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Lambda-11 (stylized as -No.11-) is a hybrid character with tools split between rushdown, zoning and light setplay while having some of the best corner carry in the game. Lambda's main goal is to carry her opponent to the corner and force them into strong okizeme setups — She achieves this through Gravity Seed and Act Parcer Tri: Cavalier, which allow her to do corner-to-corners with ease while achieving consistently strong damage. Lambda's neutral is versatile: she can either play a more passive zoning style or commit more to a rushdown approach. Her Drive has high recovery on whiff, however, and players will need to be aware of how far they are from the corner at all times to adjust their routes on the fly. A flexible mindset and good understanding of match flow will take any Lambda player a long way.

For a brief overview of how Nu-13 and Lambda-11 differ, click here.
Lambda-11 uses a combination of zoning and rushdown tools to set up strong oki
Pros Cons
  • Screen Control: Lambda's projectiles are fast, span nearly fullscreen, and can lock the opponent in place. This leads to a neutral that's difficult for some characters to challenge.
  • Good damage: Gravity Seed routes break over 4k from common starters like 2B, and many CH starters can score near to or over 5k without meter.
  • Great Corner Carry: Her specials enable corner-to-corners even off short starters like 2A. Landing a confirm at all usually means the opponent's going in the corner.
  • Strong Corner Okizeme: Spike Chaser is a safe, difficult to contest okizeme that covers nearly every wakeup option. Gravity Seed also prevents the opponent from being able to jump or dash out.
  • Fast: With a dash that has the highest initial speed in the game, and an above average final speed, Lambda can outmaneuver the opponent in neutral and run under many jump in attacks. Her backdash is also faster than average for safe getaways at midscreen.
  • Short Pressure: None of Lambda's normals are plus on block, making her pressure linear and short. Going for extensions requires gimmicks that can be easily challenged.
  • Whiff Recovery: Her moves leave her vulnerable on whiff as they have long recovery — Many characters can punish Lambda on reaction once they have meter or ODR.
  • Below Average Health: Can't take hits as much as others.

Drive: Sword Summoner EX

Lambda's Drive let's her summon projectiles which can be pointed at different angles. There is an automatic follow up hit if it connects with the opponent. Unlike other characters' projectiles, Lambda can gatling hers into other moves on block and hit.

Sword Summoner EX has no limit on the amount of times it can be used, so a string like 2D6D5D4D can be perfomed, and it's possible to go into specials and then summon more later in a combo. However, they can't reverse beat with each other, so a string like 5D4D5D is not possible.

It's a good tool for controlling screen space since it is much faster than most of the projectiles that other characters have, and can lead to pressure on block, but all of the summons have very high recovery if they miss, so caution is needed in using them.

While Sword Summoner EX seems very similar to Nu-13's Drive, there are differences, notably all of her drive moves spawn different sized projectiles, and typically spawn them much closer to Lambda, reducing her deadzones in exchange for less range.

Overdrive: Elysium

Lambda's swords grow larger in size, the second attack of each Drive deals double damage, and become Level 5 attacks (increasing their P2 and all forms of stun.) Additionally, aerial swords will launch grounded opponents on normal hit.

Her OD gives new conversions that significantly increase her damage without needing to spend Gravity Seed.

  • Gravity Seed recharges at a quicker rate.
  • Sickle Storm summons two wheels that travel in opposite directions.
  • Spike Chaser travels the entire stage.
  • Crescent Saber ground bounces.
  • Exiga Nail has its recovery reduced, to the point that Lambda recovers in midair.
  • Legacy Edge fires more projectiles.
  • Calamity Sword tracks the opponent horizontally.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
300 All 6 6 9 -3 B

A disjointed jab with lengthy active frames. It hits most of the cast crouching but whiffs on some. 5A is decent for stagger and can be used as an anti-air since it has a better hitbox than 6A, but it has less reward and no invul.

  • Jump-cancelable on hit or block.

