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Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
BBCP Valkenhayn Portrait.png

Health: 10,500

Combo Rate: 70% (Human) / 80% (Wolf)

Jump Startup: 4

Backdash Time: 13

Backdash Invincibility: 1-5 (Human) / 1-10 (Wolf)

Movement Options
1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash-type: Hop in Human Form, Two-Way Dash in Wolf Form
Offensive, Heavy Rush-down, Mixup
Full Frame Data
BBCP/Valkenhayn R. Hellsing/Frame Data


Valkenhayn is a novel gentleman: polite and courteous in all situations. Being a butler, he is extremely devoted to Rachel and does whatever he can to assist and protect her. His demeanor, however, belies a savage side which is only seen during battle or when he is pushed to the brink of his anger. He uses a fighting style that, while awe-inspiring, is unbelievably brutal, utilizing slashing attacks and blows so powerful they look like they are intended to break the enemy's bones.

Drive: Werewolf
Valkenhayn transforms into a wolf. He is more agile in this form and gains a completely new moveset. You will need to be about to move flexibly in both human form and wolf form as this is a key element in his game. While it may be difficult at first, the reward for taking such time to learn this character will transform you into a fearsome player. While he is in the werewolf form, the purple bar above your heat gauge will slowly deplete. Whilst, you are in human form, the gauge will slowly fill, but note it only fills when you are on the ground and not in the air. If the gauge reaches 0, you will be disabled from transforming until the gauge refills to the max again. In addition to this, 1-9D will allow the wolf to dash in that direction and this will deplete the gauge faster. 5D will revert you to human form. It is important to conserve your wolf gauge for optimal pressure and look for very minimal methods of depleting meter whilst dealing damage. The gauge will slowly refill as Valkenhayn is on the ground, but not in the air. You also cannot block in wolf form, so it is mandatory you are constantly moving around to make it very difficult for the opponent to land a hit.

Overdrive: Endless Wolf
Cannot be activated in wolf form. During Endlos Volf, Valkenhayn gains access to an unlimited supply of wolf meter for the duration, and it will rapidly fully depleted wolf meter. In addition to this, w[j.214A/B] causes a ground bounce, and j.C and 6C becomes drive/wolf cancellable. Furthermore, rasenwolf and wolf cannons will have faster startup.


  • Wolf form provides flexible movement, fantastic pressure & mixup.
  • Wolf form can help to close gaps.
  • Great normals.
  • Wolf form provides a strong neutral game.
  • Deals consistent damage from almost any confirm.
  • Very good corner carry.
  • Good backdash, both in human and wolf form.


  • Below average health
  • Overall damage output is on the lower side. Most combos seldom break 3.5K.
  • The only way to safely extend pressure is through wolf meter usage, meaning you can't keep an opponent blocking for very long without compromising your neutral game.
  • Poor defensive options without meter (6A is unreliable).
  • Wolf form can be difficult to use, leading to a higher level of execution compared to most characters.
  • Relies on wolf meter for movement. Players need to assess their options depending on how much wolf gauge is left.

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Move List

Normal Moves


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
300 CSOJR all 6 3 9 0 B - Click!

A quick jab with very small range that cancels into itself and whiffs on all crouching hitboxes. You won't really be using this normal for blockstrings or combos unless you want to use 5A whiff gimmicks such as 5A (whiff) > throw/2B but that's rare. 5A also has another use it that is used to time 2B on grounded opponents. For example, after ending a corner combo with human j.C, when you land use 5A. 5A is supposed to whiff, and then you followup in 2B which can catch players who roll or not to tech. It'll even catch quick getup. 5A can also be used as an anti air where the opponent is directly above you. There are stronger anti airs but 5A is a fast normal making it useful in such situations.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
640 OJR HL 10 3 15 -1 B - Click!

Valkenhayn does a standing side kick. It is a pretty safe and reliable poke which is jump cancellable making it a good place for you to incorporate wolf mixup i.e j.D > 3D > wj.A or human high/low mixup with 5B > IOH j.C, 5B > 3C or 5B > 6C. It can also be followed up into 6B on a crouching opponent. 5B has a ton of gatling options making it a great normal to begin your high/low mixup.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
750 O(J)R HL 14 6 22 -9 B - Click!

Valkenhayn does a roundhouse with a transformed leg. Wolf cancellable on hit, block and also on whiff. Despite being unsafe, it is a really good poke which is quite difficult to punish when used from max range. If used at max range Valkenhayn has no combo routes unless you confirm it into sturm wolf, or if it's a CH, you can use 236C instead. Use of this normal is not highly encouraged for blockstring pressure because all of Valkenhayn's followup options are unsafe, whether it's special cancelled or wolf cancelled, but it can be used occasionally where an opponent does not expect it. Try not to get reliant on using 5C as it can also only gatling into 6C. Some characters are even known to low profile this attack so take caution using this in neutral. It's main use is fishing for hits (particularly counter hits) in neutral, or for a long ranged punish.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
300 CSOJR all 7 2 9 +1 F - Click!

A crouching jab that self gatlings. It's a good normal to set up tick throws or TRMs. This is a good normal to setup wolf pressure i.e 2A > 5D > w5A/5C. It's also pretty bad to use in combos because it badly prorates but in some cases such as doing Corner 3C > 236A, you will have no choice. It can self gatling to a maximum of 3 times but it's not recommended to use it 3 times in a blockstring because you will push yourself out and you'll make it more difficult to go into any real mixup.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
480 OR L 9 4 13 -3 F - Click!

