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General Tactics

Refer to the overview for further information on specific moves.

TL;DR (For Beginners)

Important Normals

  • 2A: Best and quickest close range poke. Best to use when you find an opening in the opponent’s pressure or to get an easy hitconfirm.
  • 6A: Best Anti-Air tool with head invul properties, jump cancellable on hit or block, leads to combos on hit. Can be reversed beat from 5B or 2B
  • 5B: Quick poke with ok range, standard combo starter, can continue combos in the corner after 236B-6B, useful in blockstrings
  • 2B: Lambda’s best poke, being neutral on block and low whiff recovery. Standard low combo starter and can be used to condition opponents on wakeup and mixed with 6B
  • 6B: Deceptive overhead, decent range and pushes Lambda backwards making it hard to punish on block at full range. Reverse Beats from 5C in blockstrings and combos from 5C on crouching opponents
  • 3C:Low sweep and can confirm into Gravity Seed, essential for Gravity Seed combos
  • 5D: Lambda’s long range poke. Useful for zoning and neutral. Can gattle to any other D not used previously or be special cancelled.
  • 6D: Lambda’s other long range poke that can be used as an anti air at a 30 degree angle. Mostly used to call out airdashes.
  • 2D: Lambda’s long range poke that can be used as an anti-air at a 70 degree angle. If the opponent is too close, use 6A instead.
  • 4D: Tracking overhead, certain distances in the corner make 4D appear offscreen for deceptive hits
  • j.D: Lambda’s farthest reaching poke and can go almost full screen. Best used when airdashing back and low to the ground.

Lambda is a lockdown focused character that also possesses zoning and rushdown tools, though these carry significant risk-reward situations. As a Lambda player, your main goal is to carry your opponent to a corner and force them into oki setups as this is where Lambda shines the most. This can be easily accomplished as most of her special moves push her opponents along the ground, such as Gravity Seed and Act Parser/follow ups.

Once in the corner, Lambda can set up tech traps or forced her opponents to block after combos using Spike Chaser, Sickle Storm, or using the Gravity Seed to slow down your opponents or catch their movement off guard. Use your movement options such as back dash, instant air dash, and super jumps to keep your opponents at bay as Lambda has weak reversal options and many of her moves have long whiff recovery.

Zoning with her D moves should be used sparingly as they have long whiff recovery and an opponent with good movement can render you helpless if you throw out a sword at the wrong time. At range it is better to use her different D moves in reaction to your opponent's movement, rather than in anticipation. This is greatly aided by having a Gravity Seed set up to protect yourself from advances even further. Keep your opponent away from you and force them into the corner as much as possible, and you will make the best of Lambda-11.


Lambda players have to be creative in how they utilize her blockstrings as she doesn’t have many scary options to open opponents up and limited 50/50s. Her C normals tend to be very weak to OD and EA defenses because of their long durations, so gauge your opponent’s tendencies before committing to a C button in your blockstring. Use 2B as a stagger tool as it leaves you neutral on block and within poke range or for to threaten a throw.

Close Range

Lambda can string two normal Bs together before having to cancel to a C normal. Take the following blockstring for example:

  • 5B > 2B > 3C

These can be further extended with 6A.

  • 5B > 6A > 2B > 3C
  • 2B > 6A > 2B > 3C

With 6B, you can add high low mixup options. 6B gatlings from many normals, so you can change the timing of when you use it.

  • 2B > 6A > (6B or 2B / high or low)
  • 2B > 6A > 2B > (6B or 3C / high or low)
  • 2B > 6A > 2B > 5C > (6B or 3C / high or low)

Like several other characters, you can add special cancels to continue pressure.

  • 2B > 6A > 2B > 3C > 236B-6B
  • 2B > 6A > 2B > 5C > 3C > 236B-6B
  • 2B > 6A > 2B > 5C > 6C > 236B-6B

Lambda can chain up to three 2A’s and up to three 5A’s. You can also use this to start combos as a quick poke. You can combine this with the other examples to create longer strings:

  • 2A > (2A > 2A) > 2B > 6A > 2B > 3C > 236B-6B

5C and 2C can go into any C normal, while 6C and 3C are “ender” moves where you have to cancel to a special if you want to continue pressure. An exemption to this rule is cancelling into a Drive. 2C, 5C and 6C can cancel into any drive.