Gatling Options: 5A, 2A, 6A, 5B, 2B, 6B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C

Characters 5A Hits While Crouching
CrouchCrouching Prox. GuardDoes Not Hit Any Crouch

Terumi(Must be staggered)




Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600 Mid 8 3 17 -3 B

One of her best starters. This easily nets 4.0k to 4.7k on any gravity confirm and still hurts without it. 5B is good blockstring filler, but 2B is used for meaties as it has lower recovery.

  • Jump-cancelable on hit or block.

Gatling Options: 6A, 2B, 6B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
160×8 All 16 X{(4)X}×7 Total: 71 -8 P1

Another great starter. It's disjointed and has good range but it's mostly combo filler because of the slow startup and lengthy recovery. It's not safe against ODR, but the opponent will be forced into an EA punish instead of a full combo because of 5C's active frames.

  • Counts as a projectile.
    • If this 'clashes' with another projectile, Lambda can whiff cancel into other normals but not specials.

Gatling Options: 6B, 2C, 6C, 3C, 5D, 2D, 6D, 4D


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
300 All 7 4 12 -4 F

A crouching jab used for poking out of pressure and setting up TRMs. It's disjointed but a weak stagger tool because of its unusual minus frames for a jab. It can low profile some air normals.

Gatling Options: 5A, 2A, 6A, 5B, 2B, 6B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
550 Low 9 4 13 0 F

A good poke that's her best low starter. It can be a strong stagger tool and reverse beats with 6A so it's a staple in pressure. The reward off this button is very high with Gravity scoring 4.2k from midscreen. Gravity-less routes are weaker but it's still possible to get over 3k while carrying them to the corner with IAD routes.

The low recovery on whiff makes it nice for catching rolls and staying safe from ODR.

Gatling Options: 6A, 5B, 6B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
140×8 Mid×2, All×6 14 1×6,2×2 24 -9 B 11~19 H

An anti-air normal. It's slower, and harder to capitalise on than 6A, but it has a better hitbox and is invul during the active frames. It's disjointed and active forever so it's better against jump-ins that have a delayed momentum like Azrael's j.2CBBCP Azrael j2C.pngGuard:

Being the only C normal that's jump cancellable on block makes it a good option in pressure, but it's the worst button to get OD'd through, as it gives your opponent a crouch confirm.

  • Lambda's hurtbox rises before the invul kicks in.

Gatling Options: 6B, 5C, 6C, 3C, 5D, 2D, 6D, 4D


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
620 Mid 11 6 17 -6 B 5~11 H

Main anti-air normal. 6A is fast and has early invul, but it ends after the first active frame so it needs to be used reactively — The low recovery means Lambda can avoid being punished if it was baited or whiffed, thankfully. Compared to 2C and 2D, the reward is far higher as it can score 4k on hit and good pressure on block, but the poor hitbox and lack of invul actives means it's susceptible to clashing or being beaten by disjointed jump-ins, particularly in the corner.

For pressure, 6A is good since it goes into and reverse beats with 5B and 2B, the latter being 0 on block to stagger with. It can also jump-cancel for more options.

Gatling Options: 5B, 2B, 6B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
680 High 24 2 15+8L -8 H

One of Lambda's two overhead normals. It's quicker than 4D, and many normals cancel into it to catch the opponent, but 6B has no gatlings left if blocked. Stable confirms are IAD routes but converting with tk.214D nets more reward. It's used in crouch confirms to launch when the opponent is too far for gravity as 5C6B always works except from short starters like 5A/2A.

6B can go over low-hitting buttons like Bang's 3CBBCS Bang 3C.pngGuard:
, but this isn't the main purpose of the move as it has no Foot invul. Despite what the animation suggests, Lambda is not considered airborne and thus can be thrown.

  • Untechable on CH.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
180×8 Mid×2, All×6 22 1×6 24 -6 B

This button is combo filler. The long startup, recovery, and few gatlings left on block make this weak for neutral and pressure. There's no true blockstrings into 6C except if 5C were Barrier Blocked, so it can frametrap on occasion, but you shouldn't use this as a blockstring if the opponent has OD.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D, 6D, 4D


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
140×8 Low×3, All×5 11 1×8 22 -6 F

Lambda's sweep, it's a multi-hit low with great range and speed. It's a decent roundstart option with good reward on CH, and her hurtbox becomes small enough to low-profile moves like Hakumen's 4CBBCS Hakumen 4C.pngGuard:

In pressure, it's not the best because cancels like 3C > 236B have a gap that can be reversal'd — Cancelling 3C into 214A or 22D will beat most reversals though.