Valkenhayn slides his foot out across the ground for a low kick. Can be used to low profile situational attacks. It's not too bad on block but the use for this normal is really limited. It can be used in some corner combos where the opponent is too low after 236A for a 5B/2C followup and you don't want to opt for 2A/5A since those don't scale very well. Other than that it could be used as blockstring blockstring where you want to threaten the opponent with a low. Finally if the opponent decides to take a nap on the ground, or attempts the quick getup, this is the normal you be using to reset them and pick them off from the ground. On CH you can followup into 6B but the hitconfirm is difficult unless you know it'll hit and even then there are much more better punishes than 2B CH > 6B.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
780 OJR HL 12 3 26 -10 B - Click!

An upwards kick with a wolf leg. Jump cancellable, and also wolf cancellable on hit, block and whiff. This is a another good spot to set up IOH j.C or even wolf pressure. It's also a normal you will highly reliant on when using combos because you can followup into 6B. It can be used as an anti air too when you're not in wolf form but it is inferior to w5B due to lack of invincibility and horizontal range. If you do land this attack, especially on CH, you can usually followup with a very big combo. On counter, 2C will followup into 6C or 236C on a grounded opponent.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
620 R HL 10 3 31 -17 B 5-12 GP Click!
  • 5-12 GP
  • Guard Point does not work against throws, lows and unblockable attacks.
  • Floats opponent on hit

A fast upwards kick. Guard point is from 5f so it's not recommended as a reversal on wakeup as it can lose to meaty attacks, throws and lows. Sometimes the better option is to just block on wakeup. It's even difficult to use during an opponent's pressure but it can be good to use when calling out obvious attempts to pressure. It can be used as a situational AA but the range makes it very unreliable, and as you cannot cancel this normal, you'll be vulnerable on whiff or block. You cannot followup from this attack on a normal hit but if you manage to land a CH you can followup into 5B or 5C.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
600x2 OR HL 19 6(4)2 9 +8 B - Click!
  • Fatal counters
  • 34F~ can cancel into Geschwind Wolf

Valkenhayn uses a werewolf arm for an elbow strike, then slashes them with his claws, which has a vacuum effect. This is the go to normal if you're punishing a player for blocked DP for example. It leads into good damage especially if used in the corner. Something to consider if that 6B is usually better when done before 236A, resulting in slightly more damage. For example, on airborne opponents in the corner, 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A is better than doing 2C > 236A > 2C > 6B. 6B provides a massive advantage on block, especially if you were to hit with the last few active frames of the 2nd hit. On CH you can followup 6B(1) with trigger for even more damage. It can be used in a blockstring to discourage your opponent from mashing, and it is also wolf cancellable but this is generally unsafe to do. 6B also comes in handy in a variety of other situations such as on the opponent's wakeup (time the 2nd hit for frame advantage), to make DPs whiff, or to use in neutral against Makoto for instance because Valkenhayn reduces his horizontal hitbox by moving backwards.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
1000 R HA 25 4 3+9 landing +5 H - Click!
  • Fatal counters
  • 7-31F Invul
  • 7F~ in the air
  • Blows opponent back on hit
  • Wall bounces in corner on hit; adds 50F of untechable time
  • 23~24F can cancel into Geschwind Wolf

Valkenhayn does a drop kick with both legs transformed into wolf mode. Has slow startup so at first glance it may seem like it's not too difficult to block but the fact that the opponent has to look out for several things whilst fighting Valk makes it more likely to land. If used in a blockstring this usually ends your pressure despite the frame advantage because of the pushback. If used midscreen it'll cause a blowback which you cannot followup from, therefore it's use is very limited midscreen. It's ok for getting a little space away from the opponent and for some corner carry. In the corner it'll cause a wallbounce allowing for 2C followups. It can also FC making it a great choice for throw baits. A common method is to use 2A > Forward Dash > 6C. The foot invulnerability of 6C also allows you to dodge some attacks and punish them in the process. For example, Noel's Fenrir can be dodged with the correct timing on her wakeup, and you'll get a FC. The same applies to Relius' gear super on his wakeup, but it can be pretty difficult. Remember you're ariborne during this attack so it'll halt wolf meter recovery until you land.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
720 OR L 12 3 18 -2 F - Click!
  • Downs opponent on hit
  • Cannot emergency tech on ground CH

A sweep with a Werewolf leg. Hits low, has decent range and is wolf cancellable on hit, block and whiff. Ends all pressure but if it does hit 236A does provide a nice followup confirm. The pushback is also a little strong so you may have to revert to playing the neutral game again. On CH it grounds for a little longer so you can followup with (dash) 2C instead resulting in more damage. On CH you can followup with 2C, or if you're too far use forward dash > 2C.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
300 OJR HA 7 3 8 - H - Click!

A knife hand diagonally downwards that self galtings, has decent range and is wolf cancellable. Can be used air to air or as combo filler in the sj.B > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.C combos. If you catch you opponent air to air you can mash this attack to maintain your pressure.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
560 SOJR HA 9 3 14 - H - Click!

