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Vegito plays like how he acts: cocky, flamboyant, and finding ways to get under your skin; and he can easily get away with it, too. Vegito has phenomenal tools to control neutral and thus the pace of the game. Once he gets in, he likes to bully his opponent with long blockstrings and crushing pressure. His playstyle heavily encourages conditioning and forcing his opponent into either blocking forever, or risk using a defensive option to escape.

There are few fields where Vegito can't put on a show using the opponent as his fool. His normals reach far and have plenty of active frames, and Split Finger ShotDBFZ Vegito SplitFingerShot.pngGuardAllStartup18RecoveryAdvantage- is one of the best tools in the game for clearing the screen, while also having a suprising amount of executional depth behind it, usable even for advancing. Unlike other characters however, Vegito's mixup becomes significantly worse in the corner due to losing access to his left/right mixup. Should he make a mistake and put his opponent in the corner, a lot of creativity and risks must be taken in order to open up an opponent with competent defense.

Vegito's power leaves him unrivaled in Dragon Ball FighterZ, making him a great choice for anyone at any skill level and the game's resident neutral god, proving once and for all he is the ultimate fusion! (Unlike those other two)
SSB Vegito
DBFZ SSB Vegito Portrait.png
Ki Gain Modifier
Fastest Attacks

 SSB Vegito utilizes his powerful neutral and long-range pokes to bully the opponent into extremely annoying pressure and consistently good damage.

  • Excellent Neutral: Huge grounded buttons and nigh fullscreen lariatDBFZ Vegito SpiralHeelShot.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery16Advantage-5, a low-commit spread projectileDBFZ Vegito SplitFingerShot.pngGuardAllStartup18RecoveryAdvantage- and a great anti-air grabDBFZ Vegito AtomicBuster.pngGuardThrowStartup13Recovery21 + 3 After LAdvantage- dominate the pace of neutral.
  • Support Value: Vegito A is great for clearing the screen while Vegito B is a fantastic mixup assist. 236LDBFZ Vegito SpiralHeelShot.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery16Advantage-5 allows for Special Tag into air Dragon Rush for a sliding knockdown anywhere on screen, and both DHC Supers are very versatile.
  • Blockstrings: Very hard to challenge in blockstrings since his normals are so hilariously large and he can space himself out of most characters 5L normals.
  • Left/Right Mix-up: Vegito's j.SDBFZ Vegito jS.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryAdvantage- enables him to do strong same side mix-ups that lead into good reward and beat anti-air options.
  • Meter Management: Awful meter build and constantly wants to spend it for neutral, combos, and mixups. Combo damage is slightly below-average so he's very reliant on his high-damage supers to bring the hurt. Needs a character that will build lots of meter for him before he comes in.
  • Corner Mix-up: Limited to universal mix-up options at the corner.
  • Needy support: Needs specific teammates to get the most out of him. Can only meaningfully extend his combos through Special Tag routes into other characters. His A assist has ki blast blockstun and absolutely horrendous hitstun, and B assist is poor for neutral.

Starter Guide

Need help getting started? Go to this page for information targeted at new players. It covers easy combos, key moves, and what to do after you knock the opponent down.

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5L 120×4 All 7 2(3)2(3)2(8)2 19 -5
5LL 700 All 10 3 18 -5
5LLL 1000 Throw U3+ 9 1 30

Huge, advancing multihit normal. One of the best 5L's in the game as it covers many situations for you.

  • If it clashes, wins the clash thanks to the multihit properties.
  • Easy to confirm, you don't have to chain into something else on block.
  • Hard to whiff punish because of how active it is and because of how good 5LL is.

If you postion yourself at tip 5L range you'll force your opponent to use medium attacks to reach you, making it easier for Vegito to frametrap them.

All its 4 hits are jump cancellable in Sparking!, making it hard to predict when you'll go for your left-right mixup.


Big, fast and quick to recover. On block it maintains your spacing, making it a good stagger point.

Allows 5L to consistenly convert into combos. If you hit an opponent that's in the air it will cause a ground bounce, meaning you can always pick them up with any of your normals besides 2M and 2L.

  • Can't be canceled into during the last frames of 5L. For delayed frametraps, use 5M or 5S instead.


Cancelling into this from a blocked 5LL always leaves the opponent in too much blockstun for the throw to work, but you can setup a tickthrow using low blockstun assists or after a Level 3 knockdown. For Vegito this is situational as he doesn't get huge reward from it and he has better mixup options.

