frames from the Summary Justice


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