Spin kick in air with great reach and can reverse gatling into j.A. It is very rarely used air to air as it it is slower than j.A making it the inferior option. This is also the normal you will be relying on a lot on during your air combos, often using the j.B > dj.B > j.C.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
760 OR HA 11 3 24 - H - Click!
  • 23F hitstun
  • Grounds opponent on air hit
  • 3F landing recovery

A downward stomp with werewolf legs, the vertical reach on this move is on ridiculous levels often being used as an air to ground move for an instant overhead from jump cancellable normals, but it can whiff on characters with a smaller crouching hitbox (see the combo thread for more details.) j.C itself is pretty unsafe if used on a grounded opponent so you have to do j.C > RC > j.C for safe mixup and if you want to followup. The only other option is to special cancel it with j.214B and then drive cancel it for more pressure (unsafe method) or to get away. This is why IOH j.C > RC > j.C is only really an option when you have the meter to cover for it. This is not the normal you will use when air to air with an opponent because it lacks horizontal range. This is also your staple normal for your air combos which downs on hit.

Werewolf Normals


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
300 CSJR all 6 3 7 0 B - Click!

Valkenhayn scratches right in front of him. A good normal with decent range and self gatlings into itself a maximum of 3 times. It's pretty fast and as decent range so it can be used as a neutral poke. Even if this hits from max range you will always be able to confirm it into w5C, which is a better combo route than w5A > w5B > w5C. w5A's hitstun/blockstun is quite low so it's a good place to setup a command grab.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
640 JR all 7 6 20 -9 B - Click!

A slash upwards with his fangs which launches on CH. This is air unblockable and has head invincibility. This is your most reliable anti air which has good range and can even hit behind him. 5D > w5B is good against jump ins because you can give yourself extra head invincibility, but if done too late the opponent may be able to land a CH! If it does hit an airborne opponent you will normally followup with wj.A, otherwise it's w5C. It's also often used as a blockstring filler since you can still use high/low mixup if you can use wolf brake j.A. w5B > wolf brake j.A is tight even on IB (if you use 1DCA) so it works really well against characters with DPs.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
840 R B 10 3 21 -7 F - Click!
  • Downs on hit

Valkenhayn has limited options after this, and if the opponent is aware of this they can try to beat you by simply mashing. Rather than always going for 5C > 6D, you can for 5C > 1/2/3D > 5C for a little more variation. Not only is this normal good for mixup but it's also useful in baiting DPs and reversals when used at the correct spacing. The range of this normal is really deceptive so it can be used for footsies midscreen. For more information please check out the w5C oki in the Valkenhayn guide. This is a really good combo starter leading into 3.5k max without wolf loop and is a staple in Valkenhayn's offense. w5C > wolf brake j.A is also really good against mashers, so it's better than using w5C > 6D > j.A. However it'll still lose to DPs so take caution.


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
j.A 180 JR HA 6 4 10 - H - Click!
j.AA 180 - B - - - - H - Click!
j.AAA 180 - B - - - - H - Click!
  • Can cancel into [w] j.A (2) until 16F
  • Can cancel into [w] j.A (3) until 11F

A bite which can be pressed 3 times for different animations, similar to Hazama's j.C. Mostly a wolf hit confirm filler and it's not as damaging to combos as much as other character's 5A/j.A so it's not bad to use, although it's normally used for combo enders. It's also a fantastic air to air normal because it has deceptive range ad it's fast! An overhead which is very useful for maintaining pressure. It's extremely useful when used at the correct spacing after a j.B > j.B > j.C knockdown because the range is really deceptive when using wolf brake j.A. Combine this with w5C, and you already have a high low mixup. From a blocked wj.A you can go into wj.C for another overhead. This is normal you should be using if you're air to air with your opponent. wj.A will help to level up your pressure and mixup if you use utilise it with wolf brake (1DCA OR 6D > 4CA). There is no reason not to use it as not only is it faster than 6D > wj.A but it also consumes slightly less wolf meter.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
450 JR HA 9 3 12 - H - Click!

Valkenhayn spins and brings his tail down for an attack. This will ground slam on air hit. Mostly used to end wolf combos reulting in a knockdown or perform overhead mix-ups such as wj.C > wolf brake > wj.B.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
650 JR B 15 3 16 - H - Click!

An overhead. Hits with back of feet. This is a really good combo starter being effective in situations such as on the opponent's wakeup! If you want to do it from the ground, input 8wj.C or 9wj.C. Overtime your opponent may find it easier to block this due to the startup so at times it may be better to for a wj.A instead. wj.C also helps to setup a few mixup options if blocked, such as into a command grab or wolf brake > wj.B. If used in combos the normal followup is usually wj.236A/B or dj.D > j.C if used near the end. It can also be used to stop opponents from jumping out of the corner, keeping them in place giving you another chance for mixup.

Drive Moves

  • Valkenhayn will be in a CH state when in wolf form.


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
Human - - - - - - - - 1-6HT Click!
Wolf - - - - - 9T - - - Click!
  • 1-6HT Invul
  • Transforms to wolf form on 7F
  • 7F~ in human form and able to cancel into human attacks

This will transform Valkenhayn into a werewolf and he can do the same in werewolf to revert to human form. During this time Valkenhayn has a different set of moves from his human counterpart and greatly increased mobility. In wolf form the gauge will slowly decrease as long as he is in this form. If the gauge runs out you won't be able to use wolf form for approximately 10 seconds.

Geschwind Wolf

1080D during Frangible Engage

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
- - - - - - - - - Click!
  • For more frame data on the different directions see the full frame data page.

