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Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.01 May 31, 2018 JP release day patch, contains bug fixes.
Ver.1.10 June 18, 2018 Bug fixes and addition of Yang Xiao Long, Jubei, Hakumen, Aegis, Naoto Shirogane, Carmine, and Vatista.
Ver.1.11 June 27, 2018 Bug fixes.
Ver.1.20 August 6, 2018 Bug fixes and addition of Izayoi, Mai Natsume, Nine the Phantom, Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada, Labrys, Merkava, Yuzuriha, and Mika.
Ver.1.21 August 10, 2018 Bug fixes.
Ver.1.30 September 11, 2018 Game balancing and minor bug fixes.
Ver.1.31 November 1, 2018 Bug fixes.
Not specified February 5, 2019 Game balancing. These are loketest notes that were not patched to the consumer version of the game. Arcade loketest took place between February 9 - 10, 2019.
PDF version available here.
Ver.1.50 May 21, 2019 Consumer release of AC release equivalent version. Post-loketest changes are documented.
Ver.1.51 May 30, 2019 Bug fixes. Rolled to PS4 first with Switch and PC versions patched on June 13th.
Ver.2.00 November 21, 2019 Game systems overhaul and addition of Yumi, Akatsuki, Blitztank, Neo Politan, Celica A. Mercury, Elizabeth, Tohru Adachi, Hilda, and Susanoo.
Ver.2.02 December 4, 2019 Bug fixes. PS4 patch was rolled at this date with Switch and PC version dates yet to be announced.


Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.50 April 25, 2019 Arcade release. Game balancing and addition of Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth, and Heart Aino.
Document linked is JP equivalent to the one released by ASW NA on Februrary 5th, 2019. Post-loketest changes were released when Ver.1.50 hit consoles. Additional notes here.




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