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Twitter Character Hashtags

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. The current list of these hashtags is as follows:

Ragna the Bloodedge #TAG_RG
Jin Kisaragi #TAG_JI
Noel Vermillion #TAG_NO
Rachel Alucard #TAG_RA
Iron Tager #TAG_TG
Hakumen #TAG_HK
Nu-13 #TAG_NU
Hazama #TAG_HZ
Makoto Nanaya #TAG_MK
Platinum the Trinity #TAG_PL
Izayoi #TAG_IZ
Azrael #TAG_AZ
Celica A. Mercury #TAG_CE
Nine the Phantom #TAG_NI
Naoto Kurogane #TAG_NK
Susano'o #TAG_SU
Mai Natsume #TAG_MA
Jubei #TAG_JU
Persona 4 Arena
Yu Narukami #TAG_YU
Yosuke Hanamura #TAG_YO
Chie Satonaka #TAG_CH
Yukiko Amagi #TAG_YK
Kanji Tatsumi #TAG_KA
Teddie/Kuma #TAG_KU
Naoto Shirogane #TAG_NA
Mitsuru Kirijo #TAG_MS
Akihiko Sanada #TAG_AK
Aegis #TAG_AG
Elizabeth #TAG_LZ
Labrys #TAG_LB
Tohru Adachi #TAG_AD
Under Night In-Birth
Hyde #TAG_HY
Linne #TAG_LN
Waldstein #TAG_WD
Carmine #TAG_CR
Orie #TAG_OR
Gordeau #TAG_GD
Merkava #TAG_MR
Vatista #TAG_VA
Seth #TAG_SE
Yuzuriha #TAG_YZ
Hilda #TAG_HL
Mika #TAG_MI
Ruby Rose #TAG_RR
Weiss Schnee #TAG_WS
Blake Belladonna #TAG_BB
Yang Xiao Long #TAG_YX
Neo Politan #TAG_NP
Arcana Heart
Heart Aino #TAG_HT
Senran Kagura
Yumi #TAG_YM
Akatsuki En-Eins
Akatsuki #TAG_AT
Blitztank/Denkōsensha #TAG_DS

Character Priority

Character priority determines the result of a number of small interactions, mainly same-frame ones. Unlike various other games where priority is purely based on static things like controller port or character selection, priority in BBTag will change multiple times through the course of a match.

Initial Priority Order

Player 2 Character 2 > Player 1 Character 2 > Player 2 Character 1 > Player 1 Character 1

Character number is assigned at the time of character select, and does not change even if you switch your order during order select. So, the second character you pick in character select is always going to be Character 2. Projectiles are always treated as having lower priority than any player characters.

Changing Priority

An attack connecting (hit or block) with an opposing character will move the attacking character to the top of the priority list. This includes an assist character's attack. Projectiles *do not* give priority to the user, even on hit or block.

Priority-based Game Mechanics

  • If two characters connect an attack at the same time, the character with higher priority will count as connecting second, for the purposes of P1 and Reject Guard (P1 of the "first" hit is used, character that connects "second" is pushed back from Reject).
    • Since the character with higher priority is hitting "second", they will also continue to hold priority afterward.
    • For true high/low unblockables, against a training dummy set to block everything and swap guard, the attack that hits "second" will be the one that does not get blocked.
  • The character at the top of the priority list is capable of performing an Active Switch with Reversal Action without needing to buffer behind hitstop. The input sequence for this is to input D, release D, then input A+D the frame after releasing D. Attempting to perform this when your character does not have priority will only result in an Active Switch.
  • If a strike and a grab connect on the same frame, the character with the higher priority will lose the "trade", regardless of whether they were using a strike or a grab.
  • If both characters connected a grab on the same frame, the character with the higher priority will get grabbed.
    • If the grab happened within the 14 frame window of a throw escape, then a throw escape will immediately occur. Otherwise, the character getting grabbed will count as being throw countered, and be unable to escape the throw at all.
  • There also may be a number of character-specific interactions that work or don't work based on priority.
    • eg. If Yumi hits both characters with her 214B~A, the Aerial Rave followup will continue to carry the assist character if they had a higher priority than the point character. The assist character will fall out if the point character had higher priority.

List of instant overhead attacks besides Crash Assault

This list contains all overheads that are faster than or equal in speed to fast Crash Assaults that also work on more than 10 characters

The following moves includes the jump startup of the characters:

  • Most characters' jump have 4F startup, where Merkava, Tager, Waldstein and Blitztank have 6F startup
  • You can only block at the 1st frame in the air, any options are possible after 2nd frame in the air
Startup Frames (F) Moves
13 Rachel j.A
14 Jubei J.B/5B>4C
15 Akihiko j.214A/C
16 Aegis 66>j.A, Mitsuru j.B, Noel 5B>C
17 Es j.B
18 Rachel j.C, Nine j.B, Jubei J.B/5B>4A
19 Platinum j.C, Izayoi 66>j.A, Hazama 236A second hit, Yang j.C, Heart j.236A/C
20 Merkava j.C, Mika j.C, Celica j.C, Hakumen j.214C, Jubei 214C, Labrys 236B>A, Platinum 236B
21 Nu-13 j.C, Izayoi 66 j.B/C, Hilda j.A*, Neo j.C, Blitztank j.B, Orie j.214A, Merkava j.B, Waldstein j.A*, Azrael 5AAAA, Yu j.C
22 Ragna 214B, Hakumen 236B Jin j.214C, Linne 214C
  • Moves with * are character specific

Training Mode Shortcuts

Direction + Reset
Left + Reset to reset both characters to the left corner (P1 in the corner)
Right + Reset to reset both characters to the right corner (P2 in the corner)
Down + Reset to reset both characters to round start position
Button + Reset
L3 + Reset to switch the players characters on reset
R3 + Reset to switch the opponents characters on reset



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