Valkenhayn spins in place, changes into a werewolf then charges in the direction of your choice. This does not actually attack, but moves you in a direction at a very high speed whilst draining your wolf meter for as hold as Valk dashes. You can press any button to cancel the dash and go into an attack or revert back to human form with j.D. All Valkenhayn's human specials, 5C, 2C and 3C can be drive cancelled into Geschwind Wolf.

Rasen Wolf

ND during Werewolf

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
- - - - - - - - - -
  • For more frame data on the different directions see the full frame data page.

This move will cause Valkenhayn in werewolf form to attack in the direction of your choice with a rush. It works similarly to Geschwind Wolf but this can attack your opponent. Wolf gauge decreases quickly while using this, but it is vital for many of Valk's combos. You can cancel during charge with other moves, hitting C returns Valk to neutral, hitting D transforms him back to human form. Wolf 4C and 7C have 1-10 frames of invincibility, so it's especially good to use to bait reversals on your opponent's wakeup for instance, or for getting some invincibility for a special you might have done that's unsafe.

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
0,1400 SOR T(90) 7 3 19 - T - Click!
  • 100% minimum damage (1400)

Can be followed up with 236C midscreen, but causes a wallbounce in the corner allowing for 5B, 2C or CT followups. Rude throw btw! Even without a followup this has massive corner carry. You may find yourself not using his throw because the wolf provides you with a ton of more effective options, but it is an option if you are low on/out of wolf meter and want to get some breathing space.

Back Throw


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
0,1400 SOR T(90) 7 3 19 - T - Click!
  • 100% minimum damage (1000)

You can followup with 236C and your combo will be the same as a forward throw. If you're using a back throw into the corner, you can followup with 5B instead.

Air Throw


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
0,1400 SOR T(120) 7 3 15+3L - T - Click!
  • 100% minimum damage (1500)

Another rude throw! The air throw provides you with a variety of followup options, including 5C, 236C, j.214B > 3D > 5B and so forth. Causes a wallbounce, and if used in the corner, you can use j.214B followup or 2C which may result in the opponent put out of the corner.

Counter Assault


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
- R all 14 6 28 -15 B 1-20 All Click!
  • Uses 50 heat.
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 1-20 All Invul

The same animation for his 5C. Quite bad for a CA as it is has a slow startup. Furthermore, it lacks foot attribute, and therefore most moves will be able to go through it which in turn would leave you vulnerable to an attack. Despite the negative traits it has good range and really you don't want to be blocking for too long with Valk so it's something to definitely consider to get the opponent off your tail. Becoming over reliant on CAs may induce the opponent into trying to bait you so be careful.

Crush Trigger


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
1000 R B 30-60 1 32 +4 B - Click!
  • Uses 25 heat.
  • Possible to charge.
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown

A forward kick based on a karate move known as 'Brazillian Kick'. Can be used in combos as an extender and to help with damage if used correctly. However, this is one of the CTs in the game that you will very rarely (or barely) use due to its limited applications. You will only be using this in the corner either after throw combos or 6B(1) FC combos. Other than that, you should save the meter for something more important.


  • Valkenhayn's human specials are normally quite unsafe if blocked but the wolf cancel can provide a safe retreat.

Nacht Jager (Night Hunter)


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
680 R HL 14 15 19 0 B - Click!
  • 21F hitstun
  • 19F blockstun
  • Skips remaining active frames on hit or block
  • Can cancel into Geschwind Wolf either 27F~ or after hitstop

Mostly a combo filler. Not to be abused for pressure because although it's 0 on block usually it means you'll be on the defence unless you attempt to wolf cancel it with 4D/7D. You do not want to be in that position because Valkenhayn is quite frail defensively. It should definitely not be used in an attempt to wolf cancel it into more pressure because it can easily be mashed out of. It does cover a lot of ground however so it is an option when you're low on wolf meter. It may be better to catch your opponent in the air as it causes a blowback on air hit. Hitting a opponent with this may still put you on the defence.

Schwarz Jagd (Dark Hunting)


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
750 R LA 19 4 21 -8 F - Click!
  • Downs opponent on hit
  • Can cancel into Geschwind Wolf 22F~
  • Can cancel into Weiß Jagd on hit or block 24F~

Mostly a combo filler and can now combo from 5C due to the decrease in startup. It is also used as a combo ender in the corner to gain some oki. What's interesting about this attack is that you can wolf cancel it before it hits the opponent even though you can see the animation, so it can be used sparingly for a quick high mixup.

Weis Jagd (Deceptive Hunting)

236B after Schwarz Jagd

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
900 R HL 15 5 25 -13 B - Click!
  • Slides opponent on hit
  • Can cancel into Geschwind Wolf 15F~

Combo filler. You won't be using this on block because it's pretty unsafe, though you still have the option to wolf cancel it if you do. This attack has a lot of corner carry and you can chase after your opponent with 6D midscreen. In the corner, the easiet way to followup from this is to use a rapid cancel > 6C. You can also use 1DCA wolf brake for a meterless combo dealing good damage but it's pretty difficult to do. Midscreen you can use this for a safe jump setup if you followup with 9D > j.D > j.C, however, if you're too high you can get hit, so it's important to get the timing down. You should be quite low to the ground but not too low that the j.C whiffs if they have committed to blocking.