  • Despite being a grab, it can be used multiple times in a combo.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 All 9 6 20 -10

A far-reaching, advancing normal: surprising priority and vertical reach, remarkably safe to throw out for its range.

Cancel it into 5S. From there, confirm into a combo or start your spaced pressure game. In the corner it won't space you out, but since 5S is safe you can backdash into 5M instead. Contesting this situation is risky for the opponent, and if they decide to block, your assists will start to come back.

  • Like most of Vegito's moves, it'll reach the opponent even if they reflected your blockstring.
  • Can reverse beat into 2L, opening up extended pressure.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1 14 4 21 -9

Blockstring and combo filler, and a great one at that.

If possible, you want to route your combos into this move as it gives you access to rejumps. Even in the corner, 5H combos do more damage than ones using 236MDBFZ Vegito SpiralHeelShot.pngGuardAllStartup16Recovery16Advantage-5.

  • Like most of Vegito's moves, it'll reach the opponent even if they reflected your blockstring.

5S / 6S

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5S 700 All 9 3 22 -4
6S 700 All 14 3 22 -4
  • A point-blank Ki explosion.
  • High blockstun and hitstun. Can now be used for Sparking loops.

5S and 6S count as different normals, allowing both of them to be used in the same combo and blockstring. Both normals are great for blockstrings in the corner, as they can beat both reflect and mashing while also being safe on block.

  • Hits about 2 characters away. As of v1.31, 6S no longer leaves a gap.

Good as a poking tool in mid-range. Best linked with 2S, leading to a combo on hit and is safe on block.



Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
500 Low 20 3 23 -5 5-19 Low

You can reverse beat The ability to ignore the typical Light > Medium > Heavy sequence of buttons, i.e. cancelling a medium attack into a light attack. It allows for a bit more freeform offense since riskier heavy moves can be cancelled into safer light or medium moves. into this move from your medium attacks. As you'll often take your turn with 5M, you'll likewise often have the option to use this and extend your blockstrings with your autocombo.

It's also invulnerable to lows and airborne from frame 5. Effective as a defensive tool against characters that stagger with lows and rely on command grabs, like  Android 21 and  Android 18, or as a read against DR.

  • Displaces your hurtbox, occasionally dodging some mids.
  • Leaves a 5 frame gap when chained into.
  • High blockstun, useful in Sparking! pressure.
  • Jails into vanish.
  • Scales like a medium.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 Low 15 6 20 -10

Long range slide and Vegito's fastest low. It's not recommended to use this in neutral instead of 5M.

Use it in pressure to call out jumping attempts or punish people spamming reflect by true stringing into it.

  • Anti reflects, but it notably loses to reflect into Z change.
  • Combos into 2L


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1+ 16 3 35 -22 4-18 Head
  • Can hit opponents behind Vegito

Vegito's 2H goes very high, making it one of the highest hitting 2H in the game. It's very risky to use because of this, as if it whiffs, it whiffs hard, however cancelling it on hit into 236S or 214L makes Vegito a little safer, so it's not a total loss if your opponent blocks it.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
500 / 500×2 All U1 18 5 21 -5
  • Switches sides on Smash hit, launches upward on non-Smash.
  • Considered as projectile.
  • Jails into vanish.

Vegito 2S is somewhat slow, but is good for grounded side-switch combos, as well as beating Super Dash. Requires a delay when comboing with Smash otherwise your superdash will shoot straight upwards and the combo will drop.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 24 6 10 0
  • Great hit-box, high probability of kicking away super dashes.
  • More risky than other characters, 5L loses to 6f normals and 214S baitable.

If you use this up close, you have to commit to either using an assist to keep your turn or risk playing the RPS. If you're farther away, there's a chance you will whiff punish someone's mashing. You can get plus frames if you hit farther enought, from 1 to 5 frames depending of the rival character and distance.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 High 6 3
  • Invulnerable waist down
  • Great for crossups


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 High 10 3
  • Good air-to-air.
  • Combo filler.

Good air normal overall. Enables 5H rejumps. Good for crossups, but j.H can also be used with a little more timing.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
750 [1000] High [D3+] 13 4
  • 5LLLLLLL Dynamic hit can wall bounce.
  • Does not knock down, but combos into jc.DR at low hitstun decay in the corner.
  • Great hitbox.

