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Selective Tech

Selective Tech is a complex way of simply saying "smart teching". Basically, instead of teching at the earliest possible moment, you wait until your opponent advances and attempts to attack, then tech through and retaliate. Knowing which tech is best suited for each situation is important for maximizing your defense options.

Variation Info
While there are basically 3 types of tech, forward, backward, and neutral, there is a 4th variation that many people aren't aware of. The fourth variation is an offshoot of the neutral tech, except it is done close to the ground. When this happens, the character falls faster to the ground than normal. It's almost as if they are "down" teching. However, you should keep in mind that neutral teching is the slower of the 3 general options, and after you get too close to the ground, you will be unable to tech. This can have detrimental effects on selective teching if you wait too long and lose your ability to tech. The opponent will get those extra hits in and you won't be able to tech through as planned.

Application 1: Delayed Tech
Character Example: May vs Potemkin

Example Sequence: Potemkin 6K,D -> Homing Jump D (whiff) \/ 236236S / May Tech Options

Here's a Potemkin sequence that is designed to punish an early techer. Potemkin uses the 6K,D for a quick launch, then goes into the air but quickly cancels back down to the ground using his air D. From here, he immediately goes into his H.Potemkin Buster (236236S). If the opponent teched neutral or back as fast as possible, they will usually get snatched out of the air with the Overdrive for full damage (since the opponent techs the combo is reset).

As an alternative, if May knows this setup is coming, she can tech forward to avoid the H.Potemkin Buster's range. However, as a counter to May's smart teching, the Potemkin player can simply wait to see the tech, then adjust the direction of the Overdrive accordingly. If May techs neutral or back, the standard 236236S should grab them. If she techs forward, she will go over his head, then Potemkin needs only to 236236S in the other direction.

At this point, it looks bad for May. If she doesn't have a burst, it looks as if shes gonna get slammed either way. Fortunately there is another option for her. May can simply wait until she sees the actual Overdrive screen freeze (which happens at the beginning of every Overdrive Attack), and then tech. The Heavenly Potemkin Buster will pass right through her no matter which way she techs. Selective Tech in full effect!

Well, there IS one other option. May could choose NOT to tech at all, and then the Heavenly Potemkin Buster would count as the 3rd hit of the combo and do only a small portion of what it would normally do. However, who wants to let the opponent have free damage?!

Application 2: Direction Tech
Most of the time, characters do better without their back to the wall so it's important to keep them out of the corner. Whenever you are hit by a techable move near the corner, it's usually best to tech away from the wall so you don't end up being pressured without a way to escape. Using forward tech at the most opportune time, be it instantly or delayed (depending on who you are fighting and what their air throw options are), you can combine it with an air dash (since double jump and air dash options are reset on each tech) to get yourself far from the corner and impending danger.

In some cases, certain setups might include waiting for your tech (similar to the aforementioned Heavenly Potemkin Buster setup, or Chipp's OTG ("off the ground") Gamma Blade -> Tech Air Throw Catch setup) so you really need to know what options are available to your opponent and the probability of having to deal with them. In some cases, you might actually be better not teching, but this can lead to even more OTG hits for your opponent. Use good judgement and remember that your double jump / air dash options are available after a tech. Use them and get away safely!

Though smart teching should be obvious, many players rush the tech and fall right into their opponents traps. High-level players will often have setups that have guaranteed (or almost guaranteed) "tech catches", meaning they expect the tech and then either air throw, combo reset, or super grab. By learning when and where to tech, you can frequently give the opponent a false sense of security, then tech right through their next attack attempt. Even better, many times you can actually gain initiative and punish them in return. Concentrate on direction and timing to maximize your escape options, then learn when and where you can retaliate!

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