Nacht Rosen (Night Rose)


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
750 R HL 21 4 25 -10 B - Click!
  • Floats opponent on hit
  • Can cancel into Geschwind Wolf 22F~

A combo filler and very unsafe on block so use with caution. It can be wolf cancelled however so that can save you from being punished. This is mostly the special you'll go to when you manage to get in your crouching confirms as it leads into a bigger combo and better corner carry. This is also air unblockable so in very rare occasions it's an option to use to catch aerial opponents, but you have to measure the distance pretty carefully otherwise it'll whiff.

Mondlicht (Moonlight)


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
700 R all 14 3 till L+8 - H - Click!
  • Floats opponent on hit
  • Can cancel into Geschwind Wolf 15F~

Mostly a combo filler. This is another special you will using often, whether it's for your corner combos or midscreen combos for more corner carry. Midscreen, normally your followup will be IAD j.D > wj.AA or Forward Dash 5C, but in the corner you'll most likely be using it to end your corner combos with 6C > 3C to secure oki. It's preferable to use a tk input anytime you use this attack because j.214B may launch the opponent too high making it difficult (or impossible) for you to followup. It does have another use such as using it as a throw bait but that's really rare, and you may find yourself only using this option when you barely have any wolf meter.

Konig Wolf

236A/B during Werewolf

Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
A 900 R all 20 8 6+12L -8 H - Click!
A (air) 900 R all 22 8 till L+12 - H - Click!
B 900 R all 20 8 till L+12 -37 H - Click!
B (air) 900 R all 22 8 till L+12 - H - Click!
  • Ground versions become airborne on 7F~
  • 22F~ can pass through opponent
  • Floats opponent on hit
  • 9F~ after hitstop able to cancel into various moves on hit or block
  • 30F~ after histop or on whiff can cancel into Rasen Wolf

A wolf rushing attack while drilling forward. You can use this in air as well. The A version makes you charge forward and the B version has you attack in a 45?angle. Note that this does not hit overhead. Pops your opponent straight upwards on hit. Typcially you will be using this move to fish for hits. A blocked wolf cannon is pretty unsafe and each character has various ways of punishing you. You can try to make it safe with 7D/4D if it gets blocked, but characters such as Jin can punish 7D followups with 623B. If you hit with this attack, you can use either of the following followups (can depend on spacing:

  • Run a little w[5C > 6D > j.A] - If you have them in the corner
  • Run a little w[5B > j.C > j.236B > 6D > j.B] - If you have your back to the corner and you want to get them in the corner
  • Run a little w[5B > j.C > j.236B > 1D > j.D > 2C] - If you're midscreen and you're going for damage.

Alternatively you could use the w[5B > IAD j.B > j.C] wolf combo for more corner carry.

Wolf cannons also don't have to be used offensively, but they also provide another means of wolf movement. It doesn't cost any more wolf meter to use so it's well worth using it provided you can combine it with followup movements such as 7D > 4C wolf brake.

Eisen Wolf

j.214A/B during Werewolf

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
900 R all 22 till L 18 - H - Click!
  • Grounds opponent on hit
  • Cannot emergency tech on CH
  • Floats opponent on hit
  • 7F~ after hitstop able to cancel into Rasen Wolf on hit or block

This attack is similar to Konig Wolf, it it has Valkenhayn rush diagonally downwards and land. The A version has you attack in a 45?angle downward and the B version is at a 60?angle downwards. Ground slams your opponent on hit. This is even more unsafe to use because if an opponent blocks this you will be in a few frames of recovery before you can try to cancel it into 4D/7D, making you vulnerable. It's best used to catch opponents who are trying to anti air you and shouldn't be thrown out randomly.

Himmel Wolf

236C during Werewolf, air OK

Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
Ground 0,1500 R c.T(100) 14 4 26 - T - Click!
Air 0,1500 R c.T(100) 7 3 11+12L - T - Click!
  • Wall bounces opponent in corner
  • Cannot emergency tech
  • Freezes wolf gauge from 1~17F for the ground version, 1~9F for the air version
  • 100% minimum damage (1500)
  • Air version has 5F landing recovery
  • Refills Wolf gauge to full and switches to Human Form upon successful throw

This is a high-damage werewolf exclusive command grab. Valkenhayn pins the opponent down and bites their throat out. This move wall bounces them afterward. After hitting your opponent with this, the Wolf Gauge will completely recharge and Valkenhayn will be forced into his human form. To follow this up midscreen, you need to Rapid Cancel. You can use w236C > RC > wj.236A > wj.236B, or if you want to aim for a midscreen to corner combo which is slightly more damaging, you need to use 236C > RC > wj.66D > 2C. In the corner, you can perform 2B into a short combo.

Distortion Drives

Sturm Wolf


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
Normal 1000, 150*17, 2500 R all 1+9 see frame data 50 -32 B 1-12 All Click!
Overdrive 1000, 150*20, 300, 2800 R all 1+9 see frame data 50 -11 B 1-12 All Click!

Valkenhayn rushes forward for a barrage of attacks even if the first attack is blocked. The start up has invincibility and the last hit will blow the opponent away. This is Valkenhayn's only reliable reversal option but if blocked or whiffed you'll be extremely vulnerable. Since Valkenhayn moves forward for the first attack to connect it can be tricky to use this against air dashing opponents as it's more likely to whiff. Sturm wolf also makes an excellent ender choice if you want to rebuild low wolf meter.