One of Vegito's best air-to-air buttons. Has a huge hitbox, and while it is a little slow, it still has a lot of use. It sends the opponent straight out similar to Majin 21's j.H, so the best way to convert off it mid-screen would be j.236L > Vanish > j.214M. j.H connects into j.2H and j.S in the corner, which can be useful for combos as well as converting off it in the corner if you hit an airborne opponent with it. If you use it to safejump and you catch someone up-teching, it will still combo into 5L.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
500 / 500×2 All U1 15 5
  • Freezes momentum.
  • Launches upwards.
  • Considered a beam projectile, Superdash > j.S on block will catch any 2H's slower than it (like Broly).
  • Jails into vanish.
  • Can option select, after j.S use vanish input then superdash input, if they get hit you superdash, if it is blocked you vanish.

An amazing tool for Vegito with many applications.

The cornerstone of Vegito strings, j.S is a very good button for him. It has a lot of use in combos, allowing him to set up 236L or 214X very easily due to it flinging the opponent upwards. Its hitbox being wider than it seems allows him to snag opponents a little higher than him during air combos. j.S is also amazing for same-side mix-up, between a crossup j.H or a same-side j.S, thanks to it halting Vegito's aerial momentum. Since Sparking makes all normals jump-cancellable, Vegito gets even more unique and tricky pressure options with this.

j.S has multi-faceted use in neutral, both offensively and defensively. The beam property makes it excellent for snagging opponents below Vegito, such as beating anti-airs during scramble situations, and for catching those too eager to get in on you with an airdash. This lets Vegito easily harass enemies coming at him, or trying to stop his approaches. j.S has a lot of landing recovery, so take caution when utilizing this move during those specific situations, and be ready to cancel into something/call an assist to try and make Vegito safe.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1+ 15 5
  • Typical launcher/combo extender.
  • Easily combos into j.214M for sliding knockdown.

Great for extending combos and setting up enders. If you use this for your smash instead of j.S, it will give you more corner carry at the cost of damage. The momentum and hitbox means that it will whiff after a sequence such as j.LML.

Special Moves

Spiral Heel Shot

236L/M/H (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L 130,600 / 130×3,600 All 11 3(12)4 16 -5
236M 130,600 / 130×5,600 All U1+ 16 3(12)4 16 -5
236H 130,700 / 130×7,600 All U1+ 11 3(12)4 16 -5
j.236L 130,600 / 130×3,600 All 11 3(12)4 17
j.236M 130,600 / 130×5,600 All U1+ 16 3(12)4 18
j.236H 130,700 / 130×7,600 All U1+ 11 3(12)4 17
  • Puts Vegito airborne.
  • The first hit will trigger a kicking sequence on hit and clash.
  • Smash triggers on the last hit of either the "whiff" version or the auto-kick sequence.
  • Non-smash last hit send the opponent flying with decent hitstun.
  • Has medium scaling
  • Air versions slightly track opponents above Vegito and all have longer range than ground versions. Tiger knee-ing these moves in neutral will give higher chance of hitting.

All versions can be used as a lariat or counterpoke, but Vegito's normals far outclass 236L and 236M for this task.


Mainly used for safely ending blockstrings and combo filler. Non-smash whiff version can be used for advanced combos.

  • Carries momentum on auto-kick hit.
  • Smash hit corner splats.

Staple of his corner BnBs. Save your smash for this, unless you're going for meaty 5H.

  • Smash hit causes a wall bounce, able to followup from midscreen.
  • Amazing tiger knee option, will track up to regular jump height

Hard to combo off of in the corner (wait for Vegito to turn around and pick up with 5LL), but its main use is as a lariat-style move midscreen. It is completely unreactable and leads to a highly damaging combo midscreen if your opponent is caught by the first hit.

Atomic Buster

214L/M/H (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L 1100 Throw 13 7 21 + 3 After L 4-13 Head
214M 1200 Throw D2 19 7 21 + 3 After L 4-19 Head
214H 1500 Throw D2 13 7 21 + 3 After L 1-13 Head
j.214L 1100 Throw 13 7 21 + 3 After L 4-13 Head
j.214M 1200 Throw D2 19 7 21 + 3 After L 4-19 Head
j.214H 1500 Throw D2 10 7 21 + 3 After L 4-13 Head
  • Has Anti-Air property
  • On whiff, Vegito can act as soon as he starts descending, can be used for mixups

Vegito's anti-air command grab. All versions are commonly used as combo enders or as a terrifying air-to-air.

