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Hibiki Kohaku

General Tactics

Check the tutorial below for an idea on how Hibiki functions. This was made in CF1 so it doesn't cover a few CF2 specifics, but it's an amazing introduction to the character.


Important Moves

  • 236A~C: Combo ender, damage reset, and call out tool in neutral.
  • 2C: Antiair
  • 5C/3C: Go-to midscreen pokes.
  • j.C: Amazing jump-in option.
  • j.BB: Go-to air to air poke.
  • 5D/6D: Great moves for keeping opponents on their toes. 6D is great for suddenly approaching people, but only when mixed in well with 5D.
  • 2BB: Amazing low profile. Good filler for blockstrings and combos.
  • 3D: Solid antizoning tool.


Like many characters in Blazblue, Hibiki's blockstrings are very freeform and will change to suit your needs. These are some basic blockstrings that'll get you started and confirm into combos without too much trouble.

5BB > 6BB > 6A/5C > 3C

A common part of Hibiki blockstrings. 5BB > 6B is a builtin frame trap. 6BB > 6A is another frame trap, while 6BB > 5C is a true blockstring. Loses to Instant block DP and Overdrive.

5BB > 6D > 5BB > 4BB > 2BB > X

This string is an example of gatling limits on Hibiki's normals. The 6D is a pressure reset. After 4BB, you can't gatling into 5BB because you've used it twice in the sequence, so you have to use another button like 2BB instead. This also means you can't combo into 6B if 4BB lands. This sequence gets blown up by mashing.

5A > microdash > 5A > 5A > X

A quick example of microdashing in pressure as Hibiki. Hibiki's 5A is very useful as a stagger tool because it hits crouchers. Very useful for opponents using Barrier trying to keep you out. On instant barrier, you'll have to dash up farther. This will cause you to get hit by certain 2As, or your opponent will escape.

5BB > 2BB > 5BB > 6BB > 5C > 3C

An example of the blockstrings you can get if your opponent doesn't actively use Barrier and Instant Barrier. If your opponent uses these tools properly, you'll get pushed out very quickly.


214C Safejump

214C is a Hibiki's primary combo ender for setting up midscreen oki. Any B or C normal that leaves Hibiki grounded can combo into 214C and grants the same Oki. Of particular note is the easy hitconfirm of ... > 3C > 214C. Additionally, anytime 236A~B or j.236A~B (low to the ground) can be combo'd into you can followup iwht 214C.

At midscreen, you can use a 214C ender and then input > 669 > j.C in order to safejump and catch rolls. The key is timing the j.C when Hibiki is low to the ground and can catch both roll directions. This requires some practice in training mode to get used to the timing.

Izuna Drop > 5C > 6C

In general, Izuna drop leads to decent oki. In the corner, you can use this oki specifically. 5C catches all techs aside from emergency tech, and you can hitstop OS 6C so that it'll only come out if 5C lands. From this situation, you can input a high damage confirm such as 5C > 6C > j.6D > jc.3D > 6B > 5D > 6D > 4B > 3C > 214C > 5B > 5C > 2C > 236A~C.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use DP > RC! After the rapid cancel, you can j.C or land and 2B to create a 50/50 for your opponent if they block it.
  • Try using 3D to close in on zoners! It's plus on block, so you can usually take your turn even if they block it.
  • Use 236AC as a reset on opponents teching in the air. It deals great damage, unscaled.
  • Use Nue (632146D) to call out other Distortion Drives or slow projectiles at full screen.
  • Use microdashes to continue pressure against Barrier and Instant Barrier.
  • Fake people out at midscreen with 5Ds, and then use 6D to suddenly close in on them

Fighting Hibiki

  • Hibiki struggles at keeping himself in. Use Barrier and Instant Barrier to keep him out
  • Hibiki can't use the same clone in a gatling sequence. For example, if you block 5D and he gatlings into the same animation, it's guaranteed to be 6D.
  • You can avoid 236AC resets by not teching in the air
  • You can beat 214C/D mixups by holding 1 and mashing A at the timing where Hibiki would appear behind you. This will block 214C and hit Hibiki out of 214D
  • While Hibiki's 2C may autocorrect sometimes, it doesn't cover the area above and behind him too well.
  • 214C is very punishable, don't let Hibiki get away with it.
  • If Hibiki's already used 4B in a gatling sequence, he can't use it again.


Hibiki Kohaku

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