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Carl Clover
Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+A becomes 236A.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = LinkTo perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = CancelTo bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
IAS = Instant Air Special
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
RC = Rapid Cancel
OD = Overdrive
ODc / cOD / ODC / OD Cancel = Overdrive Cancel
EA = Exceed Accel
AM = Amane
AR = Arakune
AZ = Azrael
BG = Bang
BU = Bullet
CR = Carl
CE = Celica
ES = Es
HK = Hakumen
HZ = Hazama
HI = Hibiki
TG = Tager
IN = Izanami
IZ = Izayoi
JI = Jin
JU = Jubei
KG = Kagura
KO = Kokonoe
LA = Lambda-11
LI = Litchi
MA = Mai
MK = Makoto
MU = Mu-12
NA = Naoto
NI = Nine
NO = Noel
NU = Nu-13
PL = Platinum
RC = Rachel
RG = Ragna
RE = Relius
SU = Susano'o
TK = Taokaka
TS = Tsubaki
VK = Valkenhayn
TE = Terumi

Carl Combo Theory

Combo Theory

Carl has some of the most versatile and rewarding combo structure of any other character in this game, having the ability to turn just about any stray hit into a knockdown in the corner with proper routing and positioning. However, this also means that, because of Carl's combos being very Adlib-heavy in nature, that his combo structure cant really be laid out like any other character to the same effect. Due to this, this page will be more describing pieces of combos that you will be able to stitch together depending on Ada's positioning or health

While Carl's combo theory as a whole is often very dictated by situation when involving Ada into things, the structure itself largely remains the same, generally being:

Ground starter into 623c (Cantabile)


Doll Extension


Hard Knockdown Extension / Launcher Extension, depending on the Doll move used


End with a jc or j214c knockdown


Follow up with jc with another Doll move and repeat, finish with jc when needed

-When starting from an antiair such as 6a or 2c, both lead to Launcher Extensions and effectively skip to that step in the structure

Because of how freeform Carl's combo game can be, 
it is very important to learn how to prioritize 
certain routing over others to maximize effectiveness. 

Learning how his combos work while also learning
Priority is really not that important if you are 
simply learning how to combo with this character, 
and being able to combo at all is far more important 
to being able to play this character effectively. 
Besides, learning Priority so early on just means 
youre thinking about more at once, which can be very 
overwhelming, especially playing a character as complex 
as Carl.

Do not worry about Optimization before you feel you are
used to Carl's combo structure as a whole! There 
will be provided a general explaination at the bottom 
of this page for those who are ready to take that next 
step, but overwhelming yourself with too much at once 
can lead to stunted improvement, and only makes things 
more difficult in the long run!

Important Note about j214c

j214c can be substituted as an ender 
in any air combo that ends in jc as 
an alternate ender. While it loses its ability 
to knock down later into combos, it can be very 
useful in creating space at midscreen for getting 
yourself back into position for neutral, or if 
you want to squeeze out a little bit more regen 
time out of an air combo.

Grounded Starters

Where you're going to be getting that hit the most often, and will combo off of it most consistently

Basic 5A confirmIf Ada is involed, this is almost always how you're starting.

-Your day 1 combo, and core starter when it comes to doll combos due to 623C having a very long animation, letting you easily get Ada into position.

-Leads to Doll Extensions.

Basic 5A Confirm Without AdaIf Ada is not involed, your priority is to make it last as long as you can on your own.

-Your Day one combo starter that allows you to go into your air routes without the use of Ada, usually to stall for time to regen her health.

-Leads to Launcher extensions.

Crush Trigger is your Best Friend

When Carl gets a combo going on an opponent, 
but Ada is low on health or otherwise cannot 
be used, then instead of routing into a normal 
Doll combo, youll want to make that combo last 
as long as possible without the help of Doll moves 
to either give her time to get to you or to give 
her time to regenerate her health. 

This is often best achieved with Crush trigger, 
enabling combos off starters you usually wouldnt be 
able to, as well as having quite a long animation 
to stall for time and setting up perfectly for any 
Hard Knockdown extensions. 

Be sure though, to let go of D while you 
do the combo so Ada's health can regenerate, then 
if you need to, sneak in a 22d input 
somewhere near the end of your solo combo to get 
her in place for Oki.

