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Susano'o is a heavy brawler character equipped with big buttons that can convert into incredible damage. Unlike his Central Fiction iteration, Susano'o no longer requires unlocking his specials, allowing him to use most of his specials at the start of the round.

BBTag Susanoo Portrait.png
22F (1~7F Inv All)
Fastest Attack
4A (8F)
A+D (12F)
236B+C (15F)
214B+C (10F)
  • Jaw dropping damage output in general; can easily inflict over 8k with a 5A starter without any resources.
  • Has arguably the strongest 4A in the game, allowing for insane stagger pressure.
  • Good range overall.
  • Good Mixup options.
  • High Health.
  • Improved Mobility compared to his CF counterpart
  • Has access to many fantastic active switch moves, all of them capable of setting up frighteningly strong mixup.
  • Several jump cancels on block
  • Solid space control assists
  • Many of his attacks move him forward, making his hit-confirms very easy even from max poke distance.
  • Basic BnB combo almost guarantees you the corner when you land it.
  • Lengthy recovery on buttons makes him vulnerable to well timed pushblocks.
  • Large hurtbox makes it difficult to deal with zoners
  • All of his normals, save for 4A, lack strong disjointed hitboxes.
  • Slow mashing options on wakeup

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 8 5 6 +3 B
  • Short range, comes out quickly
  • Gatlings into itself.
  • Disjointed Hitbox, making it a solid counter poke option.

Strong stagger pressure option. While slow in comparison to other 4A's, it being +3 on block and having an abundance of cancel options make it an incredible offensive tool. You can also use it as a meaty and still be able to block reversals (except for counters or guard points) thanks to it having such low recovery.

Level P1 P2
2 100 75


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 1500 All 9 6 18 -7 B
5AA 1700 All 13 6 19 -6 B
5AAA 1700 All 15 2(3)1 29 -16 B
5AAAA 2000 All 17 3 34 -16 B
  • Solid range, decently quick.
  • Jump cancellable on block

5A is a strong poke option, has a nice hitbox, leads into a strong confirm on hit, overall solid neutral tool. It's your main ground button if you don't want to be greedy with 5B.

  • Moves forward
  • Jump cancellable on block

5AA converts very easily after tail, even at max distance. Also a decent pressure tool thanks to its cancel options

  • Moves forward also
  • Will bring airborne opponents to the ground

5AAA is the easy bake combo stabilizer. It will hit a lot higher up than you'd think.

  • Again, moves forward

You will only really use 5AAAA for Cross Raid. And even then, this move whiffs quite easily once the hitstun decay gets really low, making it quite unreliable to use as far as Cross Raids go. Doing it early in a combo is also ill-advised since you are sacrificing your assist meter, and the minimum damage isn't that much better due to Susano'o's already impressive damage scaling on his moveset.

Version Level P1 P2
5A 3 100 80
5AA 4 100 85
5AAA 4 100 85
5AAAA 5 100 90


  • Only does one hit



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1700 All 11 4 20 -5 B
5BB 2000 All 12 5 20 -4 B
  • Wouldn't you know it, this moves forward also

Slightly slower but more damaging than 5A. Your ideal punish on whiffed or blocked DPs. Leans back slightly during it's first few frames of startup, allowing you to cause some moves to whiff in mid range. Paired with 5BB, this works as one of Susano'o's many stagger pressure options.

  • You guessed it: 5BB moves forward.

Strong frametrap option with massive reward if it hits, also huge damage combo tool you will use a lot.

Version Level P1 P2
5B 4 100 85
5BB 5 100 90



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 High 22 1 26 -10 B
  • Knockdown on air hit.
  • On grounded hit, leads into a timed follow-up.
  • Follow-up damage, meter gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available.

Susanoo's only standing overhead in this game, not something to rely on but you will use it occasionally. Can combo air hit 5B/5BB into it for a safejump.

Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 Low 10 3 19 -5 F
  • Surprisingly jump cancellable on block
  • Can also gatling back into itself

This is another strong pressure tool. You will use it in stagger a good bit thanks to it having so many cancel options as well as being a low.

