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Vegeta (SSGSS)

General Tactics

SSB Vegeta is a character with heavy offense and good pressure, but is somewhat dependent on meter to get high amounts of damage dealt. He also has amazing corner carry and rekkas which builds meter fast. However, keep in mind that he might spend meter faster than he builds it.

Team positioning


The position where meter builders play him. A good starter for offensive teams which revolve around keeping opponents blocking and getting them in the corner.


SSB Vegeta has an assist which is straight up situational in combo extending, but is beast during blockstring pressure. He can be played as a second point or DHC heavy character at this slot, but he might end up being pressured by opponents due to one character being down.


The position in which he is being played the most currently, due to his dependence on meter to get things going in neutral and amazingly fast rekka mixups during Sparking. With ample amounts of meter, he can take down entire teams by himself, making him a good choice for anchor.

Picking Teammates

As his best position is anchor, he needs meter building allies. However, in the case of assists, he likes lockdown assists (e.g. Kid Buu, SSJ Vegeta) for pressure and elongating blockstrings to get an opening through the mixups (see blockstring video), and quick combo extenders (e.g. Trunks, and beam assists), which ends up adding to his already ridiculous damage output (especially in the corner).


  • 2LL/5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > ...

Blue Vegeta's blockstrings are relatively basic until it gets to the rekkas. With assists, any M version will set up a perfect high/low mixup at the cost of a gap:

  1. 236M
  2. 236L~M

Blue Vegeta's goal is to mix up the two in order to prevent being reflected. The gap isn't big enough to be 2H'ed, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is where 214L comes in: As a grab, it's a clear counter to Reflect. Once you get to an M rekka, either land and 2L or airdash j.M and profit.

Without assists to cover you, it's still a good idea to go for rekka frametraps after stagger pressure. It's possible to condition your opponent allow for resets off rekkas, but that isn't very likely in a real match.


Tips and Tricks

  • Special cancel 2H into 236S (if blocked) for safety.
  • Try to implement j.2H into your combos to maximize damage potential (Only if you have not used up your Smash already).
  • You can get a sliding knockdown using j.H or Vanish + 214L or j.S + 214L during air combos.
  • Use his Niagara Pummel super after a sliding knockdown to boost his damage further.
  • When using 236L (and followups) during Rekka pressure, call for an assist and IAD into high low mix-ups.
  • Niagara Pummel can be used in when you see attacks coming at you because it has complete invulnerability and can be used as a combo starter if you hold down the button. You can still get the SKD if you start a combo this way. Be very careful doing this however because it can be baited and is minus on block.
  • After using 5SS this can be cancelled into Niagara Pummel. Be careful, 5SS can not be converted into 2H, if someone is super dashing. However, you can punish your opponent with the following:

5SS > 236S or 5SS > level1 (Niagara Pummel, can also be used as a combo starter) or 5SS > level3

Fighting SSB Vegeta

  • Keeping him at range is recommended, as he becomes extremely dangerous in front of your face and has some fast normals, but you have to be wary of the grabs that can chase you and allow him to start pressure. Also, be ready to crouch at any time.
  • Characters with a long-reaching and fast 5M have a big advantage on him, since he has short limbs (5M and 5H being his longest normals), but since most character that can do that have big bodies, they are more vulnerable to his hitstrings once he gets in close.
  • Be careful of his ki blasts, as they are fast, well-angled, and he will probably try to Vanish after he used them to catch you. You cannot cancel his ki blast with your blast, so jump or special move through them.
  • Like most strong offensive charaters in most games he has little in the way of defensive measures. So, pressuring him is a good idea if you do not leave a gap wide enough in your blockstrings, or else he will punish you hard (if you leave a gap or if he blocks your mixups correctly).
  • He loses at range due to long startup on BBA, and has a sub-par mid-range game due to short normals. A character like Cell, who is good in both these areas, is recommended against him.


Vegeta (SSGSS)
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