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Key Moves
Key moves
DNFD Berserker 5M.png
  • 5BDNFD Berserker 5B.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery18Advantage-5 for poking
  • 2BDNFD Berserker 2B.pngGuardLowStartup16Recovery25Advantage-8 for low profiling
  • 5SDNFD Berserker 5S.pngGuardMidStartup18Recovery33Advantage-13 for high damage CH combos
  • j.ADNFD Berserker jA.pngGuardHighStartup8RecoveryUntil landing+2Advantage- for air-to-airs and mixups
  • 2SDNFD Berserker 2S.pngGuardMidStartup16Recovery37Advantage-17 and 2M/623MDNFD Berserker 2S.pngGuardMidStartup16Recovery37Advantage-17 to anti-air
  • 6SDNFD Berserker 6S.pngGuardMidStartup15RecoveryAdvantage-5 for okizeme
  • FrenzyDNFD Berserker 5M.pngGuardN/AStartup18RecoveryTotal 23Advantage- to play the game

About Frenzy (5M)

Frenzy is a central part of Berserker's gameplay. For the cost of 20 HP per second (converted into White Health), his swordDNFD Berserker Frenzy 5A 1.pngGuardMidStartup8RecoveryAdvantage-2 normalsDNFD Berserker Frenzy 5AA 1.pngGuardMidStartupRecoveryAdvantage-4 becomeDNFD Berserker Frenzy 5B.pngGuardMidStartup12RecoveryAdvantage-8 muchDNFD Berserker Frenzy 2B.pngGuardLowStartup16RecoveryAdvantage-5 betterDNFD Berserker Frenzy jB.pngGuardHighStartupRecoveryAdvantage-, on top of having enhanced properties on his MS Skills and a slight damage boost on all moves (except 236MDNFD Berserker 236M 1.pngGuardMidStartup14RecoveryAdvantage+9). Overall, the trade is entirely in Berserker's favor, so don't hesitate to enter Frenzy if you find an opportunity (but don't throw away your life on a whim!)

Note: Frenzy variant of moves are written as fr.X
  • Use Frenzy (when safe) to access higher movement speed and more threatening range with fr.5MDNFD Berserker Frenzy M.pngGuardMidStartup17RecoveryAdvantage+3
  • Use longDNFD Berserker Frenzy 5A 1.pngGuardMidStartup8RecoveryAdvantage-2 normalsDNFD Berserker 5B.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery18Advantage-5 when playing more passive and preemptive
  • Close space fast with Frenzy's dash speed and use fr.5ADNFD Berserker Frenzy 5A 1.pngGuardMidStartup8RecoveryAdvantage-2 or 5B when close
  • If you react fast to a jump in, use 2S for the most reward. If a little late, use 2M or air-to-air j.A
  • Use fr.5M to whiff punish from far away if not in range for 5B

Basic blockstring: fr.5B > fr.2B > 5S > 4SDNFD Berserker 4S.pngGuardMidStartup25Recovery26Advantage-7 > 236M


Basic starting combos:

  • 5ADNFD Berserker 5A.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery19Advantage-4 > 5B > 2B > 5S > 4S
  • 2ADNFD Berserker 2A.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery15Advantage-2 > 5B > 2B > 2S > dl.4S > 236M
  • 5ADNFD Berserker 5A.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery19Advantage-4 > 5B > 2B > 5S > 4S > Conversion > IAS Instant Air Special
    Conceptually includes Tiger KneePerforming a special as soon as possible after becoming airborne. Usually, but not always, involves an input trick.
    For Example: 2369S for a j.236S input.
    j.MDNFD Berserker jM.pngGuardHigh, MidStartup27RecoveryAdvantage+4, 5S > 4S > 236M, 5S > 4S
    (requires White Life)

Frenzy Corner Loop Combo: fr.5B > fr.2B > 4S > 236M(2) > Conversion > Frenzy, [fr.5B(2) > fr.2B > 4S > 236M(2) > Conversion > Frenzy]*n, (5S > 4S > (AS))

When to use Conversion

Berserker is the best character in the game at abusing Conversion. In fact, the amount of options can be quite overwhelming at first. Here's a quick list of moves you should prioritize spending Conversion on (as well as in which situation you should do so).

What to do after a knockdown

After knocking down with 4S, cancel into Frenzy and slight delay (or microdash) and jump forward to safejump. You can fall down with fr.jB or j.A
If a fr.jB or j.A is blocked, you can Conversion into j.A for a double overhead.
You can also land and do an instant Conversion j.A, go for 4M/214MDNFD Berserker 214M 2.pngGuardThrow (170)Startup11Recovery23Advantage- command throw into combo (if in the corner), or just land and block or 2A

Another option is to use the non follow up 6S to leave an active hitbox, which will hit opponents 2M's after invincibility frames.
You can then also go for instant Conversion j.A, 2A, or 214M to open them up if the 6S is blocked

Some useful okizeme Option Select A technique where one command (or series of commands) will perform a different action depending on the circumstances, thereby allowing one action to be able to handle two distinct situations. to know:

  • 66A~G - Blocks the opponent's DP attempt or starts your pressure if they were blocking
  • 66A~[G]~A - Covers the opponent's DP and roll attempts while also starting your pressure if they were blocking


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