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Option Select

Option Select is the act of performing one technique that has multiple outcomes depending on the state of the opponent. At the moment, there are two main types of Option Select: Air Throw/FD, and Ground Throw/Basic Attack. The first type involves attempting to air throw an opponent, then cancelling into Faultless Defense immediately after. This way, no air H is executed. The second type involves attempting to ground throw an opponent but buffering a basic attack to strike if the opponent is in a non-ground-throwable state (such as jumping). Both techniques are very useful and should be incorperated into your gameplan to maximize effectiveness.

Type 1: Ground Throw/Basic Attack
Character Example: Ky

Option Select: 6S+H

The main Option Select variation, this technique allows you to attempt a throw while simultaneously buffering an attack to strike if the opponent is in a state that cannot be ground thrown (such as they try to jump away). If Ky attempts to throw with 6S+H and the opponent is in a throwable state, they will be thrown. However, if they attempt to jump away, the S will come out instead and allow Ky to follow-up with an air combo. It's very important to remember to hold up after pressing 6S+H. If you throw, nothing will come out, but if the S comes out and hits a jumping opponent, you will instantly jump cancel it and be able to air combo. Find the best standing basic attack (P,K, or S) and combine that with your throw attempts. Always be ready to air combo if you catch the opponent jumping away.

Type 2: Slash Back/Command Move
Slash Back when wiffed has a fairly lengthy recovery when you can't block, making it very dangerous to throw out. However, during the recovery you can still input moves, which gives you a safe way out if the enemy didn't do what you expected them to.

Character Example: Potemkin

Option Select: 63214S+H 6P

The above technique for Potemkin is the Option Select Potemkin Buster. The goal is to escape pressure and score a Potemkin Buster. The advantage of this technique is that if your Slash Back fails because the enemy threw his attack late or not at all, you will automatically do a Potemkin Buster anyway. In the case where you do manage to Slash Back an attack, the Potemkin Buster will come out instantly and punish their move.

Keep in mind that this technique is still very dangerous, as you still need to be able to time your Slash Back properly. This is simply a slightly safer method, as it gives you a degree more of protection should your Slash Back fail.

This technique tends to work best with moves with very little startup, or with invincible startup.

Type 3: Air Throw/Faultless Defense
A technique used back in XX and #R, which has since been removed for the most part in Accent Core. A method of doing this still exists, however it isn't typically used anymore.

The Option Select was a much more important technique back in the days of XX and #R, but has since mostly gone into disuse.

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