  • All hits hard KD on CH.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600 High/Air 9 4 12 H

Lambda's best air button. It's a go to air-to-air and nice roundstart option because of its disjointed hitbox and low recovery. It reverse beats j.A and gatlings other normals for safe pressure. For mixups, it can be used while the opponent is locked down by 236D, there's also a safejump setup after Tri KD: 236B → 66 → falling jB will beat even 7f reversals.

Except on shorter characters like Es, it's possible to set up fuzzy jumps, but most characters require RC for a conversion.

Gatling Options: j.A, j,C, j,2C


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
150×8 High/Air 9 1×2,2×6 25 H

An okay air-to-air, but not as disjointed as j.B and the recovery is considerably longer, so j.C tends to be used when retreating after an IABD. All of the hits are overheads, so it can be used as a mixup tool in conjuction with j.2C(w) and j.214D, noted more below.

It's not recommended to use this as a jump-in until the opponent is conditioned as the hurtbox is easily challenged.

  • Hitbox doesn't extend until frame 11.
  • Last 3 hits can land as cross-ups.

Gatling Options: j,2C, j.D, j.2D, j,6D


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
150×8 High/Air, All×7 15 1×8 10 H

j.2C has a decent hitbox, but it's on the slow side, so j.B is used more for air-to-airs and jump-ins, although j.2C is great for jailing opponents to the ground as it makes Lambda fall faster while having decent blockstun. This "fast-fall" is also good for mixups like j.C(1) → j.2C(whiff) → 2B is a true blockstring while and 50/50 when used with j.B j.C(1) → j.214D.

The untech time on air CH is long, so Lambda can land back on the ground and convert with normals to land them into the corner.

Gatling Options: j.D, j.2D, j,6D

Drive Moves

  • All Drives will followup automatically into the second hit if it connects with the opponent, but not if it misses or hits a doll or other projectile.
    • Automatic followups will counterhit carry from the first hit.
  • All Drives except 4D are Projectile Level 2 and decrease to Projectile Level 1 after a set amount of active frames unless overdrive is active.
  • All Drives are Attack Level 4 and become Attack Level 5 in OD.
  • All Drives have a deadzone in front of Lambda where they have no hitbox.
  • Air Drives will launch the opponent on CH or OD.
  • None of them can be jump-cancelled on block.


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5D 600 All 15 18 Total 47 P2→P1 [P2]
5D Followup 300 [600] All 17 13 Total: 42 -2 [+2] P1

The most common summon. Used to stop the opponent running at Lambda and to punish things from fullscreen. 5D into 236B is a true blockstring when not too far, and becomes a frametrap when further out or delayed.

On CH, 5D236A5C is possible, so you can go into Gravity routes from fullscreen, or go into Cavalier for easier conversions.

  • Crumple stuns on CH

Overdrive Version

5D becomes +2 on block, so going into 4D becomes gapless and safe from reversals, but it's not generally enough to get resets from considering the distance.

The extra stun enables conversions into Cavalier and Sparda on normal hit, as all other Drives in OD.

  • Doesn't crumple stun on CH

Gatling Options: 2D, 6D, 4D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2D 600 All 12 25 Total: 44 P2→P1 [P2]
2D Followup 300 [600] All 17 13 Total: 45 -5 [-1] P1

This summon goes steeply upwards and is a good Anti-Air against characters who like to go high in the air like Mu and Rachel. This can be followed up with either 236B~6C or IAD → j.Bj.C6A routes to land them in the corner.

The second hit pushes the opponent downwards, making it possible score a soft KD from it at the end of combos.

  • Increases in size the further it flies away

Gatling Options: 5D, 6D, 4D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
6D 600 All 14 22 Total: 44 P2→P1 [P2]
6D Followup 300 [600] All 19 13 Total: 54 -12 [-8] P1

Lambda's furthest reaching summon. It's a long-range anti-air and good at catching people who try to jump out of pressure. The hitbox is big and will hit most characters standing on the ground, so it can be used to cover both ground and air approaches at the same time.

