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General Tactics

Cell is a mixup, pressure, and damage machine. Once he gets in, usually it's lights out for your opponent. His amazing normals allow him to steal turns because he can assert his pressure at a range that makes most of the cast uncomfortable. Combine this with assisted 50/50s and the most consistent ToD's in the game and you get a monster of a character, fitting of the name of Perfect Cell. His most common teammates are Bardock and SSJ Vegeta, as they bring out the most in Cell.

Team positioning


Cell is the textbook definition of a point character. He doesn't have amazing assists, but his assist usage is arguably the best in the game. He can make use of pretty much any assist in the game, and even if he can't use the assist for mixups it can be used to make his stagger game more threatening. Having an assist for 214H mixups gives him a consistent, guard-cancel safe 50/50. He's also a ToD machine, with most corner ToD's being slightly meter positive if he has both assists.


Cell also makes a great mid. Meter can make up for the damage reduction of only one assist, but you'll want to play him with a neutral assist to help him get in. His stagger game is powerful enough that he doesn't really need a lockdown assist to get his hits. He doesn't have as many ToD's with only two characters, but his high damage can still turn the tide of a match.


Cell is pretty self sufficient in anything he does, the only problem is his neutral. He spends most of his time super jumping at full screen, and he really can't get in safely if he doesn't have meter for beam > vanish. His stagger game can keep him afloat, but he does his best work with assists.

Picking Teammates

  • Goku and Goku Black both provide very strong neutral assists to Cell
  • Post Nerf Vegeta assist is still his best assist for extending combos
  • Lockdown assist such as Kid Buu's are great for setting up 214 L/M mixups.

Bardock and SSJ Vegeta is the tried and true Cell shell. Every character there complements each other and the damage is out of control. The advent of Bardock B made the team even stronger.


  • 2L > 5L/2L > (5LL) > 2M > 5M > (5MM) > 6H > 5H > (5S) > 236X/214L/214M

In the corner you can catch people with Cell's 214S command grab because of how easily he scares people into blocking. Sometimes you can also use 2S, if it catches them off guard and they don't reflect, you're +2.

  • ... > 214H > Assist > delay airdash j.L/land 2L

Cell's assisted 50/50. Works with any assist that has 30 or more frames of blockstun. You can also add in an airdash j.M for a crossup, but that is much harder to time.


Cell's main stagger normals are 5L, 2L, 5LL, 5M, and 6H. All of these normals are safe on block, and 6H also advances him forward. Generally, the safest way to stagger an opponent is to space yourself out to the tip of 5M range. From there, you can poke them with 5M to see how they react and frametrap them with 5M4M. You also have the option to use 6H to change the timing and go back into 5L or 2L.


Cell mostly gets safejumps off of his j.236X enders, but he has some more tricky stuff too.

  • j.236L gives Cell a basic safejump or superjump IAD mixup.
  • j.236M covers a jump > airdash setup.
  • 5LLL > j.LL > j.214L/M gives Cell an airdash safejump anywhere on screen.

Midscreen, all Cell gets is a 2L meaty. You can try to go for a 214S gimmick but it generally won't work more than once.

In the corner, Cell gets a safejump from his level 3. He also gets a really dirty left/right 236H mixup. The side you end up on depends on if you hold left or right when he starts to move. You need meter or an assist to convert off it, but it is nearly invisible. The setup is as follows: ... > 214L+M > IAD j.H (whiff) > 236H After you get the hit, which it most likely will, you'll want to convert in the following two ways:

  1. 236H > Vanish > 5L > jc > ...
  2. 236H > Assist/Sparking > 214M > ...

The second route leads to far more damage because it's a 1200 damage starter that is unscaled, and vanish kills your scaling. In exchange, you need resources.

Tips and Tricks

  • Cell's air beam is at a really good angle for attacking ground opponents from around super jump height. It is easily punishable on whiff, so don't abuse it.
  • 5M4M is really useful as a way to make your opponents respect your staggers.
  • 236L/M/H and 214L are all -2 on block, allowing for a backdash. This lets Cell get into prime stagger range.
  • 214H when paired with an assist with 30 or more frames of blockstun gives Cell a high/low 50/50.

Fighting Cell

  • Cell's neutral at fullscreen distance is highly comittal.

That's about it. Don't get hit, don't block him.


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