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General Tactics

In Neutral, you want to safely place an Orb out. You can special cancel any hit after hitting your orb into a special move, vanish, or super dash. This means that if you buffer your 214 motion after striking an orb, you can have your God of Destruction ready to safely deal with most, if not all retaliations someone may have vs Beerus.

Team positioning


Beerus is not a good point. While he appreciates having 2 assists, his neutral is not strong compared to most normal point characters. His midscreen J214 M oki is also not good; Beerus really wants the opponent in the corner. Finally, Beerus' best damage comes when he has meter, and he's not very good (or at least, average) at building meter.


This is the best spot for Beerus, hands down. The 1st character can build meter for him, and potentially give Beerus an advantageous corner position/kill an opponent's character first, helping Beerus with his biggest weakness: neutral. It is almost always best to put Beerus here, which makes teambuilding somewhat restrictive.


Once again, Beerus' neutral is bad. Lacking assists will not help this. Yes, he does absurd damage in Limit Break, and he'll have meter to work with, but there are much better characters for the anchor spot.

Picking Teammates

Some good teammates for Beerus include:

  • Base Goku (anchor): generally viewed as Beerus' best friend. Beerus can DHC directly into Super Spirit Bomb. Base Goku's A assist gives high blockstun (always good) and a wallbounce for corner carry, making it a great assist (although not great in neutral). Beerus' A and B assists allow for air DR knockdowns for Base Goku (a small benefit). Base Goku is also one of the best and most self-reliant anchors in the game.
  • Janemba (anchor): also Beerus' best friend, although usually not in conjunction with Base Goku. Janemba's A assist allows DR finishers and many combo extensions after 214L/214M. Beerus' damage output is very, very high with Janemba A assist. The only problem is the lack of blockstun with A assist. Beerus' A assist makes Janemba's autocombo a true blockstring, and any teleport will make A assist harder to reflect (you can always reflect after the orb). B assist, since it ground bounces, is also a fine combo assist for Janemba. Janemba's Z change makes Beerus' super safe on block. Finally, Janemba's alternate super gives corner from anywhere; if Beerus DHCs into lvl 3 it's fullscreen HKD from anywhere.
  • GT Goku (anchor): in addition to GT Goku just being a really good anchor character, the main benefit of this is GT Goku's A assist, which totally dominates the air, greatly helping Beerus' neutral game.
  • Z Broly (point): Has great neutral (read: armor), can tag in Beerus meterlessly with M Lariat Express, has a good assist (A) (C assist is also a tracking armored assist, so not bad), and can also DHC directly into SSB.
  • Kid Buu (point): Has great neutral, has 2 great assists (A and C), and can also DHC directly into SSB.
  • S Broly (point): Builds -a lot- of meter, has armored moves, has a great assist (B) that function similarly to GT Goku's, and can also DHC directly into SSB.
  • Gotenks (point): Has great neutral, has 3 great/good assists, and can also DHC directly into SSB.
  • UI Goku (point): Has probably the best neutral in the game, has the best uppercut assist in the game (A) (B and C are also good if you want a beam/an anywhere tracking C assist), and can (situationally) DHC directly into SSB.
  • Generally any character that can DHC directly into SSB is at least an okay partner. If you don't use Base Goku anchor, than generally (any dominant point)/Beerus/(Janemba or GT Goku) is a good shell.


  • 2LL/5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 214L > Assist > airdash ...

Basic blockstring with an assist.

Keep in mind that Beerus can extend his pressure with 236H.


Beerus relies on his Orbs of Destruction for his strongest oki. Lots of Beerus oki relies on some good reads due to orbs having Ki property, so players should have orbs covered with assists that can stuff superdash.

SKD midscreen can be covered by bis 236L; by setting an orb and launching it with j.2H, Beerus can cover upteching opponents. Beerus' orb mechanics allow him to cancel into any special after hitting an orb with a normal, letting him catch opponents superdashing through a launched orb with 214M. Assists that catch superdash (beams, Frieza, Trunks, etc.) are ideal for covering Beerus' incoming, allowing him to continue his pressure.

In the corner, Beerus can set orbs off of SKD to limit the opponents options. Saving airjump allows Beerus to airdash in after setting the orb for a safe jump with j.M, allowing Beerus to continue pressure. Off of an aerial smash (e.g. 2H>...>j.H), Beerus can safely perform 236S, severely limiting opponent options, providing his strongest oki. From here, Beerus can perform 214M and cover with an assist to airdash back in for an overhead, land for a low with 2M, or dash in for a dragon rush.

Video Examples

Beerus Okizeme guide :

Tips and Tricks

  • Beerus can make really strange movement patterns by colliding with orbs. j.2H's momentum is preserved when you special cancel it on impact with an orb, meaning j.2H > hit orb > j.236[X] will make Beerus continue moving like j.2H after j.236[X] ends.
  • 2S is -2, meaning Beerus can safely backdash at the end of a blockstring. 236[X] are also -2, letting Beerus disengage safely whenever he wants and potentially set up a whiff punish.
  • j.214H can continue a combo if you still have an air action afterwards. This is particularly helpful in M starter combos, as the damage gain is much smaller from scaled starters.
  • Certain DHC supers can make Beerus' DP safe. Doing a sequence like 214S > j.236L+M > DHC can potentially leave the DHC-ed in character plus on block and sometimes even on reflect with supers like Janemba's.

Fighting Beerus

  • Orbs can be superdashed through, but being predictable can get you killed.
  • Beerus' DP is vulnerable to DR and particularly Air DR.
  • Beerus' level 3 being a throw makes it a poor wakeup reversal. If you see the flash, try to IAD or Superdash and punish.


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