Long-range confirms can be converted with either other swords like 4D or Cavalier.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D, 4D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
4D 600 High/Air 27 3 Total: 56 P1
4D Followup 300 [600] All 17 13 Total: 48 -8 [-4] P1

A summon that tracks the opponent and appears behind them. This overhead is slower than 6B, but Lambda can still pressure if it's blocked. In the corner, 4D becomes 'invisible' making it nasty if the opponent isn't paying attention to Lambda's pose — But this is a knowledge check.

Be careful, as 5D4D has a gap that's vulnerable against fullscreen supers like Ragna's Carnage ScissorsBBCS Ragna the Bloodedge 632146D.pngGuard:
9+(40 Flash)+4~12
-43 [-40]
— OD 5D4D is gapless on normal block, however.

  • Forces crouching on hit.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D, 6D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.D 600 All 13 10 Total: 99+10L P2→P1 [P2]
j.D Followup 300 [600] All 18 13 Total: 99+10L P1

One of Lambda's furthest reaching drives, going almost fullscreen and more distance than 5D, the second hit pushes the target downwards making it possible to connect with j6D's angle.

It covers a decent space and pre-emptively catches opponents trying to air dash, or moves such as Hazama's air chains, but it can't be converted from at long range nor can it be jump-cancelled, so this button is medium risk for low reward as Lambda only gets a soft KD most of the time.

Gatling Options: j.2D, j.6D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.2D 600 All 11 25 Total: 99+10L P2→P1 [P2]
j.2D Followup 300 [600] All 18 13 Total: 99+10L P1

The least used summon. The angle is weak compared to other Drives and the launch on CH can be difficult to convert, so it's restricted to combo filler. Can sometimes be used to bait Anti-Airs.

Gatling Options: j.D, j.6D


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.6D 600 All 13 6 Total: 99+10L P2→P1 [P2]
j.6D Followup 300 [600] All 18 13 Total: 99+10L P1

An air-to-ground sword, but it's not great on block and can't be converted on normal hit without OD. On CH, the second hit vacuums the opponent, so it's easy to convert with 665B. Good for catching people running at you after an IAD/Jump back.

  • Much shorter range than j.D

Overdrive Version

OD j.6D vacuums grounded opponents towards Lambda and is converted with Crescent's bounce for easy Gravity combos. The damage isn't anything significant, but it does enable corner carry and Spike Chaser from an otherwise unrewarding hit.

Gatling Options: j.D, j.2D

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23 T

Lambda's throw launches the opponent high at an angle, and the recovery can only be cancelled into Drive normals or specials. Doing 4D2D → IAD... routes is one way to confirm.

Despite what it may seem at first, it's very easy to convert into Gravity routes by going into Sparda, as the large untech time and launch make 3C → 214X possible.

  • Backthrow has an identical launch and combo routes, just on the other side.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1500 Throw(70) 7 3 23+3L T

Similar to ground throw, this is usually converted with Drive normals into IAD routes, in this case Air Throw → 662D5D → IAD... etc.

It's possible to followup with regular normals if they're inside Gravity Seed, however.

Counter Assault

6A+B while Blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0 All 13 2 32 B 1~20 All

Triggers the 5B animation with a slightly different hitbox. It's invincible but easily low-profiled by crouching buttons, especially if the opponent spaces them, so use this sparingly.

Crush Trigger

5A+B (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A+B 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
5[A+B] 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B

Breaks the opponent's Guard on normal block, leading to decent reward when charged. For combos, it's done after a crumple stun like CH Tri for huge damage, it can also be done off 3C to corner carry when gravity's not available.

Special Moves

Sickle Storm


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
400×4 All 37 Until Offscreen Total 61 P1

A multi-hit projectile that locks the opponent in place if they block it. An all-around strong move with many applications: 236D is very plus netting Lambda a mixup or safe approach; CAs can be baited with dash break due to multi-hits and it's active until it disappears from the screen, so it can catch poorly timed Bursts/OD. The chip damage from this builds up to a decent amount if blocked repeatedly as well.

