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Every character has a universal health value of 10,000.

Recoverable Health

The blue part can be recovered if they tag out and rest

When characters take damage, a percentage of that damage can be healed if they are able to tag out (colloquially called blue health). Tagging back in or getting forced back in removes any recoverable health the character has, so players will need to decide if tagging in a character is worth the potential health lost.

The amount of recoverable health depends on the context:

Context % Recoverable
All damage dealt to Z Assists 100%
Combos that start with reversal-type attacks Attacks with invulnerability, guardpoint, or armored from frame 1.
Doesn't apply to attacks that have frame 1 invulnerability only against head attribute, guardpoint against Ki Blast, or frame 1 invulnerable attacks that are follow-up specials.
Damage dealt by other types of attacks 40%
Damage dealt during Limit-Breaking Power 30%
Damage dealt during Sparking! 20%
Damage dealt during both Limit-Breaking Power and Sparking! 10%
Damage dealt by Powered-Up Special Moves 0%

Characters tagged out and not on cooldown regain health at the rate of 3.17 health/frame (190.2/s). During Sparking! the point character regains health at a variable rate determined by the amount of recoverable health.

Ki Gauge

Max is 7 bars

Ki is the primary offensive resource in the game. Players will use Ki to perform Vanish, Guard Cancels, Powered-Up Special Moves, Super Attacks and Meteor Attacks.

Gaining Ki

Ki is increased by advancing toward the opponent, landing attacks, blocking, and getting hit.

Ki gaining is separated into offensive and defensive. Sparking! doubles the amount of Ki gain from both means, but doesn't affect Ki gain from Z Assists.

Situation Formula
Attacking team on hit (meter) * 1
Attacking team on counter hit (meter) * 2 for counter hit only
Attacking team on block or hitting against armor, guard point (meter) * 0.5
Defending team on hit (damage taken) * 0.015
Defending team on block (base damage) * 0.005
Defending team on block using armor, guard point 0

Spending Ki

Moves that cost Ki to use do not gain any Ki. After using Ki, Ki gain from offensive means is reduced by 90% for:

  • A set amount of time afterward, varies between attacks.
  • Until the current combo ends, if the attack landed.

This cooldown overwrites Ki gain bonus from Sparking!

Ki Charge

Recreate entire episodes of the show

Hold L+S to perform a Ki Charge and quickly fill up your Ki Gauge. There is a fairly long minimum duration that Ki Charge is active for, and you are in Counter Hit state the entire time you're charging. Note that the rate at which you gain Ki increases the longer you hold L/S.

Ki Charge isn't affected by Sparking! bonus, but is affected by Ki cooldown.

Version Damage GuardHow this attack can be guarded. SmashWhich type of cinematic this attack can trigger. StartupShows the number of frames that the corresponding move needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. ActiveShows the number of frames where there is an attackbox, AKA the hitbox where if the opponent touches it, they will take damage. Occurs after Startup. RecoveryShows how many frames that the character must go through after its active frames to automatically go back to a neutral stance. Frame Adv.The difference between the attacker's recovery and the period that the opponent is in blockstun. This frame advantage value is based off the fact that the very first active frame touches the opponent. Invul.The number of frames this attack has invulnerability, and what attribute(s) this invulnerability applies to. KiThe amount of Ki gained from hitting the opponent with this attack, measured as a percentage of one Ki Gauge. Negative value refers to the amount spent to perform the attack. ProrateDetermines how the next attack's damage will be scaled. AttributeAttributes this attack possesses. Some attacks are invincible to attacks of certain attributes.
H - Head
B - Body
P - Projectile. Durability level will be listed
LevelAttack Level determines how much hitstun, blockstun, hitstop, etc. the attack inflicts. BlockstunWhen blocked, how long the opponent is struck in a blocking animation. Values shown here are for ground blocking. Air blocking adds 2 frames of blockstun. For independent objects, like projectiles and Z Assist attacks, the amount of hitstop is listed. X+Y where X is blockstun and Y is hitstop. HitstunWhen a character is hit while standing or crouching, the defender is forced into a stun animation for a set period of time where they are vulnerable to further attacks. This period of time is called hitstun. UntechWhen hitting an airborne opponent, how long they can't air tech. For independent objects, like projectiles and Z Assist attacks, the amount of hitstop is listed. X+Y where X is untechable time and Y is hitstop.
Ki Charge
- - - 15 35~Until max 6 - 1-End Ki Blasts 28.5~700% - - - - - -
  • Gains Ki at an increasing rate during active frames. Ki gain rate stops increasing mid-combo
  • Cancelable into Super Dash during active frames starting from frame 30
  • In neutral, charge time to reach 1 Ki Gauge: 91F; 2 Ki: 127F; 3 Ki: 156F; 4 Ki: 180F; 5 Ki: 201F; 6 Ki: 220F; 7 Ki: 236F
  • Total animation that can be held after reaching 7 Ki gauges: 300F

