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Heat Gauge

BBCP HeatGauge.png

The Heat Gauge is like a traditional "super meter" in other fighting games. Heat is used to perform Rapid Cancels, Distortions Drives, Counter Assaults, etc.

The amount of heat gained per hit scales downwards as a a combo goes on. In especially long combos, each hit will eventually earn less that 1 Heat.

The formula for Heat Gain is as follows: ???

The Heat Gauge resets to empty at the start of each round.

Heat Gauge Cooldown

After performing an ability that consumes the Heat Gauge (such as Rapid Cancels, Crush Triggers, and Jin's D Special Attacks), you will gain 75% less heat and auto heat gain will stop for a set amount of time (usually 180F). The time during hitstop and super flash count towards this as well, making "longer" moves less affected.

Some attacks have shorter or longer cooldowns, such as Hakumen's Kishuu (30F) and Mugen (360F).

Automatic Heat Gain

BBCP HeatGain.png

When your health bar is under 35%, your Heat Gauge will slowly gain Heat automatically. Hakumen's meter will gain at a faster rate when he goes under 35% health. The Heat Gauge will have a flashing icon when this occurs.

Barrier Gauge

BBCP BarrierGauge.png

The Barrier Gauge is used whenever you Barrier Block. Barrier Blocking is highly useful in defensive situations because it allows players to block air unblockable attacks, prevent chip damage, and prevent Guard Crushes.

  • The Barrier Gauge has a max value of 10000 (except Tager, who's max is currently unknown)
  • Using Barrier Guard instantly depletes 145 units on activation and drains 15 units per frame Barrier is held
  • Actually blocking an attack instantly depletes the gauge by 50% of base attack damage for each attack. (Ex: blocking an attack that does 1000 damage drains 500 units)

When the Barrier Gauge is emptied, then the gauge becomes greyed out, Barrier Block is disabled, and the character enters Danger State for 600 frames. After 600 frames, the Barrier Gauge will instantly reset to half full and Barrier Block will be available for use once again.

Getting Negative Penalty also completely drains the Barrier Gauge and places you into Danger State!

Burst Gauge

A full Burst Gauge (top), and 1/3 filled gauge (bottom)

When the Burst Gauge is full, you gain access to two options: Overdrive and Burst. The Burst Gauge slowly fills up over time and as you get hit.

You start the match with a full Burst Gauge and it's status carries over between rounds, so Bursting at the end of a round means you will start the next round with an empty Burst Gauge.

The formula for gaining Burst is as follows: ???


Press A+B+C+D while in a Neutral State to activate Overdrive. The activation animation is fully invincible and your character will enter a temporarily powered up state where their attacks gain additonal properties, and their Drive-related abilities become stronger. After Overdrive ends (or the round ends while in Overdrive), the Burst Gauge will start 30% filled.

More details on Overdrive can be found here.


Press A+B+C+D while in blockstun or hitstun to Burst. Bursts are often used as a defensive tool to interrupt the opponent's combo or offensive momentum. Bursting consumes an entire Burst Gauge. More information on Bursts can be found here.

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