With that said, chaining into this move is never a true blockstring; thus, it can be jumped or even mashed on reaction. The opponent can try delay teching it on wakeup, but if they get pedictable, run up 2B could be used instead for a blue beat OTG.

Overdrive Version

Sickle Storm now spawns two blades in the same location that go in opposite ways, effectively covering all of the floor. It's still easy to jump over however, and OD Spike Chaser is better as a zoning tool due to its quicker startup and stronger Projectile Level.

Both the saws can hit at the same time which makes OD combos higher in damage than the normal version.

Spike Chaser


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1200 All 27 31
[Until Offscreen]
Total: 69 -7 P2

The main tool for okizeme, Spike Chaser can be used in combos and taking up space in neutral too. It's only minus on the first spike, becoming increasingly plus the further out it's blocked — When spaced, buttons after will be true blockstrings and catch fuzzy jumps, so the opponent has to sit still and guess the incoming mixup.

Spike Chaser covers every wakeup option (rolls; reversals; no tech; quick rise etc...) while being very plus and unpunishable if spaced right, making it a strong oki option. It can be 'looped' by doing combos that end in this one after another, usually by sacrificing some damage in the process.

There is a very small window to delay tech through, but this is risky as 214D is active forever, is a big damage starter (even without Gravity available), and can be beaten by the Lambda player varying their input timing. Lambda is also still safe and can retreat to neutral on successful delay tech.

Overdrive Version

Spike Chaser now travels the entire stage, and Lambda can act independent and run along the spikes.

Crescent Saber


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 High/Air 16 9 Total: Until L+9 P1

Crescent Saber's main function is to score knockdowns from air combos. It's also used mid-combo for optimal 6A and 6B confirms. For mixups, it's Lambda's second fastest overhead and has quite good reward with meter to RC. It's active for a long time and hits behind Lambda, so it can cross up.

To pickup on non-OD hits, an RC j.2C will be needed if high in the air, or just 2B / 3C if TK'd properly.

  • Hits crouchers on frame 17. If TK'd, Crescent Saber is a 22F overhead that's -13 on block.

Overdrive Version

OD Crescent Saber bounces which makes pickups possible from any position, the 663C link is easier and high damage combos are safer to go for as a result.

If using Crescent as a mixup, the groundbounce means RC is no longer needed for combos, but it's best to have 50 meter availible lest it's blocked.

Gravity Seed


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 All 13 3 18 -2 B

This move summons a field which launches the opponent on hit and drags them towards it. The field still appears on whiff and reduces the opponent's movement to 30% of their normal speed ⁠— This includes momentum from specials and teleport dashes like Azrael, Nine and Arakune's. It does not slow down projectiles nor Ignis / Nirvana, however.

It has a cooldown but only takes up a 1/3 of the gauge on whiff.

  • Recharge becomes faster in OD.
  • All 3 versions are different moves and don't inflict SMP


This summons the field next to Lambda. It's used for corner combos and okizeme after a 6C KD, as the spacing cripples their mobility while keeping Lambda outside the range of reversals. This is very strong against characters without a normal dash.


This version summons the field in the middle of the screen and is used most in neutral. It creates a wall so characters can't run at Lambda for free, making it safer to throw out Swords in neutral. But this move really shines when used in combos, as it gives access to high damage routes with its high P2 while doing great corner carry. The recharge flows back uninterruped during 5C, 236D and 214D, so it's always worth spending this if possible.


This version summons the field at the opposite end of the screen and is used only in combos. It pulls the opponent much further out than the other two, so it's used for corner-to-corners where 214B wouldn't travel enough. This can also be used midscreen to ensure they'll wallsplat after 236C.

Act Parcer Zwei


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln

A command dash. It goes roughly 3/4th of the screen, and is tied for the fastest in the game. Zwei doesn't have invul but can pass through moves with proximity hitboxes and wakeup reversals as Lambda phases through before they become active — It can then cancel into 236B to attempt to start pressure or into 236C for a Fatal Counter if used as a bait.