Konig Flug


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
Normal 800*2, 2000 R all 4+2 till L,1 38 -22 H - Click!
Overdrive 800*2, 2000, 380*4 R all 4+2 till L,1 30~T -22 H - Click!
  • 20% minimum damage (Normal: 720 Overdrive: 1024)
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • Counter carries
  • Cannot Rapid Cancel on hit for the frames from the end of hitstop to the end of animation

Valkenhayn charges diagonally downwards towards his opponents then follow ups with two more attacks on hit. If the second hit does not connect (the one while landing), then the last hit will not come out. You can also recharge low wolf meter with this ender but not as much as sturm because Valkenhayn eventually jumps into the air, halting the wolf gauge. The minimum damage on this distortion is inferior to Sturm making this the less prefered option unless you have to end your air combos. Another important factor to consider is that this should only be used when you're going for the kill as the opponent has the option to roll forward and past you, making you lose any form of oki you had planned. However, there is a way to counter this, but you will need 50 meter. After a Konig Flug in the corner, at the end of the recovery, input 412364D. This is an option select. If the opponent rolls behind you, Sturm wolf will activate and hit them, but if you're too quick you'll end up in front of them and the attacks will whiff. If the opponent does not roll you'll get a w4D backdash.

This attack can also be RC'd on the 2nd hit which will make your opponent float in the air for some time. The timing is a little difficult to get used to, but is it useful if you need to get the little extra damage in to go for the kill.

Astral Heat

Blut Vollmond


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Attribute Invul Hitbox
DESTROY - HL 7+7 1*3 17+46F landing -55 B - Click!
  • 180F Heat Gauge Cooldown
  • 7F~ after superflash in the air
  • 1-13 All Invul

Valkenhayn does a flash kick and launches the opponent into the air where you can see can clearly view the full white moon, then Valkenhayn's show begins. The safest way to use this would be to confirm into it from a combo. Important to note that this is air unblockable without barrier and can be combo'd into from just about any normal up close. Overall a great astral. Sadly, however, it is somewhat lacking in horizontal range, so be careful when trying to combo into it. You don't want to miss.



When in your opponents face, you have many ways of applying pressure.

In Human Mode, you have a high low mixup from most normals and gatlings. For example, you can use 2C > 3C or even the 2C > j.C instant overhead which is not easy to react to. Remember that the j.C > RC > j.C instant overhead can be used from any jump cancel or even immediately on someone's wakeup, and it's these kind of tools which can make an opponent guess block with your pressure. 236A can be to close the gap between you and your opponent, but this is not particularly safe as your next attack can be poked out of. This is why you have the wolf form to close gaps because it's much more scary and provides a lot of flexibility. It is more effective when rapid cancelled as it provides a more safe way to apply more pressure. 236A > RC > 2C can catch counter hits if your opponent is used to pressing buttons after 236A, and this can prove to be a great reward. Throws are useful for good damage for very good corner carry but usually you'll be out of range for this to be really effective unless you're using it on an opponent's wakeup. This is because Valkenhayn's human normals generally have a big pushback, especially when barrier blocked, and Valkenhayn can run like other characters. This is where integrating wolf mixups come in. By combing your offense with wolf movements you can close the gap between you and your opponent and place them into a more difficult position. How to integrate the mixups? I'll give you a general idea by using a basic example. By using human 5B, you can jump cancel it, transform into wolf, and then use 3C to get in closer to your opponent and still be able to provide a high/low mixup. In addition to this you also have a command grab. Look at that, in just a second you've already transformed into wolf and earned better pressure and mixup. Try not to be reliant on this however because mashing will beat any of your attempts, but remember that you can do this setup from any jump cancellable normal (2A/5A, 5B and 2C). Another way of incorporating wolf mixups is by using 2A > 5D > 236C. It is really effective because it's difficult to see and react to if done correctly and fast enough, and because of this, I would highly recommend players to practice this. Rushing this may put you back in human form again, losing your advantage, and not doing it fast enough would give your opponent more time to react to it. You don't even have to go into command grab, and you can go into > w5A/5C and begin your pressure from there. Remember the command grab refills your wolf gauge and leads into 3k max in the corner.

If you use the command grab midscreen and you want to followup from it, you have to RC and then input 66D as soon as Valkenhayn has biten the opponent. If done too fast you'll probably spin in the same position and probably revert to human form. If done too slow, you won't be able to followup with 2C. You can even followup with RC > w236A if you find that easier.

Earlier I mentioned how it might be difficult to catch your opponent with a human grab. This is easily remedied by wolf movement & example of this is: w[5A/5B > 6D > j.D] > Throw. See? In your opponent's face in a matter of seconds, and it has a very high chance of working because by dashing you trick your opponent into thinking you will be opting for a high when you're not (unless your opponent is really mashy). In addition to this, you could use the same setup but for a 2B instead of a grab..