  • (2A)2B > 6A > 2B > 5C > 6C > 5D > 4D > 236B-6B

Far Range

Lambda can gatling into each drive attack before needing to special cancel. This is very situational and most of the time you will only gatling into two drives.


  • 5D > 236B-6B
  • 4D > 236B-6B
  • 5D > 4D > 236B-6B
  • 4D > 5D > 236B-6B
  • 6D > 5D > 4D > 236B-6B (For when you're closer to the opponent)

On a jumping opponent or larger opponents close range, use this:

  • 2D > 6D > 5D > 4D > 236B-6B


Lambda’s oki game in the corner is one of her greatest strengths as a character. Lambda can set up 214D (Spike Chaser) or 236D (Sickle Storm) after a combo in the corner and force a favorable oki situation. Spike Chaser’s second and so forth hit is plus on block, so it’s ideal to use this move at the range where the second spike will hit. Using these moves and applying pressure in the corner maximizes Lambda’s full potential, so practice these setups and find what works best for you! 2B can also chase tech rolls on the ground easily and is a great reset tool or set up blockstring pressure. The info from here details options on all sorts of knockdowns.


3C Knockdown

  • Normally, you end with 236B or 236B-6B after 3C, but you can reset pressure with 236D to either force the opponent to block or force a blue beat into 236C > 2D > 236B.
  • You can also cancel 3C into Gravity Seed (whiff) and wait to react to what the opponent does.

236B/236B~6B Knockdown

  • Can catch rolls and no tech with 2B and reset your combo into a corner carry.
    • Ex: 236B-6B > 662B (blue beat) > 5B > 6A > 6C 236B-6C
  • If the opponent wakes up and you whiff 2B, you can continue pressure with 2A. Not reversal safe.
  • 214D: It'll catch forward rolls and force the opponent to block or back off.
  • 5D: You can wait for their wakeup and simply continue pressure
  • 214B: Slows the opponent down and gives you an easier time reacting to what the opponent does next

236B~6A Knockdown

  • 236D: If blocked, gives you free mixup options
    • Lows: 2B, 3C
    • Overhead: 6B
    • 2A > throw
    • Jump in j.B, empty jump 2B, or iad j.B > j.A
    • IAD sideswitch j.B or j.C
  • Can be answered if the opponent delay wakes up or forces a blue beat. On a blue beat you can corner carry with 6C > 236B-6C
  • 214D
    • Beats forward rolls
    • Can force opponent to block
  • 662B
    • Catches rolls and no tech with 2B and resets your combo
    • If the opponent wakes up and you whiff 2B, you can continue pressure with 2A. (not reversal safe)
  • 662B (dash under)
    • Crosses under
    • If the opponent wakes up and you whiff 2B, you can continue pressure with 2A. (not reversal safe)


236B Knockdown

  • Catches rolls and no tech with 2B and resets your combo
  • If the opponent wakes up and you whiff 2B, you can continue pressure with 2A. (not reversal safe)

236C Wallstick > 236D

  • DP safe (must block first then hit)
  • Gives you free mixup options:
    • Lows: 2B, 3C
    • Overhead: 6B
    • 2A > throw
    • Jump in j.B, empty jump 2b, or iad j.B > j.A
    • 236A sideswitch
    • Jump (9) or IAD sideswitch j.B, empty jump 2B.

Your opponents still have options, however:

  • Delay wake up (opponent stays in the corner)
  • Roll out of corner (opponent is out of corner but is still blocking 236D)
  • Force Blue Beat
    • If the opponent forces a blue beat, you can restart pressure with:
      • 6C > 236B knockdown
      • 6C > delay 214D
      • 6C > gravity


Here's a quick example of a setup into 214D Oki:

 3C > 236B-6B > 5B > 6A > 6C > 236D > 6C > slight delay 214D
  • Catches forward and back rolls
  • Catches no tech (blue beats if 214D is mistimed)
  • Plus on block and gives free mixup options when blocked:
    • 4D (overhead)
    • 664D (overhead but makes it look like your dashing in for a low, can combo to 3C > gravity or 3C > 236B
    • 663C (dash in low)
    • 662B (another dash in low, combo into 3C or if blocked you can go into B blockstrings or 6B overhead)
    • 666B (overhead)
    • IAD j.B > j.A (or j.C for more OH hits)
    • 236A throw
    • 236B-6B (high risk low)
  • Has a very specific timing where a character can wake up and escape. Window is very tight though.
  • Loses to specific characters who can go through projectiles in which case you would do gravity seed instead:
    • Tager, Nine, Hakumen, Azrael

However, there's yet another option you can go for against characters that beat 214D Oki.