Should you be left without Ada, or if doing a normal 
combo would kill her, always keep this in mind, and 
dont be afraid to rely on Crush Trigger!
Other noteable grounded starters
Route Leads to Note
5a>5b>5c>6b>2c>5A+B Hard Knockdown extensions Mostly ideal when routing into Crush Trigger, as it works from most ranges as long as 6b>2c can connect.
5a>5b>3c>5A+B Hard Knockdown extensions Another route into Crush Trigger, but with 3c as the starter. Works at fewer ranges, but seeing as 3c cannot be combo'd after otherwise, it is useful to keep in mind should you end up with 3c as a starter.
5A>5A>5B>5C>6B>623C>Rapid Cancel Launcher Extensions Sometimes youll end up routing into Cantabile, but Ada isnt quite where you need her to be to follow up, so you can RC 623c to follow up yourself.

Hard-Knockdown Extensions

These extensions are best used after moves such as Crush Trigger, or most Doll moves that knock the opponent to the ground, such as 6d, 4d, or 63214d (Anima)

Allegretto Cancel (Allecan)One of your most important and universally useful combo techniques

j2c>j214c (whiff)>microdash>6a
-A slightly advanced, yet crucial bit of tech to structuring many of Carl's combos that turns any Hard Knockdown pickup into a proper launcher.

-Can be performed by buffering j214c right before or as j2c hits, basically skipping the usual bounce and getting yourself right back to the ground.

-This is only possible as long as the j2c hits low enough. If you hit too high, you'll still shoot downwards, but j214c will actually come out, leaving you stuck in the air for a short time.

-Most often performed as a Hard Knockdown extension, but can be done on an aerial opponent as well if theyre low enough.

Basic 5c PickupPick up right where you (or Ada) left off.

5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump>jb>jc
-A simple Day 1 extension that can be used any time the opponent is knocked down in front of you, such as after Crush Trigger or any Doll move that knocks the opponent to the ground.

Other Noteable Hard Knockdown Extenders/Pickups
Route Leads To Note
(microdash)>6b>6a Launcher An easier version of Allecan, but largely unoptimal if you have the choice between them. That said, this is still a useful way of picking them back up when you dont have the time to get back in the air to j2c.
j2c>jb>jc>5a>5b>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>jc Doll Extensions/Ender Quite character specific, but against characters it works on, can enable very consistent stall for Ada's health to regen without having to rely on using meter.
j2c>j214c>delay (microdash) 6a>5A+B Hard Knockdown Extensions Mixing together Allecan to pick up and Crush Trigger to knock back down again. Is some of your most reliable regen stall when utilizing Crush Trigger. Be sure to delay the 6a so that theyre as low as possible so CT more reliably connects on certain characters.

Note on Allecan>6a>Crush Trigger

-specifically, Noel, Rachel, Arakune, Carl, Tsubaki, 
Makoto, Valk, Relius, Izayoi, Amane, Azrael, Kagura, Celica, 
Nine, Susanoo, Es, Mai, Jubei, all tend to get a bit finicky 
later into combos, so try to avoid doing   this against them 
after too long

 -this route is not worth going for against Tager, 
 Bullet, Hibiki, Naoto, or Izanami due to how early 
 into the combo timer it becomes impossible if not a 
 frame perfect delay

Launcher/Antiair Extensions

These extensions are best used after moves like 6a antiair or 2c launcher, where you are much higher up than you would be otherwise. As well, Doll moves like 8d, 623c (Brio, in the corner), 41236d (Fuocco, from midscreen), and 421d (Volante) often hit high up or knock them up high to lead into followups.

Basic Launcher extensionOften refered to as a "Ladder".

Superjump forward>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc
-Your most reliable way to convert on an airborne opponent into a jc ender, such as after air hit 6a or 2c.

Other Noteable Launcher extensions
Route Leads To Note
super jump forward> delay j2c>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc Doll Extensions/Ender Most common after either 2c or 41236d (Fuocco), as they both have enough hitstun to let you get above them, so that you can fit 2 j2c's in one air combo.
super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump>jb>jc Doll Extensions/Ender Most common after 2c or Antiair 6a launchers that leave the opponent high up, but also low enough to where the first jb can hit above them.
2c>jump forward> delayjb>jc>5a>5b>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>jc Doll Extension/Ender While specific to 2c launcher, is still quite useful as a way to stall for Ada to regen without needing meter to RC. Is just as character specific as the former j2c>jb>jc variant.

