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Originally released in arcades in 2008 and on home consoles in 2009, BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerBBCT Blueballz.png is the first BlazBlue game in the series. At the time, it was considered to be a "spiritual successor" to the Guilty Gear franchise, while also aiming to help reduce the barriers of entry to the fighting game genre with generous buffer systems and moveset design, many systems of which can still be found in future BlazBlue games and numerous other fighters today.

This game is what many of the mainline FGC consider to be "Kusoge From the Japanese "クソゲー", meaning "shitty game"Kusoge are games which are highly broken in the literal sense. Kusoge often function poorly, and lack polish, and usually have extreme mechanics/balance. Kusoge is both a term of endearment and an insult, depending on the context.". It is probably the most tame of early Team Blue's very "special" social experiment games, but it still very much earns its title. It has a lot of weakly-implemented system and self-mechanics that lead to heavy character abuses and inabilities to overcome abuse, while also making the game a pain to play in general. Calamity Trigger is undoubtedly a game with many flaws, but it can be appreciated for its flaws, rather than in spite of them.

BBCT/Nu-13BBCT/Iron TagerBBCT/Litchi Faye LingBBCT/TaokakaBBCT/Noel VermillionBBCT/Ragna the BloodedgeBBCT/Jin KisaragiBBCT/Rachel AlucardBBCT/Carl CloverBBCT/ArakuneBBCT/Bang ShishigamiBBCT/HakumenRandom CharacterBBCT CharacterSelect.png
Unlockable Characters

All Unlimited versions are unlocked by beating Arcade Mode with said Character. Unlimited Characters can be fought in certain routes in Story Mode too.

Hakumen and Nu-13 need to be unlocked via code in the arcade version. Refer to this page on how to do so.
"What does 'bad charactersBBCT Bad Characters.png' even mean?"
This is typically referring to either Tager or Hakumen, most commonly both at the same time.
-1000 LP
About BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
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Release Dates
Arcade Japan.png: November 19, 2008
PS3/X360 Japan.png: June 25, 2009
PS3/X360 USA.png: June 30, 2009
PSP Japan.png: February 25, 2010
PSP USA.png: March 9, 2010
PC Japan.png: August 26, 2010
PC USA.png: September 2, 2010
Steam Steam.png: February 13, 2014
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