Wolf brake is another another form of form which is very useful in Valk's offense. You can use it to maximize the damage dealt with wolf loops (-5C > [1D/2D/3D > 4C] xN) or you can use it as an instant overhead (6D > 4CA or 1DCA) which is extremely difficult to react to. More details can be seen in the wolf brake tutorial:

BBCP Valkenhayn Wolf Brake Tutorial


Valkenhayn lacks any strong reversal to fall back on when it comes to escaping pressure. He has 6A but that only has head and body invincibility, not to mention it is not active from the first frame meaning you can be hit out of it. Also, as there is no foot and throw invincibility, 6A will lose to lows and throws (including command grabs), which makes this very risky to use on your wakeup as you'll have to guess with what your opponent is going to do. Proper use of this move include IB'ing and using it as a counter against overheads for example. Valkenhayn also has low health, which means you do not want to be blocking a lot. He also has sturm wolf, but that comes at the cost of using heat and it's not all the time you may be sitting on heat. Sturm wolf (632146D) is horrible to use as a wake up reversal because the super flash gives the opponent time to try and react to it, for example, Ragna could beat it out with Divider. Even if they try and pressure you with 5A/2A, they may still be able to block the attack in time. The opponent could even jump over it. This is why it's better to use the move while you're blocking (preferably IB'ing), so you can punish a followup special/gatling which has slow(er) startup. For example, any normal that Ragna gatlings into a drive or special (5D/2D/6D/Dead Spike/Gauntlet Hades/Hell's Fang) will lose to Sturm wolf.

In situations where you are on the defensive, use your barrier to push the opponent out and get away by either backdashing, jumping out, or even using wolf mode to get out. high jump > j.D > 7C provides an invaluable escape route when you're backed in the corner. In addition, IB'ing provides you with more heat and gives you more opportunities to poke players out of certain blockstrings. Even if the combo damage you do is abysmal, at least you've gotten the opponent off your back. IB'ing also makes it easier for you to backdash out of blockstrings if necessary. You could counter assault with Valkenhayn too, but consider the downfalls. His counter assualt is his 5C which lacks foot attribute, so characters can evade it by using attacks which low profile it, i.e Taokaka's 2A or Tsubaki's 3C. It is also quite slow in startup which makes it quite easy to bait.

His 2C is a decent anti air but it has no invincibility meaning there are times where you can be hit out of it, or it will trade. Remember that w5B is a very good anti air which guarantees corner carry.

List of Defensive Options

  • Backdash (when there's a gap in someone's pressure)
  • Counter Assault (while blocking 6A+B) - To get someone of you quickly
  • Hj.D > 7D (> w236A) - Mainly used to get out of corner pressure
  • j.D > 6D > j.D > air backdash
  • w66D > j.D > w7D or w236A > 7D - To avoid/bait anti airs


There is no reason why you should be far from your opponent unless you are buying time to your wolf gauge or playing against Tager. Valkenhayn gains little to no benefits from being long range so you want to constantly be in your opponent's face. Normally Valkenhayn does not have many manouvers to get in his opponent's face while in human form. Despite this, he has really good footsies with good priority such as 5B and 5C, which has massive range. The only problem with 5C is that it's slow in startup and and many characters can evade it by using an attack which allows them to under it, such as Makoto's or Tsubaki's 3C. 5C can usually guarantee you counter hits and it links into 236C nicely which guarantees not only good damage but corner carry as well. Valkenhayn cannot run, and instead hops which is near to useless for offense. 236A covers alot of ground and is pretty fast so it's useful for startling your opponent when they're trying to get onto you, especially if they try to air dash since it'll send them flying to the other side of the screen. Remember it's only 0 on block, and the recovery is not too bad which makes punishing it hard unless your opponent reads it but try not to abuse this. It's something you'd really fall upon when you have no wolf meter or when you're playing against another Valkenhayn player. The key of using human mode is to play footsies with your opponent and catch counter hits in order to guarantee your corner assault.

However, in wolf mode, Valkenhayn is granted with a ton of ways to get in. A typical way of getting in is by jumping and using w66D which has a massive jump arc and covers alot of distance. This can be followed up with a j.B or j.C to begin the pressure you inflict onto your opponent. This is a very easy technique to anti air though, and in those instances you could use w7D followed up with an attack to punish your opponent's recovery and evade the hit. Alternatively you could barrier block but then you'll be put onto the defensive which is not what you want. There are two ways to stop your movement by wolf braking and you can use 7D/4D > 4C or 1DC. 1DC is easier and allows you to brake in the same position and it's easier, but the 7D method will make you move back a little before breaking. 1DC allows for more fluid movements, and it's better to for this rather than what I mentioned in the wolf movement tutorial below in some cases. In addition, the wolf's variety in movement allow for mixed ways of getting in and some examples are as follows:

  • Running around in wolf form
   You can play footsies with w5A and w5C
   Slowly drains wolf gauge and can quickly close gaps.
   Can encourage players to use attacks they wouldn't normally use and you can evade them with 4D/7D

  • wj.66D
   Overused approach. Barely uses any wolf meter and covers a great distance.
   Main approach is wj.66D > j.B/j.C
   Can use wj.44D for a defensive/evasive manouvere.
   Can use this approach to air grab opponents in the air
   Can use followup 7D, or wj.214A to bait anti air attempts
   Can barrier to block the anti airs, but you'll be on the defensive.
   Even more useful against Nu-13 and Mu-12 for example.

  • wj.236A
   Can be used for movement or to get hits.
   Unsafe if blocked so use 4D > 4C, 7D > 7C/4C or 1DC wolf brake followups.
   Can use 7D > 4CD wolf brake to revert to human form and have access to an air dash (w236A > 7D > 4CD wolf brake > Forward/Back air dash)
   If opponent blocks wj.236A you can followup with 3D > j.A to stay on the offensive.
   Can be combined with wj.66D movement. So w236A > 7D > 7CD (or 1DC) wolf brake > wj.66D.

  • w236B
   Same as above.
   Can use w236B > 3D > j.A for offense, or w236B > 3D > j.D > j.B
   Against Tager, can use high jump D > wj.236B > 1DC (or 7D > 4C) wolf brake > wj.66D to get around him.