Solo Examples

Noteable Solo Combos
Example Combo Difficulty Note
5A>5A>5B>6B>2c>super jump forward> delay j2c>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc Easy Basic Solo combo leading to a jc knockdown.
Forward or Back Throw>jump forward>j2c>j214c (whiff)>delay, microdash>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate Basic BnB route off of either throw. For back throw, be sure to delay so that they are as low as possible when j2c hits.
5a>5B>6B>2c>5A+B>jump forward>j2c>j214c(whiff)>microdash 6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate BnB route utilizing Crush Trigger to hold out the combo for longer.
5a>5B>5c>6B>2c>5A+B>microdash 5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc Intermediate An alternative to the above route using a microdash>5c to pick up instead.
Forward Throw>jump forward>j2c>j214c (whiff)>delay, microdash>6a>5A+B>jump forward>j2c>j214c (whiff)>delay, microdash>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Advanced The first delay 6a may be pretty tight depending on the character, but this route is universal off throw, and a very good way to regen a lot of Ada's meter with Crush Trigger.
(In the corner) Forward Throw>jump forward>j2c>j214c (whiff)>forward dash>j214c>5a>5b>super jump forward>ja>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Advanced Carls best universal, meterless way to stall for regen time off a throw in the corner, however extremely tight to execute. Do not worry about this route if you are still learning the character as a whole, but this route is great should you be looking to optimize regen time.

Doll Extensions

After your starter, should Ada be close by, you have the option to confirm into a Doll move to extend the combo further. Almost every Doll move has some purpose in combos, and a good place to start would be understanding how you can utilize each one and what their general functions are for combos. Here will be listed several example combos dealing with each respective Doll Move to give a good idea of the best places to use them.

-Good thing to note, is that most every doll move is usually best used after 623c as it gives you a good deal of time to confirm the hit and get Ada into position to follow up. Also, many moves line up with jc air ender allowing for further followups. Any exceptions to the above two notes will be respectively mentioned.

22d (Campanella)

Not quite a combo move in itself, however is your premier way of getting Ada into position right behind you to normalize any following confirm. As you confirm your combo, it is important to know how to fit this input into your other moves without misinputting. It can be quite awkward to line up the input throughout normal strings, so often you can try to sync the input with other 2x moves, are usually the easiest points to starting out.

-Be careful to be quick with the input though, as the animation is quite long (It can take around 3-4 moves of yours before the animation finishes and Ada is ready to continue) and if you are too late then you may not be able to follow up and will have to settle for the knockdown.

-Also very useful for enders where Ada may not have the chance to walk forward close enough, as it puts her in the perfect position to continue pressure after oki.


Your most basic and Core doll move for combos, as it works just about anywhere and is almost always effective at what it does. What its best at, though, is corner carry at a cheap cost, being Adas cheapest attack and sends them flying accross the screen on air hit.

-Leads consistently into Hard Knockdown extensions, but due to the launch midscreen, often requires a dash or instant airdash to continue.

Basic 6d comboVery reliable beginner route with 6d

5a>5b>5c>623c>6d>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc
-Works anywhere so long as Ada is close enough for 6d to hit them, whether shes in front of or behind you, midscreen or corner

-If youre going to start with any one route as your BnB to build on later, its this.

Other Noteable 6d conversions
Example Combo Difficulty Note
(With Ada behind you) 5a>5b>5c>623c>6d>Instant Airdash>j2c>j214c(whiff)>microdash>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate Arguably a better version of the route above, albeit a good bit more executionally demanding. Carries the opponent just about half of the stage of distance. Also important to note, if Ada is in front you can do the same route to sideswap, but skip the IAD and let them slide under you for a second
(With Ada behind you) 5a>5b>5c>623c>6d>Instant Airdash>j2c>j214c(whiff)>microdash>6a>5A+B>jump forward>j2c>j214c(whiff)>microdash>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc Advanced A route involving both Ada to convert, and Crush Trigger to stall for time to overall go net positive in Doll Gauge. A bit character specific however, as CT can sometimes not hit high enough no mater how much you delay the 6a
(With Ada behind you) 5a>5b>5c>6b>2c> super jump forward> delay jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc>6d>microdash 6b>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate Simple example of using 6d to convert after a jc ender for a little bit of extra corner carry or damage


Effectively similar uses to 6d, but for pulling the opponent towards Ada instead of away. Leads to the same followups as 6d but with Ada needing to be on the opposite side.

-Leads to Hard Knockdown Extensions, but if Ada is in front of you, it often requires a dash or Instant Airdash to get yourself in range to follow up.

4d Sideswap RouteWrong side? No problem!

(With Ada behind you) 5a>5b>5c>623c>4d>neutral jump> delay j2c>j214c>sideswap 6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc
Straightforward route to put the opponent on the opposite side of you, pulling the opponent under you and utilizing Allecan to follow up from the air.