236A can be done at almost any point during pressure for unexpected Throws. Cancelling into 22D will bait mash attempts, and 236B will catch jump startup. Once conditioned, it's possible to go for pressure resets and tick throws with 236A2A → Throw or 236A → 9 jump → Throw if they begin to jump out, etc...

  • Shares almost the same animation as 236B between frames 1-11.
  • Cancellable into various moves, some of which have shortened inputs when cancelled from this move. See below
236B* Cancels into
Moves listed with * cannot be performed standalone and must use the previous move in the rekka series

Act Parcer Tri


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 All 18~24 3 19 -5 B

Tri is the first part of Lambda's rekka. It travels a good distance and is a true blockstring if done close after a Drive like 5D. In pressure, it can be canceled into either Blade or Sparda for high-low mixup. The cancel window is long, so the followups can be delayed to frametrap, and then, once the opponent becomes afraid to press buttons, you can reset pressure by going into normals. This is suceptible to the same problems as other Rekkas, however, so don't get predictable.

Tri being able to whiff cancel makes it very safe against ODR, going into 22D will outright beat EAs and buttons pressed after the flash, and for quite high reward.

  • Shares almost the same animation as 236A between frames 1-11.

Act Parcer Tri: Sparda


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1100 High/Air 21 6 15+8L -11 H

Sparda is Lambda's fastest overhead, clocking at 21f, and it's the most rewarding one when used with Gravity ⁠— Getting roughly 4k or over plus a Spike Chaser setup. Generally, a CH or RC will be needed midscreen, but it's possible to instantly cancel Tri into this to get the spacing for meterless conversions. In the corner, it's easy to convert with double side-swap routes which are stable. It's good to throw this out to add to the opponent's mental stack and help enforce the threat of Blade in mixups. As with most things in this game, don't get too carried away as it is punishable on block.

Lambda's hurtbox goes high in the air, giving the move the ability to low crush butttons; there's no Foot invul, however, so it can occasionally trade with some characters' 2As.

  • Triggers cross-up protection and can be blocked by holding either 4 or 6.
  • Lambda side-switches on hit/block unless done from far away.

Act Parcer Tri: Blade


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
950 Low/Air 11 6 16 -5 F

Low option from Tri. It's a pretty fast sweep that's good at catching people who expect 4D. Lambda slightly low-profiles while having quite a disjointed hitbox, so this can be a decent thing to throw out in neutral from time to time. It is safe on normal block, but can be punished on IB, so adjusting the timing and ending pressure in 22D as well are important.

At midscreen, Blade should be RC'd as the reward is high, but in the corner or inside Gravity Seed it can be converted without meter.

  • The range of Blade varies with the time 236B was cancelled from; max range is fullscreen.

Act Parcer Tri: Cavalier

236C or 236B~6C

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 Mid 30 4 22 -5 B

Cavalier is a staple in combos and what makes Lambda's corner carry strong as it has massive blowback while wallbouncing in midscreen loops. The high base damage and Fatal property make it her strongest starter as well.

The vertical hitbox goes much higher than what the animation suggests, so it can be used as a hard read anti-air for great reward. It's not used in either pressure nor frameteraps, but it is safe on normal block.

  • Wallbounces midscreen.
  • Wallsticks in the corner.

Exiga Nail


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 26 30 Total 54+5L
[Total 39]
-3~0 P1 1~7 All

Lambda's meterless reversal. It can be hard to use as its invincibility ends before becoming active; if timed right, however, Exiga Nail can beat anything shorter than 8 active frames. The pushback and frame advantage means Lambda can backdash to escape pressure even if the opponent blocks this, as an offset to its slow startup. The opponent can delay their meaties as a callout, but Lambda can safely roll away if they begin to do this.

The reward on CH is great, crumple stunning for easy 4k combos, and it's safe on block and even IB, so Exiga can be used instead of Blade for a safe pressure ender. It's also good for baiting other reversals and OD/CA when used mid-pressure. Be wary of using this to escape the corner, as it can whiff on everyone point blank except Tager and Valkenhayn in wolf form.

