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General Tactics

Frieza is a zoner in a game about rushdown. That puts him in a weird spot, as his zoning tools aren't spectacular and his pressure tools aren't either. In the right hands however, Frieza can be a force to be reckoned with. His 5S, 236L/M/H, and 236S specials all control the ground with a low degree of commitment, and his 1S/2S/3S allow him to cover the air too. j.S stops superdash, which is a rare tool in this game. Frieza also has some tricky pressure tools in his 2M and 22S. His 2M is particularly notable in that it is only -2 on block, allowing him to backdash away and re-assert his zoning. When he has assists, Frieza can unleash his 214S, which adds a layer to his pressure.

Team positioning


Frieza is good at point because he can deal a lot of damage early for very little bar, he also can extend his combos by using good assists. Golden Frieza is somewhat wasted though, and he doesn't have nearly the comeback factor that he would have in anchor.


Frieza is actually a pretty decent mid. His assist is a good counter to vegeta assist given the start up of the two, but Frieza can be made much stronger with the use of a beam assist which suggests he might be better as a mid than an anchor. Also with the use of meter, Frieza can vanish extend his combos using the disc combo if you have an assist that can perform it. So given his tools to turn any stray hit into a disc combo with the use of meter but having to use an assist to do so, one could make a fairly strong argument for putting Frieza second instead of point or anchor.


Frieza can blow a lot of meter for a lot of damage, so he makes a phenomenal anchor if you have a good combo game. If you're on the ropes and you have the meter and Sparking Blast, blow all of it and go ham because SB with Golden Frieza is one of the most terrifying powerup combinations in the game and sometimes the mere sight of this combo can throw your opponent off balance. At the same time, it is definitely a Hail Mary play because an opponent that knows what they're doing will do everything they can to keep you on the defensive until the timer runs out, at which point you're probably out of luck. If you can catch them in a reversal though, then they will know why Frieza is the Emperor of the Universe.

Picking Teammates

Frieza generally likes assists that help his zoning game. He doesn't have much in the way of mixup setups, so lockdown assists aren't all that great with him. Assists like Beams or Bardock B let him either zone or convert his zoning into a combo, which is generally what Frieza wants.


  • 2LL/5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H/2H > 236L/S

Basic gapless blockstring.

You can delay between the 5H and 2H, and then OS the pillar. If you hit 2H and then quickly input 236L and then mash H, on 2H hit, your 236L input will get eaten and you'll super dash after your opponent. If 2H is blocked, then 236L will come out and you won't get the super dash. If the pillar is blocked or hits, if you vanish after you can get a short combo or extended combo with a beam assist


Once Frieza gets a sliding knockdown, he's given an opportunity to set up 214S. It's generally safer to go for a safejump, but the disks don't go away if Frieza blocks.

Tips and Tricks

Fighting Frieza

  • Remember to duck the disks.
  • Frieza does no chip damage, so there's no reason to be afraid of his zoning.
  • 236H covers a lot of space but he's forced to spend more meter to convert off it.


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