Noteable 4d routes
Example Combo Difficulty Note
(With Ada behind the opponent) 5a>5b>5c>623c>4d>Instant Airdash>j2c>j214c(whiff)>microdash>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate Similar to the 6d corner carry route, but instead using 4d if Ada is behind the opponent to pull them towards her.

623d (Brio)

Your primary corner combo tool, as its great damage, scaling, wall slam allowing for versatile followups, and fast animation makes it amazing as your first doll move in a given combo.

-Leads to Launcher extensions on hit.

BnB Corner routeGood, Easy damage for just one Doll move

5a>5b>5c>623c>623d>jump forward> delay j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc
Very reliable route for any confirm in the corner. Good damage as well as being neutral in doll meter if you let Ada regen throughout the air section.

Noteable 623d Combos
Example Combo Difficulty Note
5a>5b>5c>623c>623d>5[A+B]>j2c>j214c>delay 6a>super jump forward> delay jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate Brio into Crush Trigger, your most basic way to go positive in Doll Gauge off a corner confirm, while also adding a good deal of damage on top.
5a>5b>5c>623c>623d>dash j214c>5a>5b>super jump forward>ja>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Advanced Brio into Dash j214c allows for a lot of stall without needing any meter for Crush Trigger, however a good bit more difficult.
5a>5b>5c>623c>623d>jump forward>delay j2c>jc>6d>5c>super jump forwardjb>j2c>jb>jc Intermediate Good if you want to add a bit more damage onto the above bnb route with a cheap 6d.


A pretty staple air extension for where you jc with Ada directly below you. Good damage and scaling, fast animation, and pops them upwards leaving them in the air for a good bit of time, allowing for a variety of followups.

-Leads most consistently into Launcher extensions.

-Your primary move for setting up into super enders, as Ada recovers fairly quickly letting you follow up with 3c>214214d quite easily without worrying about letting her finish her animations first.

Routing into 8d from an AntiairDont let them be too predictable with their approach, lest they turn up back where they started.

(Antiair, with Ada in front of the opponent) 6a>super jump forward>delay jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc>8d>jump forward>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>j214c
-Puts the opponent back behind Ada, meaning they now have to try and approach again and resetting neutral.

-Can substitute j214c ender for jc instead to create a sandwich situation, as off an antiair it can be pretty awkward to get to corner sometimes, so a sandwich is usually next best thing if for whatever reason you dont want to reset neutral.

Noteable 8d routes
Example Combo Ada Position Note
(Antiair, with Ada behind the opponent) 6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc>8d>3c>5A+B>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>j214c Intermediate As much of Carls neutral revolves around sitting behind Ada, its not uncommon you might get an antiair confirm with how good a button 6a is, so this lets you regen Ada with time from Crush Trigger while simultaniously putting the opponent back behind Ada with her having a bunch more health.
(Antiair, with Ada behind the opponent) 6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc>8d>3c>214214d>3c>632146c Advanced Punish the opponents air approach with a big chunk of unburstable damage from supers to close out the round. doesnt do much damage on its own, often only around 3.6k or so, but the opponent not being able to burst the last section of it makes it fairly viable to go for as mmany people save their burst until theyre very low, rather than having over 3k left.
Forward throw+22d>236a>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump up>jb>jc>8d>3c>214214d Intermediate Actually a part of Carls combo challenges in this game, and arguably one of the few practical ones. Routes into 214214d off of a throw, leading to quite good damage you can potentially follow up with should you need more.

421d (Volante)

Adas projectile, launches the opponent up on hit for good damage and scaling. Due to its nature, can be used if Ada is farther away than usual, or even if the projectile is already out, but you need to input it very early on into the combo depending on where Ada is at the time.

-Leads to Launcher extensions on hit.

Extended Corner route using VolanteEven better corner damage for just 2 doll moves!

(In the Corner) 5a>5b>5c>623c>623d>jump forward> delay j2c>j214c>421d>Instant Airdash>j2c>j214c (whiff)>Microdash 6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc
-Very good for corner damage if you want to extend after 623d, and pretty stable corner route all around as long as you can afford two Doll moves in one combo.