  • Travels almost vertically.
  • Causes a soft knockdown.

You can gimmick people with a 2M after landing this, and also used for standard ender in corner BnBs. 214L into vanish DR, gives sliding knockdown and the DR animation wastes time on the meter penalty timer.

  • Travels diagonally.
  • Causes a sliding knockdown.
  • Can act as soon as Vegito starts descending.

Vegito's best air ender for midscreen or slightly out of corner BnBs, as it is very easy to combo into either after j.2H or a vanish, and gives sliding knockdown. In the corner it gives Vegito a ton of time to get oki because of this (hold 9 into a falling air button), whereas mid-screen he'll have a harder time keeping pressure because of the distance the move puts on him and the opponent (hold S and 669 into a falling j.H, loses to in-place tech). Regardless, it's his best way to end most air combos.

  • Travels diagonally
  • Causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown, can link into 5L in the corner.

A powerhouse, and a fantastic metered option for anti-airing, anti-jumping, and air-to-airing. It's combination of speed, head invulnerability and unrecoverable damage will make Vegito's opponents think twice about jumping. Even if the grab whiffs, it puts Vegito in a decent position to utilize his other aerial options.

214H is also used for back-to-corner combos. It causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown, allowing for easy, high damaging extensions.

Split Finger Shot

236S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236S 300×5 All 23
j.236S 300×5 All 18
  • Can be superdashed through... but don't do it if he has 3 bars, as it's also Lv3 cancellable

An amazing, low commitment ki-blast. Its combination of screen coverage, speed, safeness, and when used in conjunction with his myriad of anti-air options allows Vegito to control the flow of neutral extremely well.

When performed after a 5M, carries additional momentum and can be air dash canceled. This can be used to mix up opponents by providing a descending overhead mixup, similar to Bardock's Grounded M Rebellion Spear. Somewhat risky if not covered, but a useful tool nonetheless.

The air version of 236S carries all of his air momentum in the move, although he halts for a few seconds and then you move. This means Vegito can move quickly forward, back, or whatever he wants to do using 236S, which gives him some neat movement options. They're not perfect, as you can superdash the move, so be cautious when using it.

There is another version that can be done with 2369S or 2368S, which does the movement at low height then continues the jump, allowing you to perform an air dash to prevent enemies to high recover jump on corners, though it can't be performed on blockstring.


214S (Hold OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214S Catch 4 34 Total 54 4-37 Guard
214S Attack 0, 1500 Throw U3+
214[S] 0, 1500 Throw U3+ 35 5 28 4-13 Guard
  • Can counter anything except grabs and supers
  • The counter attack is jump cancellable in Sparking
  • Can grab multiple times in a combo like 5LLL
  • Can grab both grounded and aerial opponents

Vegito's barrier is an alright move. It's somewhat risky to pull off and can be vanished on their hit if your opponent reacts in time or reads your barrier, which hurts the move a little. However, it still has some use for its unpredictability, and if your opponent can't react in time Vegito can get a decent conversion off of it with a vanish. The fact that it is invincible to everything except supers and grabs helps as well, as it can be used to predict a beam at close range and eat the entire thing, and your opponent most likely won't predict you barrier-ing their beam. Much like other frame 4 counters, Vegito can call an assist during the counter. This allows Vegito to bait an opponent into blocking so he can take his turn, and to make this move safe. There are also some edge cases where the counter attack will get stuffed, particularly if it counters a 5LL and the opponent's 5LLL is a grab (looking at you, Cell). Overall, this move isn't amazing, but it has some applications when used accordingly.

Z Assists

Assist A

Split Finger Shot

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
300×5 All 25 +20 ~ +24

A fast, screen-clearing assist that doubles as an excellent defensive assist.


The strength of its area denial cannot be overstated. It grants fast, fullscreen coverage and at jump height, so is exceptionally efficient at covering for approaches or policing the opponent's assist calls.


One of the few assists that position themselves high up into the air, making it very unlikely to be punished or get caught in Happy Birthdays. When called at close range, Vegito will also spawn behind the point character, completely safe from incoming attacks. A common strategy is passively mashing on this assist while defending, as once it's out, it will instantly shut down the opponent's offense.