Assist Cooldown

Assists and tagging out are disabled, but you can still Ultimate Z Change

After using a Z Assist, that character will not be able to be used again for a set amount of time - you can not use that character for either Z Assist or Z Change until this cooldown ends. Each assist has a different amount of cooldown time and the cooldown timer only begins once after the opponent leaves hitstun/blockstun. During Sparking!, the cooldown timer will start even when the opponent is in hitstun/blockstun.

This cooldown also applies after manually tagging in a character.

Ultimate Z Change is unaffected by this cooldown and can be used at any time.

Assist Lockout

Can not use assists at all, not even for Ultimate Z Change

After manually tagging in or getting forced out via Dragon Rush, your teammates enter a lockout state with a red X over their portrait. During this time, you can not use them for Z Assist nor for Ultimate Z Change.

Lockout duration depends on how the teammate was tagged out:

Z Change and Ultimate Z Change: 120F
Dragon Rush: 360F

Sparking Blast Icon

When you use it can determine the results of the match

The Sparking Blast Icon is located under your health gauge and indicates that you can use a Sparking Blast. While it can only be used once per match, Sparking gives players added bonuses that last longer with each character that dies. You can see the level of Sparking by looking at how vibrant the icon is. The only way to get another is to summon Shenron and choose the wish "Give me the ultimate power!".

Dragon Balls

Hidden from view until a new Dragon Ball is collected. Also briefly appears at the start of each round

In the middle of a match, players can collect Dragon Balls through various methods. Two of which can be utilized by the entire cast.

The first method is performing combos of specific length:

Hit count Dragon Ball
1-9 None
10-19 One-Star
20-29 Two-Star
30-39 Three-Star
40-49 Four-Star
50-59 Five-Star
60-69 Six-Star
70-79 Seven-Star
80+ None

The second method is by successfully landing an attack with Dynamic! property. This will unlock Dragon Balls in the following order:

Four-Star → Two-Star → Five-Star → Three-Star → Six-Star → Seven-Star → One-Star.

If a Dragon Ball in this sequence was already claimed through the first method, the next in sequence will be obtained instead.

The Dragon Balls are shared between players, meaning either player can use them to summon Shenron.

Summoning Shenron

What is your wish?

Once all seven Dragon Balls are collected, the next person to land an attack with Dynamic! property while having a full 7 Ki Gauges will summon Shenron with no Ki cost. The summoner has 5 seconds to choose one of four benefits:

  • Restore my health! — Fully heals the current character.
  • Bring back my ally! — Revives a fallen teammate with 40% health. If both teammates are dead, the one earliest in initial team order will be revived.
  • Give me the ultimate power! — Gives an additional Sparking Icon.
  • Make me immortal! — Active character recovers blue health for the rest of the match. Stacks with Sparking!'s health recovery.

Shenron can only be summoned once per match.


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