Level P1 P2
3 90 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500×2 All 10 3(2)5 22 -10 B 10~15 H
  • Hits twice. First hitbox is lower than the second hitbox.
  • Oh wow who would have guessed, moves you forward.
  • Jump cancellable, but only on the second hit.

Susano'o's anti-air, while the head invuln is meh and the hitbox isn't too great it is good at stuffing crossup due to hitting on both sides. You can also score some pretty disgusting damage on counter hit if you hit them high enough,

Level P1 P2
3 90 80×2


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500, 1700 Low 12 4(8)4 26 -11 F
  • Good reach, hits twice.
  • Say it with me. Moves you forward

Strong active swap tool, good combo filler, one of the best sweeps in the game arguably. Due to high recovery frames making it vulnerable to push block, it's ill advised to throw it out during pressure unless you are using active switch.

Level P1 P2
3, 4 90 80, 85
  • P2 is applied only once. So hitting with both hits will apply P2 80% once, and ignore 85%.


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.A 1500 High 11 4 22 H
j.AA 1500 High 11 4 15 H
  • Hits in front of and below Susano'o, making it a decent jump-in and great for fuzzies on taller characters.

While not nearly as versatile as j.B, it still has some advantages. It's easier to use for air to ground conversions off of Dancing Dual Kick. Unlike j.B, it's angle is the same throughout the entirety of it's actives, meaning it can serve as a better air to ground in certain situations due to j.B's downward hitbox extending on frame 13.

  • Hits in almost the same exact place as j.A

j.AA has very limited use. Against tall characters, this will connect after an instant j.A. It's not optimal as far as combo filler goes due to it's average scaling and damage.

Version Level P1 P2
j.A 3 80 80
j.AA 3 80 80



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.B 1700×2 High 9 2(2)3 23 H
j.BB 1700 High 15 6 21+8L H
  • Hits twice. Both hits are jump cancellable.
  • When second hit connects with an airborne opponent, they will be sent to the ground.

Susano'o's most versatile air normal. Due to its speed and hitboxes, this move can serve both as an air-to-air, or an air-to-ground normal. Additionally, both hits of this normal are overheads, allowing Susano'o to fuzzy most of the cast.

  • Can connect after both hits of j.B in certain routes

Primarily combo filler, has landing recovery but will still be + as long as you didn't use it really high up.

Version Level P1 P2
j.B 4 80 85×2
j.BB 4 80 80



Hunter’s Fang

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000×N, 1000 High 10 8×N, 3 24 -10 H×N, P1
  • Does a small hop up before going all the way to the ground
  • If the opponent is hit in the air, they'll enter a pseudo-capture and be dragged to the ground. Does more hits the higher up you were.
  • May cross up mid screen if done up close, the opponent won't be dragged in front of you and will leave you extremely minus even on hit

This is Susano'o's strong overhead active swap option. The startup is misleading if you want to use this as an IOH, as the first few active frames won't touch most opponents without first using j.B. For maximum effectiveness on AS do it after j.B to make them stand block for more overhead hits. Otherwise it's a form of combo ender especially if you got them with a weird hit you can't really full convert off of.

Level P1 P2
3 80 80, 80
  • Final hit (fire pillar) is considered separate attack with P2: 80%

Universal Moves

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0×2, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 T
  • Susano'o performs a dash and then grabs if he wasn't already within throw range.
  • Opponents cannot Cross Burst during a throw.

Normal throw mix up is actually fairly important for Susano'o due to him not being able to enforce or convert off of his high/low solo consistently. Because of his slow run startup you can buffer throw after 5A/5AA at most ranges and it will automatically time the grab to get them out of blockstun, making for a nice active switch option. A result of his slow run speed is that he cannot reliably punish pushblock with a TRM throw.

