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Impossible Dust

The Impossible Dust (ID) technique is an interesting feature of the combo system. It basically makes it "impossible" for your opponent to tech out after a Dust launch, hence the name.

ID basically serves only one purpose: combos. Instead of using a standard air combo after a Dust, the ID lets you add a little flair and sometimes a bit of extra damage.

There are two main ways to follow up an ID. The first is to use a move that brings you to the ground quickly. This way, you can land much earlier than your opponent and follow up with a relaunch combo. The second way involves double jumping before the actual ID. Both are explained below.

To perform the Impossible Dust technique, you must first understand why it works. Directly following a Dust launch, there is a 29 frame window where your opponent will be unable to tech. Basically the time before the screen begins transitioning to the red background. If you hit the opponent during this 29 frame window, they will be unable to tech for the next 48 frames. The object of the Impossibile Dust technique is to strike the opponent as close to the 29th frame as possible (must be before the 29 frame window ends, not after), so the opponent will be unable to tech for another 48 frames. For most characters, 29+48 frames is more than enough time to prevent them from ever teching, and ultimately ending up hitting the ground. This is where you the rest of the ID combo comes into play.

Obviously hitting on the 29th frame is the best option due to the amount of total untechable frames you are rewarded with, however, usually striking between the 25th-29th frame will still allow most ID combos to be performed. This 5-frame window is called the "safe-zone". In order to take advantage of the untechable frames of the ID, you must land before your opponent does. This can be done 2 ways. The first uses Double Jump Gravity, the second uses any maneuver that travels downward quickly. Both examples are shown below.

Remember, you must strike before the initial 29-frame launch period is complete or you will receive no untechable rewards. Even striking on the 30th frame will allow the opponent to tech normally. Learn your character to determine what the best sequence of maneuvers are for taking advantage of the Impossible Dust technique.

Application 1: Double Jump Gravity
Character Example: Ky

ID Combo: Dust /\ dj, j.H |> dash, jump > j.S P S -> JC, S,H -> 623H

Ky performs his Dust and immediately follows with a quick double jump. He then hits the opponent with a H during the "safe zone". Since Ky was in a double jump as he struck the opponent, he falls as he normally would from a double jump H. However, the opponent is still in the Dust launch which makes them fall much slower. Ky is then able to land and connect with a dash - rejump combo. Very stylish!

TODO: Get a better example since Ky doesn't use this kind of combo anymore
Application 2: Downward Movement
Character Example: Millia

ID Combo: Dust /\ j.S S 236+K |> 2H > ...

Millia performs her Dust, follows with the Homing Jump, quickly hits with the (hold up) S-S and cancels into the Turbo Fall. The opponent is unable to tech, and Millia rushes to the ground to meet them as they fall. From here, she hits them with her 2H and goes back into an air combo. The key to this ID combo is the Turbo Fall. It brings Millia down while her opponent is still falling. The only problem with this variation is the fact that not all characters have downward movement air maneuvers.

Application 3: Faultless Defense Gravity
Character Example: Johnny

ID Combo: Dust /\ FD, j.D |> ...

Johnny performs a Dust, and then shortly into his homing jump will Faultless Defense and perform a j.D. The Faultless Defense is similar to the Double Jump in that it causes you to cancel your homing jump and fall as normal. So essentially the FD just causes you to start moving downward, and then you tag the enemy with an attack while you are falling. This pops them up, and puts you down on the ground.

Using the ID technique not only gives you an opportunity to score more damage (in some cases), it also allows you to show off your technical ability. Since ID combos, especially the Double Jump variation, require extra precision, people can't help but give you respect!

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