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Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236D becomes 236D
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
RC = Rapid Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
OD = Overdrive
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
If you have notations that are not listed here but are necessary, feel free to add them as you see fit.


Tsubaki is one of the few who has extremely flexible combos in BB, so there are a lot of variations to each combo listed here. The combos provided below are really basic so please check out the CP Tsubaki Yayoi Combo Compilation Thread for more of her combos though new variations are being found so try things out!


No charges
1 charge
2 charges


No charges
1 charge
2 charges

Install/Mugen Combos

All combos here will require at least 1 charge and 50 meter
  • The combos listed here are organized under how many charges are needed when you use Mugen itself, not the total amount since some starters may use a D move. Example: A combo starts with 22D and is listed under 1 charge, so that would be 2 charges. However, you only need 1 charge for the Mugen portion of the combo which is why it's listed under 1 charge.

1 charge

2 charges

Combo Videos

BBCP Extend - Tsubaki Basic Combo Video (By Daedron)
BBCPEX Tsubaki Yayoi Combos (By Neko Ni)
BBCPEX Tsubaki Yayoi Combo Movie 「Hidra Heteromycin」(By Garuwo)

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