Noteable 421d routes
Example Combo Difficulty Note
5a>5b>5c>623c>421d>microdash>jump forward> delay j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc Intermediate works from any position so long as Ada is nearby for Volante to hit immediately. good damage and decent corner carry to boot
(with Ada behind you) 5a>5b>5c>623c>421d>microdash>jump forward> delay j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>j2c>jc>8d>3c>214214d Intermediate solid way to go into a damaging combo off of a midscreen sandwich situation if you need to go for the kill
5a>5b>5c>623c>421d>microdash>3c>5A+B>microdash>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc Advanced Uses Crush trigger to go positive in doll meter while also doing a fair bit of damage and corner carry on top. Ideal for confirms off sandwich situations where any more moves might put Ada too low to do anything else.

41236d (Fuocco)

Another doll move primarily used for Corner carry, with the added benefit of a huge horizontal hitbox and good upfront damage. Also very useful in OD for its improved damage and even better damage scaling.

-Leads to a very high Launcher extensions on hit.

41236d Corner Carry RouteRiding that Fuocco train

5a>5b>5c>623c>41236d>super jump forward>delay j2c>jb>double jump>jb>j2c>jc
Works with Ada on either side of you, and carrys about 1/3rd of the stage while putting Ada close enough to follow up should you need to go further.

Noteable 41236d routes
Example Combo Difficulty Note
(In the corner) Counter Hit 5c>Overdrive Cancel>41236d+623c>super jump forward>j2c>jc>623d>j2c>j214c>63214d>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc Advanced 5.8k damage, making for an extremely high damaging Overdrive route without even using meter. Make your opponent afraid to reversal with this.
(In the corner) 2b>5c>623c>623d>6c>Overdrive Cancel>41236d+5c>jump backward>jc>(Fuocco hits)>Double jump forward>j2c>j214c>623d>instant airdash>j2c>j214c (Whiff)>6a>super jump forward>jb>double jump>jb>jc Advanced Route into OD Fuocco without needing a CH and working off most any starter, still giving great damage and effectively going even in Doll meter if youre at full health. Even more so the more OD time you have.

63214d (Anima)

Adas highest damage single hit move, with the downside of a decent bit of damage scaling. Great for ending off combos going for damage, as the final big hit paired with a potential super followup can lead to a decent chunk of damage at the end of a combo.

-Not as useful as a bnb combo tool, but sees a lot of use when going for the kill due to its huge up front damage, so theres not really a core route that utilizes Anima outside of corner damage routes noted below.

-Leads to a Hard Knockdown extension on hit, leaving the opponent on the opposite side of Ada.

Noteable 63214d routes
Example Combo Difficulty Note
(In the corner) 5b>5c>623c>623d>jump forward>delay j2c>j214c>63214d>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump up>jb>jc>8d>3c>214214d> Intermediate Reliable, very high damaging route to go into super or double super with. Make sure as Anima's animation is playing, to position yoursef so that the opponent is between you and Ada so your followup still faces the corner. Expensive, but if youre going for super its usually to kill anyway.
(In the corner) 5c>623c>623d>jump forward>j2c>j214c>421d>instant airdash>j2c>j214c>63214d>5c>super jump forward>jb>j2c>jb>double jump forward>jb>jc Advanced 5k damage for no meter, perfect for punishing whiffed/blocked reversals. Just be sure Ada stays alive by the end of this combo as it is pretty expensive at 3 whole moves in one route, not counting whatever Oki you might go for if it doesnt kill.


Your staple Unblockable tool, as the first hit of 3d is a low, and with Carl going for an overhead, allows for High/Low unblockable setups if timed correctly. As a general combo tool however, it is not very good, as the heavy damage scaling, low hitstun and tiny hitbox make it quite undesireable for anything other that the Unblockables it enables.

-Leads to Hard knockdown extensions on air hit and standing starters on grounded hit, but be careful to be quick with the pickup, as 3d does not have a lot of hitstun.

[List of Unblockable routes WIP]


Not quite your most practical combo tool more than it is for oki, but does have its uses in more advanced midscreen setups, such as Unblockables from a sandwich position. Be mindful though that these cost a lot of Doll meter to go for and its not very often youll have the chance to go for them, but it is an option should you really need it.

-Leads to Launcher extensions on air hit, however due to its heavy damage scaling and lack positional advantage, its not very practical to go for over other moves as a general combo tool.

