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Like most arcade fighting games, this game uses an 8 way direction joystick (or pad), and buttons. There are 4 attack buttons in total: A (weak), B (medium), C (strong), D (Drive).

And, as with other 2D fighters, BlazBlue uses Numpad Notation.

7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3

Arcade Layout

There are two layouts that you can select when you are at the arcades: Type A and Type B.

BB Controls Type-A.png BB Controls Type-B.png
The taunt button does not have a defined location, but is generally to the upper right of the other buttons. You don't have to enforce this layout when playing at home; any layout that is comfort to you is good.


As certain moves requires multiple button presses, BBCF also presents macros for the home release. These include:

  • A+B: Barrier/Crush Trigger/Counter Assault;
  • B+C: Throws;
  • A+B+C: Rapid Cancel;
  • A+B+C+D: Overdrive/Burst.

As for the common question on "is there a dash macro?", the answer is no.

Stylish Mode

Stylish Mode is a simple way for players to perform predefined combos, special attacks, and super attacks without learning how to perform them manually. In this layout, besides the 4 buttons you are already given, there is a new SP (Special) button.

  • Mashing A, B, C gives you a set of preset auto combos. D button works differently depend on characters.
  • SP buttons are one-button specials that have 20% damage off; combine with different directions will give you different specials.
They are not documented on Dustloop, so you have to find out yourself.
  • You can also do the real special input which will not have the damage dropoff.
  • On blocking, Barrier Guard is on by default.
  • All system mechanic are still available and their input remains unchanged.

This mode isn't used in competitive play since it limits the combos, specials, supers a player can do, and forcing Barrier Guard.



Hold 6 or 4
The most basic movement option. The character approaches or retreats from the opponent slowly.


Hold 1 or 2 or 3
Put the character in a crouching position, lowering their hurtboxes. Note that the hurtboxes don't shrink immediately; the character can still be hit by moves normally whiffing on crouchers until they actually crouch.

Dash (or Step)

Dashes move the character forward at a greater speed than walking. Most characters can run; hold the second 6 to do so. Certain characters cannot run; certain characters will have step, which moves them forward for a distance and stops.


Backdashes move the character back for a preset distance. There is a brief period of invincibility starting from the very first frame, making it handy against certain attacks.


7 or 8 or 9
Makes the character jump into the air. Pressing 7 or 9 will have them jump backward or forward respectively.

High Jump

27 or 28 or 29
Makes a higher jump into the air. You can use any downward direction for the 2 input - doing 38 or 18 will still give you a High Jump.

Double Jump

7 or 8 or 9 while in the air
Jump again while in the air. Not all characters can perform a double jump.

Air Dash

66 or 44 while in the air
Dash in the specified direction in mid-air. Backward air dash is a moderate option for keeping away from the opponent. Not all characters can perform an Air Dash.

Instant Air Dash (IAD)

956 or 754
Instant Air Dash is a way to perform an air dash as soon as possible after a jump.

Common Offense and Defense actions

Normal Attacks

(5 or 2) A, B or C
Press either A, B or C to attack. You can combine these buttons with 2 to perform another set of attacks.
As a rule of thumb, A attacks are fast and less vulnerable but deals less damage, while C attacks are slower and more vulnerable but deals greater damage. B attacks are a balance in between A and C. Some character ignore this rule however.

Command Normals

certain direction + A, B or C
Characters can combine certain direction with A, B or C to perform a special set of attacks. For example, 3C is usually a low hitting sweep attack that knocks your opponent over.

Drive Moves

(certain direction) + D
Press D (possibly with a direction) to use your drive moves. Drive are what defines BlazBlue characters, and as such they ranges very wildly from character to character. Refer to character' pages for more detail.

Special Moves

(certain input) + a button
Special moves are moves that require a more elaborate command input, and have unique effects and properties. For example, Ragna's 214 + A will perform a straight punch.
Special moves range from standard projectiles to invincible attacks, and the list goes on. Refer to character' pages for more details.

Ground Blocking

hold 4 or 1
Hold 4 or 1 to block high or low.
  • High block will not block lows. A yellow exclamation mark will show if you didn't block the low.
  • Low block will not block overheads. A red exclamation mark will show if you didn't block the high.
  • Throws are not blockable.

Air Blocking

hold 4 in the air
Hold 4 will allow you to block in the air. There is no difference on blocking high or low when in the air.
  • Most grounded attacks are not blockable by simple Air Blocking. A blue exclamation mark will show if you attempt to block an attack that cannot be simply Air Blocked.
  • Air Throws (or throws that hits airborne) are not blockable.

Barrier Block

4 or 1 A + B, air OK
Barrier Block is a stronger form of blocking that pushes back the opponent more, in the cost of Barrier Gauge.
  • Barrier Block inflicts more pushback than normal block.
  • Using Barrier Block will allow you to block all grounded attacks.
  • If the Barrier Gauge is empty, you cannot perform Barrier Block.
  • Barrier Block does not allow you to make "illegal" blocks: you still must block high/low correctly.

Forward Throw

B + C
Press B + C to perform a throw, a type of unblockable attack. Throws, in general, will only hit in very close range.