  • 2C/5C/3C in neutral > 6D
   5C especially can trick the opponent into thinking you're in recovery whilst you go on the offense with wolf.
   The 6D followup is a wolf command dash and consumes more meter
   Can be used defensively. For example, 3C > 7D > 4C wolf brake

  • 6D/high jump > 6D
   Very quick way of closing gaps but uses a lot of wolf meter.
   More useful against characters with weaker normals.
   Combining with 7D/4D will use even more wolf meter.
   Jump > 6D > j.D > j.B/j.C can be used to save wolf meter.

These are just examples so feel free to get creative, but you want to use as little of the wolf gauge as possible since if you manage to get in with little to no wolf meter, your offensive options will be limited. Here is a tutorial explaining various approach options.

Valkenhayn Wolf Movement Tutorial


Combo Notation Guide:
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
dc = dash cancel
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if 5D(1) is written, you only use the first hit of 5D)
(move) = whatever's listed in the parentheses is optional
(CSpec) = Contains a part that only works on some characters, refer to the combo thread on Dustloop for more details.
If you have notations that are not listed here but are necessary, feel free to add them as you see fit.

Beginner Combos


  • 2A > 2B > 5B > 3C > 236A [1397 DMG , 10 HG]
  • 2A > 2B > 5B > 5C > 236B~236B [1735 DMG, 12 HG]
  • w[5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D] > 5B > 5C > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.C [2113 DMG, 15 HG]
  • w[5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > j.C > dj.C > j.236A > j.236B > j.214A] [2420 DMG, 17 HG]


  • 2B > 5B > 3C > 236A > 2A > 2C > 6C > 2C > 6B > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [2829 DMG, 20 HG]
  • 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > j.214B > 1D > w[236B > j.236A > j.236B > j.214A] [3355 DMG, 24 HG]
  • w[5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D] > 5B > 236A > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B [2424 DMG, 17 HG]
  • w[5C > 6D > j.A > 5D] > 5B > 2C > 6C > 2C > 6B > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [3247 DMG, 23 HG]

These beginner combos can be viewed here:

BBCP Valkenhayn Beginner Combos

Recommended Combos


Human Starter:

  • j.C > 2C > 6B > 2B > 5C > 236B~236B [2803 DMG, 20 HG]

Wolf Starter:

  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 5C > sj.B > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [2208 DMG, 15 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 5C > tk.214B > IAD] > j.D > j.A > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 5C > sj.B > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [2732 DMG, 19 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > j.C > j.236B > 1D > j.D > h[2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > Forward Dash > 5C > sj.B > j.A > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [3206 DMG, 23 HG]

Midscreen to Corner:

Human Starter:

  • 5C CH > 236C > 6D > w[j.C > j.236B > 1D] > j.D > 2C > 6B > 2C > 6C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [3895 DMG, 27 HG]
  • (CO) j.C > RC > j.C > 5C > 236C > 6D > w[j.C > dj.B > 3D > j.A] > 5D > 2C > 236A > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B [3497 DMG, 14 HG]

Wolf Starter:

  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > 5B > IAD > j.B > 3D > j.A > 5D > h[2C > 236A > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [2518 DMG, 18 HG]
  • (Air Hit) 5B > j.A > j.236A > j.236B > 6D > j.B > j.A > 5D > h[2C > 236A > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [2855 DMG, 20 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 5C > tk.214B > IAD] > j.D > j.A > j.A > 5D > h[5B/2C > 236A > 2C > 6B > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [3052/3119 DMG, 21/22 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5B > IAD > j.B > j.C > 5B > j.B > 3D > j.A > 5D > h[2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [3175 DMG, 22 HG](CSpec)

Back To Corner:

Wolf Starter:

  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5C > 236A > IAD > j.A > j.A > 5D > h[2C > 236A > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [3250 DMG, 23 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5C > 236A > 6D > 5D > h[2C > 6B > 2C > 6C > Forward Dash > 2C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [3571 DMG, 25 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 2C > 236C] > 9D > j.B > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 236A > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [3136 DMG, 22 HG] (CSpec)


Human Starter:

  • 5B > 3C > 236A > 2A > 5B > 2C > j.D > w[j.B > 3D > j.A > 5C > 236A] > 5D > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B [3285 DMG, 23 HG]
  • 6B FC > 2C > 5C > 236B~236B > 6D > w[j.A > 5C > 236A] > 5D > 2C > 6C > 2C > 5C > j.D > w[j.A > j.C > j.236A > j.236B > j.214A] [4437 DMG, 31 HG]
  • 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > tk.214B > 5D > w[5C > 236A] > 5D > 2C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C [3701 DMG, 26 HG]

Wolf Starter:

  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 236A > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [2424 DMG, 17 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5C > 236A > 5D > h[2C > 6B > 2C > 6C > 2C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [3571 DMG, 25 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5D > h[5B > 2C > 6C > 2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 5B > 2C > j.B > dj.B > j.C] [3425 DMG, 24 HG]
  • 5C > 6D > j.A > 5C > 236A > 5D > h[2C > 6B > 2C > 236A > 2C > tk.214B > 6C > 3C > 236B] [3413 DMG, 24 HG]

You can view other useful combos in this basic combo tutorial:

BBCP Valkenhayn Basic Combo Tutorial


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