While having low blockstun that can be GC Super Dashed or GC Reflected, it is still good for lockdown especially in the corner due to just covering all regions the opponent can go. SD and Reflect can also be countered by baiting them out and punishing accordingly, or with anti-Reflect strings.

Additionally thanks to the defensive spawn point, it's also great for stagger pressure and baiting retaliations. Dash blocking or intentionally ending blockstrings while calling this assist and the opponent will promptly get hit trying to take their turn.

No hitstun :(

However, the trade-off for all of those utilities is having the lowest untech time of all assists in the game. It's serviceable for combo purposes, but extremely lacking when compared to other screen clearing assists like beamsDBFZ SSGoku Kamehameha.pngGuardAllStartup34Recovery63Advantage+30, or defensive DP assistsDBFZ TeenGohan SuperDragonFlight.pngGuardAllStartup21RecoveryAdvantage+29. You will not be able to convert a hit from fullscreen, nor from a defensive call after blocking an attack.

Assist B

Spiral Heel Shot

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 +45
  • Great for combo extensions and blockstring pressure.

It's hard to argue for this assist over Vegito's top-tier A assist. Assist B has very high blockstun and hits twice (can also extend to +47 frames of blockstun from a specific distance oddly enough), allowing for creative applications with certain moves and mix-ups. If you absolutely need an assist with high blockstun, this can be a good choice.

Assist C

Spirit Sword

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45 [20] +20
  • Can be good for mixes if one can take advantage of the low hit stun frames, though it must be called years in advance as it has an abysmal 65 frames of start up if called outside a combo.
  • Great tracking, and it's quite useful in combos thanks to it hitting nearly anywhere.
  • Extremely narrow downward angle makes it easy to side switch and the knockdown is slow giving one plenty of time to prepare/react.

Unfortunately, Vegito C wants to do a similar job as Vegito A but that has half the cost, half the startup, and triple the use. Vegito A is an overbearingly powerful assist that can do many things that Vegito C already does, such as outrageous comboability and screen control. It just does them better.

It's not terrible. If you really want to use a C Assist, there are much worse than Vegito C. The only reason this one could really be called "bad" is because of how much you're giving up compared to A for nearly the same reward.

Super Moves

Spirit Excalibur

236L+M or 236H+S

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
200×4, 2300 All UDV 10+4 -20
  • Does more damage close-range as opposed to far-range
  • Hits full screen, dragging the opponent down with the sword
  • Deals less hits the further away the opponent is and will miss if the opponent is too high up. At max range, does 2 hits (200, 2300)
  • Minimum damage: 30*4, 750 (870)

As Vegito's DHC super, it is a very good tool for him due to how big the move is. It can be confirmed into from almost anywhere on the screen for damage, and can be helpful for some characters when trying to get another super in. It's also good on it's own for Vegito's damage, as while you can't easily confirm into it on the ground, you can easily combo into it after a j.214M sliding knockdown.

Omega Finishing Blow

j.236L+M or j.236H+S

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
1000, 1100 [1500] All UDV 10+9
  • Costs 1 Ki Gauge
  • Minimum damage: 300, 440 (740)
  • Tracks the opponent
  • Can be easily anti-air'd on reaction
  • Values in [] is damage if Z-Changed before the punch lands (Minimum damage: 675)

Best used as a combo ender to finish a character off or as a setup into another character's super, as the window to Z-Change for this move is huge and the oki is weak, even in the corner, only being +4 after landing. It combos from many of Vegito's moves, such as 236X, 214X, and j.S, but has a hard time tracking if the opponent is moving quickly (i.e, super dash). This is the most meter-efficient way to go into a DHC sequence, not costing an extra bar like most of his corner combos do to score a sliding knockdown.

Final Kamehameha

214L+M (Air OK) or 214H+S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L+M 220×19, 360 All UDV 9+3 -33
j.214L+M 220×19, 360 All UDV 9+3 Till L
214L+M > X 300, 1200
Final Kamehameha
  • Minimum damage: 1739
  • Causes a hard knockdown on hit.

Vegito's level 3. Fast, easy to punish with and combo into.

Final Kamehameha Follow-up Final Kamehameha > [L/M/H/S] on hit

Spend an extra bar for extra damage at the cost of frame advantage.

  • Minimum damage: 420
  • Total Minimum damage: 2159


1Seasonal colors that can be unlocked at different times of the year.


 Vegito (SSGSS)
To edit frame data, edit values in DBFZ/SSB Vegito/Data.
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