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Jump Install

The Jump Install (JI) technique is a very powerful feature that allows you to dash or double / triple jump where you normally can't. This leads to higher damage combo possibilities as well as additional attack options.

There are many types of JI techniques. The common goal between all of them is to allow you to have additional air options where you normally wouldn't. Generally this means being able to have an extra jump cancel to extend a combo, but also in some cases to allow you to air dash after moves you normally wouldn't be able to.

Type 1: Solo Jump Install
Character Example: Axl

Jump Install Sequence: 632147S -> RC, air dash H,D -> (air) 623H

The solo jump install technique is relatively straightforward. By adding an upward direction (7 or 8 or 9) at the end of a ground-based move that goes airborne, you can Roman Cancel it when it strikes (but before it recovers) and then utilize your air dash or double / triple jump options. In this particular example, Axl can attack with his 63214S, then cancel as it hits (leaving him airborne), then utilize an air dash towards to combo (if the move hit) or pressure (if blocked).

Type 2: Combo Jump Install
Character Example: Chipp

Jump Install Sequence: combo to RC, dash 6P(JI),2H -> 22H, j.P,P,K -> JC, dj.P,S -> JC, tj.P,S,H -> 623S

Since Chipp normally cannot use air dash or double / triple jump options after his 22H teleport, combos ending with 2H -> 22H are limited. However, using the JI technique before taking to the air allows Chipp to use a full triple jump air combo. To do this, up is pressed the instant P executes, then the 2H is chained after it. Since the 2H comes out before the Jump Cancel can take effect, the jump is simply stored for later. Chipp can then recall it after going to the air with a special move (in this case, 22H). Though there are generally easier and more damaging combos for Chipp, his Jump Install variations are very flashing and extremely technical. Definitely a must for all stylish Chipp players.

Type 3: From-Jump Jump Install
Character Example: Ky

Jump Install Sequence: j.H (land), S -> 623H -> RC, air.S -> JC, dj.S-H -> 623H

For some strange reason, if a combo is started off a basic jump (not a double jump), then goes to the air via special move (such as Ky's 623S or 623H), the move can be RC'ed and the game system will allow air dash and double / triple jump options. That's basically the reason it's called "auto" jump install, simple because it's automatically done!

TODO: Find out of this is still accurate

Type 4: Super Jump Install
Character Example: Millia

Jump Install Sequence: 2S,2H(JI) -> SJC, sj.S,P,K -> dj.P,K,S,H... etc

Using a similar technique to the Combo Jump Install, Millia can install a jump into a jump cancelable move, then quickly cancel it into a super jump. For example, when Millia performs her 2H (which is jump cancellable), buffers the up direction early, then uses a super jump at the point when the move can be cancelled, she then has all of her double jump options available. Normally, after a super jump, characters cannot double jump. This simply boosts her combo options. Though it isn't particularly obvious to most players, Super Jump Install can show your technical ability as well as open up more interesting combos.

The Jump can be Installed earlier in the sequence too and still use the Super Jump Install. With Anji, for example:

Air Throw |> S (JI) f.S > SJC, sj.S P S > jc.S P S D

NOTE: You CANNOT Super Jump Install from neutral! Hitting 8 2 8 or similar while standing at neutral will NOT let you double jump after a Super Jump. You must cancel a normal for the SJI to work.

Type 5: Pseudo Jump Install
Character Example: Anji

Jump Install Sequence: 2147P -> RC, air dash, K,S -> 214P

When doing an air move close to the ground using the "tiger knee" motion, your character recovers in a normal jump if the move finishes while airborne or if it is Roman Cancelled. For this particular sequence, Anji performs his 214 close to the ground using buffering the 214 on the ground, then quickly finishing with 7 (up back) and P. From here, the air 214P is RC'ed, and Anji air dashes in to continue his pressure. Using this technique with other moves can result in boosted offensive options and even better combo options.

Type 6: Auto Jump Install
As of Accent Core, many special moves which used to have to be Jump Installed no longer have to be. These moves are said to 'auto-Jump Install' now. Sol's Bandit Revolver is one such example. Make sure you check out your character's Frame Data for more information.

Additional Notes about Jump Install
Jump Installing counts as a pseudo jump but you do not actually leave the ground. Besides the desired property of allowing you extra jumps, Jump Install also kills any ground momentum you had. This means that if you started your combo by running, any forward run speed you have left will go away once you Jump Install. Keep this in mind, it can be important!

Oddly enough, it is also possible to force the enemy to jump install. Certain moves when they Counter Hit will cause a floor bounce, but also cause a large amount of stun where they 'stick' to the floor briefly. If you strike the enemy again during this time, they will remain on the ground instead of bouncing. If this happens, they have technically been 'Jump Installed', and can possibly air tech even while standing! There are other varations on the same idea as well that will allow you to 'Jump Install' your enemy. Not that you'd really want to.

The JI techniques allow you to power up your combos and attack options. It allows many combos that were previously not possible and also brings new life to attack patterns. Complete mastery of the JI technique can be a definite advantage at high level play.

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