Note that midscreeen Unblockable setups must be done from a sandwich position, with the opponent in between you and Ada.
Noteable 2d routes
Example Combo Difficulty Note
(On a standing opponent) 5a>2b>5b>5c+2d>Jump up>low airdash>jb>ja>ja>j2c+3d>ja>delay jc+(3d hit) Intermediate jc and 3d should both hit as a completely new combo that the opponent cannot block (or at best will have a very difficult time blocking), depending on your 3d timing. Afterward, you can pick up with any standing starter for a new combo, effectively adding about 2.5k from the first combo, as additional damage to the following one.
(On a crouching opponent) 2b>5b>5c>6b+6d>5[A+B]>5b>5c+2d>jump up>low airdash>jb>ja>ja>j2c+3d>ja>delay jc+(3d hit) Intermediate Works off B starters against crouching characters, using Crush Trigger to force standing allowing ja to connect.
5a>2a>5b>5c>623c>Rapid Cancel>5b>5c+2d>jump up>low airdash>jb>ja>ja>j2c+3d>ja>delay jc+(3d hit) Intermediate Due to starters like jabs making the combo prorate too hard to get them standing with Crush Trigger, you can instead use 623c's initial hit to force sanding without the help of Ada, and go into the UB sequence much sooner into the combo.

Credit to Gemi+ for exploring these midscreen UB setups more in depth


Outside of simple jc or j214c enders, there may be situations in which you need to squeeze out just a bit more damage out of a combo to kill the opponent, which is where Carl's Distortion Drives/Supers come in.

For the sake of being concise and not repeating previously mentioned combos, all of the below supers can be combo'ed into by routing into jc>8d>3c/6c>Super.

632146c (Laetabilis Cantata/Gear super)

Carls solo super, can be used regardless of the situation and is the easiest to set up, being both very fast and the hitbox being huge. Also important to note that it lasts the longest, making it good for staling for Adas health to recover just a bit more while adding on a good deal of damage. best used after really anything, being only 7f of startup, though for the best effect, route into this the same way you would 214214d

-Does not lead to followups and forces air tech after it finishes, meaning if you want a knockdown after this you must use Ada to do so.

214214d (Fermata)

Carls highest minimum damage super outside of OD, but at the cost of requiring Ada to be available and not already in an animation. This does not use any of Adas meter however.

-Has pretty slow startup, so often needs pretty specific moves into it such as 8d>6c>214214d, or if midscreen, 8d>3c>214214d, making sure the 3c hits later into the active frames leaving them as high as possible

-Leads into another Carl followup on hit, which sets up nice for going straight into 632146c for resource dump to squeeze out just a bit more.

632146d (Arpeggio of Oblivion)

While only available when in OD, this super leads to carls highest minumum damage super, at around 1k. Requires the same routing into it as 214214d, being about just as slow and requiring Ada to be available, just that you must activate OD somewhere before routing into it.

-Most often a straight up better version of EA ender, as youre probably using OD in a combo to kill anyway, and neither lead to great oki after. Note however, that it does still cost 50 meter and about a 3rd of Adas health, not accounting for mid-OD regen.


While important to keep in mind when piloting the character, it is important to note that you do not need to worry about priority when you first start playing. This section is reserved for those who are comfortable with confirming into different combos already and are looking to further develop and optimize their routing.

If you are new, simply focus on learning how to execute your combos and how to piece everything together before worrying yourself any further, then come back here when youre more familiar with Carl's combo theory!

Because of how versatile Carl's combo routing can be at times, you often get the privilage of prioritizing certain functions over another, such as corner-carry, damage, or even regenerating doll gauge by stalling for time in the combo. Keeping Ada alive however, is most often top priority above all else, so if you can help it, do your best not to use routes that might leave her too low or run her out, as this can leave you in a very rough spot. this can be mitigated by more advanced combo routing that abuses certain links to stall for as much time as possible. Although as a general rule of thumb, do your best to always keep her with enough health to do at least one move without dying.

After keeping up your doll gauge, your other big priority should be getting to the corner, which can be done with routes utilizing moves like 623c>6d/4d to push them away or towards Ada, depending on her position, or 623c>41236d, leading to big carry and damage up front and good positioning afterwards to follow up with another doll move should you not quite be there yet.

Once you have achieved a knockdown in the corner, then your routing focuses more on dealing damage and looping powerful oki setups. Your go to option off most corner confirms is usually 623c>623d which is often times your best way to start off combos in the corner due to 623d allowing for a wide variety of useful followups.

-Note: All of your usual oki options can usually be done regardless of what route you use, so its not really something to worry too much about mid combo, more than just moving her into position when you aren't using her.

Videos A video covering general the basics of Carls combo theory, and some important uses for each of Ada's moves A video covering corner Unblockable setups off various starters and some of the specifics to how the setup works Mentioned above in the 2d combo section, a video covering how to set up Unblockables midscreen