  • Frame advantage is for ground block. It's -3 at the closest possible distance, but goes up to 0 at max spacing.
  • Reduced recovery in OD — Lambda can perform actions midair.
  • Groundbounces on air-hit.

Distortion Drives

Calamity Sword

632146D (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
632146D 2400 [2800] High 10+(52 Flash)+1 9 Total: 68 -27 P2 1~11 All
j.632146D 2400 [2800] High/Air 8+(42 Flash)+5 9 Total: Until L+5 P2

Metered reversal. It hits overhead and is a good combo ender for the minimal damage. It can combo off CH (which it will usually be), leading to big damage and corner-to-corner combos. In OD, Calamity Sword Always spawns at your opponent's position and thus becomes very threatening in neutral, as it can be used for fullscreen punishes if the opponent does anything committal.

Legacy Edge


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
130×19 [130×29] All 16+(41 Flash)+9 X{(4)X}×19 [×29] Total: 57 +59 [+99] P2

A super that can be used as a fullscreen punish and winning neutral against some characters for 50 meter. If they get stuck blocking this on the ground and Lambda is close enough, this enables a variety of mixups: empty jump 2B, late airdash jB, IAD jC for a crossup, etc... There is a small window for Lambda to be hit and the swords not to appear, but Legacy will usually win trades.

The downsides are that the opponent can chicken block and mash 4 to IB all the projectiles — giving them a lot of meter while being safe from mixups; not all of the projectiles will land if they are crouching; and, against opponents on the other side of the screen, Lambda gets less time to capitalize on the frame advantage. Furthermore, while all the projectiles are level 2, the lack of invul means Legacy Edge can't be used as an anti-zoning tool in situations where it would be useful (such as using it against SparkboltBBCP Tager SparkBolt.pngGuard:
Total 47
or Eternal CoilsBBCF Hazama 632146Cexe.pngGuard:
1+(30 Flash)+15
Total 70

Despite this, it's a pretty good starter for combos (particularly the OD version). It's also neat for specific interactions like blowing up Izanami's Shield of DreamsBBCF Izanami Mujuu no Tate Activate.pngGuard:

Exceed Accel

Duo Cultus

A+B+C+D during Overdrive

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600, 200×6, 1230
{600,300×9, 2530}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B 1~22 All
[1~12 All]

This is used either as a reversal in OD or as a combo ender. The knockdown from Duo Cultus doesn't allow for much more than setting up Gravity Seed midscreen, so it's essentially a reset to neutral which may or may not be a good thing depending on the Matchup.

Astral Heat

Sword of Destruction


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
40000 All 13+(101 Flash)+7 9 21 -9 B 13~28 All
1~28 Burst

Lambda grabs the opponent and plunges a mighty sword down upon them.

It has no startup invul, so it can't be used as a reversal, but it's very easy and practical to combo into from buttons such as:

  • 5C
  • 3C
  • 6A (air hit)
  • 5D (air hit)
  • 236C (in the corner)
  • And many more


BBCF Lambda color 1.png
BBCF Lambda color 2.png
BBCF Lambda color 3.png
BBCF Lambda color 4.png
BBCF Lambda color 5.png
BBCF Lambda color 6.png
Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
Color 5
Color 6
BBCF Lambda color 7.png
BBCF Lambda color 8.png
BBCF Lambda color 9.png
BBCF Lambda color 10.png
BBCF Lambda color 11.png
BBCF Lambda color 12.png
Color 7
Color 8
Color 9
Color 10
Color 11
Color 12
BBCF Lambda color 13.png
BBCF Lambda color 14.png
BBCF Lambda color 15.png
BBCF Lambda color 16.png
BBCF Lambda color 17.png
BBCF Lambda color 18.png
Color 13
Color 14
Color 15
Color 16
Color 17
Color 18
BBCF Lambda color 19.png
BBCF Lambda color 20.png
BBCF Lambda color 21.png
BBCF Lambda color 22.png
BBCF Lambda color 23.png
BBCF Lambda color 24.png
Color 19
Color 20
Color 21
Color 22
Color 23
Color 24

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