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Guilty Gear 100 (Intro)
Conventions & Notations Terms & Definitions

To understand the information on this site, you need to know what all the conventions and abbreviations mean. This page can be used as reference for whenever you don't understand a particular convention or abbreviation.

7 8 9 Input   Kick Slash Heavy  
4 5 6   K S H  
1 2 3 Punch P   D Dust
Controller commands are facing right.

j. Jump - Jumping version of the attack (ie: j.S, jump slash)
sj. Super Jump - Super jumping version of the attack (ie: sj.S, super jump slash)
jc. Jump Cancel - Jump cancel from the previous move into this attack
sjc. Super Jump Cancel - Same as jump cancel, but with a Super Jump instead
(c) or c. Close - close version of an attack (ie: S(c) or c.S, close slash)
(f) or f. far - far version of an attack (ie: S(f) or f.S, far slash)
iad. Instant Air Dash - modifies attack after a jump cancel (JC) (ie: H -> JC, iad.K, instant air dash kick)
[ ] "Hold" - Hold button indicated (ie: [H], hold Heavy)
] [ "Release" - Release the button or direction indicated (ie: ]H[, release Heavy)
|> Return to Gronud - Land from the air
/\ Homing Jump - Hold up direction after Dust launcher

FD Faultless Defense - Special Guard ability. Hold Back and any two buttons that are not Dust, and not S+H. For example, hold Back + P + K.
FDC Faultless Defense Cancel - Advanced canceling technique
IB Instant Block - Press back as a move is about to strike (also known as Just Defend)
RC Roman Cancel - Press any 3 buttons during attack (hit or blocked)
FRC Force Roman Cancel - Press any 3 buttons during specific attack at a specific timing (hit, blocked, or whiffed).
JC Jump Cancel - Press any up (9,8,7) direction during jump cancelable move (unless noted, assume 9)
High Jump Cancel - Press down then any up direction during jump cancelable move
JI Jump Install - Press any up direction during jump cancelable move during combo
ID Impossible Dust - Refers to Impossible Dust technique
CH Counter Hit - Abbreviation for Counter Hit (move interrupts an attacking opponent)
IAD Instant Air Dash - Perform quick air dash close to ground (used outside of combos)
IK Instant Kill - Nanto Fatal KO
FB Force Break - New 25% tension attack added to Accent Core
SB Slash Back - New Parry type defensive system added to Accent Core

Reading the Analysis Section
Damage Total damage the move inflicts.
TG Tension Gauge - The amount the Tension Gauge increases when move is performed. listed as Whiff/Hit for special attacks.
GB+ Indicates how much the guard bar increases when this move is blocked.
GB- Indicates how much the guard bar decreases when hit by this move.
LV Level - Determines how much guard / hit stun move inflicts (see: Attack Effects)
Guard How to guard the move:
H: High Guard
L: Low guard
F: Faultless Defense is required when blocking from the air
A: Can be guarded normally in the air
Any: You can block it however you want
Unblockable: You can't block it at all!
### Pixels: It's a throw, and this is it's maximum range in pixels
Cancel How the move can be canceled:
c: Cancels into itself
C: Cancels into Special Moves, Overdrives, Force Breaks
R: Roman Cancel
F: False Roman Cancel
J: Jump
Startup Startup refers to the number of frames that it takes before a move can actually hit the other player.
Active Active Frames refers to the number of frames that a move can actually hit the other player.
Recovery Recovery refers to the number of frames that a move requires to recover from.
SD Static Difference - This is how much frame advantage or disadvantage you have assuming the move is blocked on the first possible active frame.
*1 Notes, see below for more detail.

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