Level P1 P2
0×2, 5 100 50
  • Minimum Damage 2000

Towering Flame


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2500 Air Unblockable 12 3 46 -30 B 1~20 All
  • Hits on both sides, but isn't especially large.
  • Despite the visual, is not especially tall either.
  • Good for when you're trapped by a cross-combo, as it should hit both the point and assist if you time it right.
Level P1 P2
4 100 85
  • Minimum Damage 125


Sundering Claws


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1800 All 13 14 18 -2 B
  • Very high hit stun on counter hit allowing you to link a 5B afterwards

Has some use in conversions for midscreen, but it's mostly use as a safe pressure ender. While this move does move Susanoo far, it's ill-advised to abuse it in neutral due to it's high total frames. As a pushblock bait, it's a potential death sentence for the opponent if they get counter-hit, leading into 7-8k meterless.

Level P1 P2
3 80 80
  • Immediately goes into recovery animation on hit/block
  • Minimum Damage 90

Dancing Dual Kick


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600×5, 1000 Low×5, All 18 4,4,4,4,4(24)4 19+20L -24 F×5, B
  • Jump cancellable on hit or block
  • There's a small pause between the slide and the kick that launches, leaving a 10 frame gap in between the two hits.
  • This move alone is a selling point to put this character into your team

Not only is this your main launcher in solo-confirms, this is arguably the most valuable active switch move in Susano'o's arsenal, and a very lethal one at that. It's near impossible to pushblock and it's multi-hitting nature allows for some incredibly easy unblockable situations. The only downside to this is that if they choose to take the low as a starter, you won't likely get much damage off of it due to it's horrible initial proration. Additionally, you can use this as his ender to get an incredibly powerful safejump and mixup setup that catches neutral, back, or forward tech. Burst will whiff and allow a full damage punish on you if you're 1v2, so save it either for corner or resonance combos.

Level P1 P2
4 70 75
  • Minimum Damage 30×5, 50 (200)



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 All 25 4 Total: 47 +8 P1
  • Somewhat slow startup, but plus enough on ground to link into 4A afterwards as a true blockstring.
  • On block, 5BB > Megalith will trade with many 5As, and the hitstun is high enough that you can convert that into a combo.

With the ability to link into 5BB, this is a staple combo tool for corner combos due to it's high damage and serviceable scaling. While its frame advantage is impressive, it can be mitigated easily by pushblock.

Level P1 P2
4 80 80
  • Minimum Damage 100

Inevitable Calamity


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800×(3~12) All 7 3×N 20 -7 P2
  • Hold for additional hits
  • Deletes projectiles but does not possess projectile invulnerability.
  • Very strong against armored moves since each hit is unscaled
  • Incredibly fast special that can work both as a counter poke tool and a situational anti-zoning tool.

Has a niche place in neutral due to its speed, disjoint, controllable actives, and anti-projectile capabilities. However, due to its incredibly bad scaling and low untech, it possesses no real value or potential in combos.

Level P1 P2
3 80 75
  • Minimum Damage 40×(3~12) (120~480)
  • Crumple Duration 22F, Crumple Fall 60F
  • On CH, Crumple Duration 22F, Crumple Fall 45F

Extra Skills

Blade of Judgement


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2700 All 19 3 24 -6 B
  • Reaches about half-screen

Leads to high damage in the corner. With a 5B starter, you can hit to around 10.5k-10.7k damage for one meter. Unlike Central Fiction it no longer wall bounces on counter hit, so its reward in neutral is limited. However, you can link into Liberating Dagger afterwards if you need to finish off someone.

Level P1 P2
5 80 90
  • Minimum Damage 270

Splintering Thrust


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1900×2 Throw 30 16 37 T 1~45 T
  • Command grab, though slow on startup. Lunges forward slightly.
  • Will drag the opponent all the way to the corner when this connects.

Can convert into a combo after landing. Be wary of using this solo. Due to it's EX flash, long startup, and high recovery, you are potentially sentencing yourself for a painful punish if your opponent isn't sleeping on this move. However, due to it having throw invincibility on startup it can be used as a solid throw bait tool. Certain teams can abuse this move to create unblockable situations. Unlike 236B unblockable setups, 214C unblockable setups have the benefit of being unburstable.