Backward Throw

4 B + C
Backward Throw is also a throw but will toss the opponent to the other side. This is useful for swapping corner positions.
Forward Throw and Backward Throw are consider Ground throws, meaning they can only hit grounded opponents.

Air Throw

B + C in the air
Press B + C in the air to perform an Air Throw. As the name suggests, they can only hit airborne opponents.

Throw Reject

B + C while in the thrown state
Throws do not inflict damage immediately however; there is a brief window where you can avoid the attack. Press B + C to break the throw and escape. You will see a big double exclamation marks when you are allowed to do this.
There are some situations where you can't reject the throw.


Teching is the action of getting back in the stage after being hit. Various method of teching forms the special flow of how Blazblue is played.

Neutral Tech

hold or press A, B or C while laying on the ground
Press no direction and hold any button while laying on the ground to get back on your feet. You will be invincible while you neutral tech (also known as ukemi).
You can delay their neutral tech to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a mixup or block string.

Forward Roll

4 + hold or press A, B or C while laying on the ground
Forward Roll will position you closes to the opponent while trying to get back on. Forward Roll also can pass through the opponent, if possible.
Note that Forward Rolls is not fully invincible in the full duration of action. Use wisely!

Backward Roll

6 + hold or press A, B or C while laying on the ground
Backward Roll try to get away from your opponent while trying to get back on. Backward Rolls also is not fully invincible in the full duration of action.

Quick Tech

2 + hold or press A, B or C while laying on the ground
Quick Tech allows you to get back on your feet more quick than the options above while sacrificing all the invincibility. It can be useful for throwing off your opponent's timing and sneaking in an attck of your own.

Air Ukemi (Air Tech)

4, 5 or 6 + hold or press A, B or C while in the air
Hold any button while getting hit in the air and you will recovery with a bit of invincibility as soon as the possible in the air. You can also hold 4 or 6 to choose which direction you will recover.
You can delay your air ukemi to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a reset or block string.

Crumple Recovery

press A, B or C while in Crumple state
Crumple is a special state where your character slightly lean forward as if they are hit by a strong attack. In such cases, press A, B or C to recover from the crumble.

Other Universal Offensive Actions

Distortion Drive COSTS AT LEAST 50 HEAT

certain input
Distortion Drives (commonly called Super Attacks) is an even stronger version of Special attacks that deal large amounts of damage or have other special properties, like invincibility or powering up the character.
Each character's supers are unique and are explained in more detail in each character's page.

Crush Trigger COSTS 25 HEAT

5 A + B, hold OK
Crush Trigger is a special type of attack that requires the opponent to use Barrier to block the attack, otherwise they will be Guard Crushed and are left wide open to your attacks.

Rapid Cancel COSTS 50 HEAT

A + B + C when an attack lands
Rapid Cancels cancels your attack and returns you to a neutral state. This can be used to extend combos, create offensive situations, or reduce the risk of other situations.


A + B + C + D when in neutral
Overdrive is a powerful move that places the character in a temporarily powered up state, which varies by character.


A + B + C + D when in offensive state
Cancel normal moves into Overdrive or in combos will result in Overdrive Cancel. While cancelling into Overdrive cuts your Overdrive time by half, Overdrive Cancels can be used mid-combo to make a combo unburstable and increase damage, or to continue pressure.

Exceed Accel

A + B + C + D when in Overdrive
Exceed Accel is a cinematic super that does not cost Heat and has a handful of unique properties, usually being invincible on startup.

Active Flow

a state that automatically activates when performed enough offensive actions
Active Flow is a buff that rewards offensive play. When you are close to entering Active Flow, the message "Attention" will appear next to the character.
Active Flow grants a damage buff, a faster Overdrive Gauge regeneration, as well as a more powerful Exceed Accel.

Astral Heat COSTS 100 HEAT

certain input UNDER certain criterions
An Astral Heat is an attack that will instantly defeat the opponent if it connects. To use your character's Astral, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled:
  • You must have 100 Heat.
  • You are on match point (if you win this round, you win the match)
  • Your opponent's health is below 35% when the combo starts.

Other Defensive Actions

Instant Block

blocking right before an attack lands
Instant Block rewards you for predicting your opponents' attacks precisely, by giving you more Heat and less blockstun, allowing you to escape or find a gap to counterattack the opponent.
Your character will flash white if you did this correctly. Instant Block does not allow you to make "illegal" blocks: you still must block high/low correctly.

Counter Assault COSTS 50 HEAT

6 A + B when blocking
Counter Assault is an invincible attack that does zero damage, but blows away the opponent and stops their offensive momentum.


A + B + C + D when got hit
Bursts is an invincible attack that is used to stop the opponent's offensive momentum or to act as a combo breaker.
Bursts can be temporarily disabled under certain conditions.


A + B + C + D when blocking
Guard Cancel Overdrive is a potent way to get out of a defensive situation and then go back on the offensive.

Negative Penalty

a state that automatically activates when performing too many defensive actions in a row without performing any offensive actions
Negative Penalty is a debuff that punishes inoffensive play. When you are close to Negative Penalty, the message "Negative Warning" will appear next to the character.
Negative Penalty automatically empties your Barrier Gauge (inflicting Danger State) and prevents you from regaining any until it ends. Time to make moves when the warning is kicking in!


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