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Eight Directions, Four Attacks

Like most arcade fighting games this game uses an 8 way direction joystick (or pad), and buttons.
There are 4 attack buttons in total: A (weak), B (medium), C (strong), D (Drive).

Arcade Layout

There are two layouts that you can select when you are at the arcades: Type A and Type B

Technical Mode

BB Controls Type-A.png BB Controls Type-B.png
The taunt button does not have a defined location, but is generally to the upper right of the other buttons.

Stylish Mode

This mode was previously called "Beginner Mode" and is a simple way for players to perform predefined combos, special attacks, and super attacks without learning how to perform them manually.
This mode isn't used in competitive play since it limits the combos, specials, and supers a player can do as well as disabling Rapid Cancels.


Players use Numpad Notation when discussing the game online in order to overcome the language barrier international players have when discussing things like special move inputs and strict, complex combos.

Basic Joystick Commands

Beyond your basic walk/jump/crouch commands, BlazBlue has a variety of movement options:

run forward. Keep holding 6 to keep running forward
Backstep. Backsteps move a preset distance and have a bit of startup invincibility. It is primarily used to avoid incoming attacks or as a last-ditch defensive option.
Pressing 527 or 529 will have you high jump in the specified direction. You can use any downward direction for the 2 input - doing 538 will still give you a high jump. You can double jump or air dash after a high jump!
J.gif66 and J.gif44
Air dash in the specified direction. Air dashes quickly cover a lot space, but you can not block during the animation. This makes them a high risk, high reward movement option.
Double jump. Pretty self explanatory. You can also use 7 or 9 to double jump in the specified direction.

Special Commands

Special commands in BlazBlue follow the standard commands found in most 2D fighting games like 236 623 and 632146.

If you find yourself having issues executing these motions, go to training mode and perform the motion slowly until you're comfortable, then gradually perform it faster until you are comfortable doing it in a match; these motions must become second nature to you if you want to be successful at high level play.

  • For 632146 motions, be sure to press 6, 4, 6. Slopplily missing any of these three inputs will cause the motion to fail.
  • For 623 motions, be sure to emphasize the 3 at the end while pressing the button.
  • For 236236 motions, be sure to press 2,6,2,6. Slopplily missing any of these four inputs will cause the motion to fail.

Universal Button Commands

Neutral Tech
Press no direction and hold any button while laying on the ground to get back on your feet. You will be invincible while you neutral tech (also known as ukemi). Occasionally players will delay their neutral tech to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a mixup or block string.
Press 4 or 6 and hold any button while laying on the ground to perform a slightly invincible roll forward or backward. Forward rolls have much less invincibility than backward rolls, but both allow you to escape an opponent's pressure after being knocked down.
Quick Tech
Press 2 and hold any button while laying on the ground to quickly get back on your feet. This action has absolutely no invincibility, but can be useful for throwing off your opponent's timing and sneaking in an attck of your own!
Air Ukemi
Hold any button while getting hit in the air and you will recovery with a bit of invincibility as soon as the possible in the air. You can also hold 4 or 6 or 5 to choose which direction you will recover. Some players choose to delay their air ukemi to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a reset or block string.
Crush Trigger
Crush Triggers cost 25 Heat and are done by pressing A+B while standing. Crush Triggers will leave the opponent in a stunned state where you can combo them unless they were using Barrier Block.
Barrier Block
Hold A+B while blocking to Barrier Block. Barrier Block is useful for preventing Guard Crushes, preventing chip damage and pushing the opponent further away while blocking.
Counter Assault
Press 6 A+B while blocking to Counter Assault. Your character will flash white, then perform an invincible attack that does zero damage, but blows away the opponent and stops their offensive momentum. Counter Assaults cost 50 Heat.
Press B+C to perform a throw. Holding 4 while throwing will perform a back throw, while 5 and 6 + B + C will result in forward throws. Air throws are also available by pressing B+C while airborne.
Rapid Cancel
Ragna RCing his Inferno Divider to cancel the recovery and make his attack safe.
Rapid Cancels (abbreviated as "RC") are a very versatile tool that players should be taking advantage of in their gameplay. Once you touch your opponent with an attack, you can cancel your attack in to a neutral state by pressing A+B+C. This consumes 50 Heat and can be used to extend combos, create offensive situations, or reduce the risk of other situations.
Bursts are performed by pressing all 4 attack buttons at the same time while getting hit. This attack is invincible and is used to stop the opponent's offensive momentum or to act as a combo breaker.
Press all 4 attack buttons at the same time while in a neutral state to activate Overdrive. Overdrive places your character in a temporarily powered up state where their Drives are powered up in some way, and some of their specials and supers gain special properties like more damage or are easier to combo from. Attacks are unburstable during Overdrive.
Overdrive Cancel
Press all 4 attack buttons at the same time while performing a normal attack to activate Overdrive. Activating Overdrive this way is faster than activating from neutral, but lasts only half as long. This version of Overdrive is useful to confirm a combo into additional unburstable.
Guard Cancel Overdrive
Press all 4 attack buttons at the same time while blocking to activate Overdrive. Activating Overdrive this way lasts only half as long as normal activation. This is a useful way to stop the opponent's offensive momentum and just the threat of it will cause the opponent to second-guess their offensive decisions.

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