Level P1 P2
0, 4×2 80 100×2, 50
  • Values in [] are after Active Switch
  • Minimum Damage 380
  • Maximum Slide duration 40

Partner Skills


Sundering Claws

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700×2 All 13 14 [(10)4] 44 [8+16L] -26 B
  • Travels decently far forward
  • Second attack is only performed on hit.

Very par for the course 5P. Knocks far enough away on hit you can set up sandwich situations insanely consistently if your character can move fast enough.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85×2
  • On block, immediately enters recovery animation
  • Only does follow-up hit on hit (not blocked). Values in [] are for follow-up
  • Minimum Damage 85×2 (170)



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 All (18)+17 3 Total: (18)+67 -20 P1
  • Comes out quick, hits from full-screen
  • Will hit through block to strike assists behind the opponent

Susano'o's main space control assist. Being a hitscan, it's far less active than regular projectiles, making it easy to avoid by jumping. The trade off is that it's instantaneous nature allows full screen pressure and full screen conversions via 6P -> Cross Combo -> 6P again. Additionally, 6P has the most blockstun out of Susano'o's assists.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85
  • Minimum Damage 100


Lvl 2 Hunter's Fang's Pillar

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 All (18)+13 3 Total: (18)+64 -24 P1

Insanely tall anti air assist that hits as high as you think it does. This assist possesses the least amount of block stun out of Susano'o's kit, so it's not ideal for plugging holes in pressure. 4P is a projectile and that means it can destroy other projectiles as well as that there is no hitstop/blockstop applied to Susano'o when he uses it, making it a good assist to active switch into Susano'o with situationally. Additionally the visual effect is a layer in front of the characters so you can use it to hide mixups when spaced correctly.

Level P1 P2
3 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 100

Distortion Skills

Liberating Dagger


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5500 [5200, 120×30] All 7+(75 Flash)+8 6 55 -20 B 1~20 All
  • (ALMOST) Full-screen reach
  • Pops the opponent up on mid-air hit
  • Hits on both sides of Susano'o

If you hit an airborne opponent with this (if they're high enough) you can actually combo after. This also somewhat difficult to punish on block depending on the distance so you may get away with it more than you expect. Due to it hitting on both sides it can be used when you are in a sandwich situation to hit both characters, almost regardless of their distance to Susano'o. Not a projectile, allowing it to bypass other projectiles and punish moves that do have projectile invulnerability.

Level P1 P2
5 80 [80, 100×30] 90 [90, 100×29, 60]
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage 1705 [1300 + 24×30 (2420]



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500, 400×7, 4000
[1500, 310×16, 3400]
All 4+(61 Flash)+6 6(1)4×4,11,1,3
??+24L [??+24L] B 1~16 All

Has excellent base and minimum damage, making it ideal for ending combos. In matchups vs heavily airborne fighters, it can also be a strong but risky way to punish aimless air options. Examples include Yosuke's flips and Teddie's item toss. Severely punishable on whiff and block.

Level P1 P2
4 80 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage 150 + 40×6 + 1640 (1930)
  • [Minimum Damage 150 + 31×15 + 1632 (2247)]

Distortion Skill Duo

Liberating Dagger

P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 [1750, 25×30] All 1+(114 Flash)+1 6 55 -20 B 1~7 All
  • Knocks opponent to wall/fullscreen
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this move

Standard happy birthday DHC, can set up a safe jump at certain heights.

Level P1 P2
5 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage 2000 [2500]

Astral Heat

Roar of the Mad King

222B+C when Astral Conditions are met

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
99999 All 4+(50 Flash)+10 3 36 -18 B 1~16 All
  • Only available in Level 4 Resonance Blaze when the opponent has one character left, requires 9 Skill Gauge stocks.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Grants victory on a successful hit.

Susano'o attempts a downward hand swipe to slam his opponent to the floor, if it connects he unleashes the real power of his "God Slaying Sword" and destroys everything around. This can be combo'd into from almost any ground hit normal easily. 2C, Throws, and 236B (except for the final hit) are the most consistent ways to combo into it. Because this will always win you the match if you hit it, if the opportunity to combo into astral arises you should always use it.

Level P1 P2



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