6C > 214B

This is a gravity seed setup. It essentially lets you wait and react to your opponent's response. On top of that, it can open up other options. This is an example setup:

3C > 236B-6B > 5B > 6A > 6C > 236D > 6C > 214B

Again, there's different options you can do from this. Here's an example of one:

236C > 6C > 5D > 2D > (236A)

With this string, you can reset pressure with 2A on their wakeup, or go directly into something else.


  • Safely positions you away from the opponent.
  • Can follow up with either 214B or 214D

Tips and Tricks

  • 4D will appear offscreen in the corner at the right range for a deceptive overhead. Throwing this in once in a while can earn free hits on unsuspecting opponents, however it is very unsafe on whiff and can let the opponent in.
  • 22D is the closest thing Lambda has to a meterless reversal, but it is NOT a true reversal and should only be used in certain situations. It is fully invulnerable from frames 1-7. On hit, it can stuff the opponent long enough for a mixup. On counter hit you can convert into a high damaging corner carry combo. 22D is also great for baiting other reversals, EAs, and Counter Assaults. 22D can also be used as combo filler.
  • Lambda has a good backdash. Its invuln frames are slightly longer than most characters. Use this to create space needed where Lambda struggles to compete up close!
  • It’s best to have a Gravity Seed on the screen as often as possible, as it improves Lambda’s lockdown and zoning abilities exponentially. Using Gravity Seed mid combo will deplete the entire Gravity Seed bar, though it recharges fairly quickly.


Note: if you’re too far, the opponent can jump out of all of Lambda’s 236x options.

236A can be used as a feint against blocking opponents, opening up a throw opportunity against turtling opponents. Throw will also counter many buttons on anticipating opponents, but will lose to reversals like DP and can be jumped out of. 236A-22D is another option, and if you catch a Counter Hit can lead to devastating damage and screen carry. 236A can go into any button as well, for example 2A being the safest if you want to start a blockstring. Lastly 236A can side switch depending on how close you are to the opponent.

236B can be cancelled into 6A, 6B, or 6C specials, each with various uses in combos or mixups. 236B-6A is a risky overhead, but can be kept safe with a rapid cancel. On hit, it most reliably combos with a RC, however if spaced correctly you can combo without meter. Best when used after conditioning opponents to block 236B-6B and/or if your opponent just needs one hit left to kill. 236B-6B can be slightly delayed for frame traps. If you condition the opponent, you can also do 236B delay into 2A, 2B, 6B (overhead), or throw. 236B-6C will true combo airborne opponents for wall carry and is an essential combo tool

236C is air unblockable. It’s also a fatal counter and can lead to extremely high damaging combos. It's unsafe on block. Normally this is used as combo filler and to corner carry, but it can be used to call out jumps.

Fighting Lambda

  • Lambda’s zoning tools such as her drive moves have high whiff recovery-if Lambda misses you with her D moves make sure to capitalize and punish! Characters with projectile invulnerability or absorption can be a real problem!
  • Lambda struggles dealing with pressure as she has very few reversal options and a momentum shift can be a disaster for her. Characters with strong pressure tools like Azrael and Valkenhayn pose huge threats to her!
  • Lambda has below average health and even simple BnBs can spell trouble for her. This makes a lot of Lambda players “Burst Happy”, but a successful read on the burst leaves them open for even more devastating combos with a free reset. Pay close attention to whether Lambda has burst to use, or use Overdrive to make sure she can’t!
  • Lambda is particularly weak to OD reversal options during her C normals. Don’t be afraid to call her out during blockstrings and take your turn back or even better, punish her directly!



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