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Instant Air Dash

A special benefit of air dashes is the ability to perform them in combination with a jump. This technique is called Instant Air Dash (IAD). In order to instant air dash you must first jump either forwards or backwards. Then, as soon as your character leaves the ground, press the appropriate direction to complete the actual air dash. The directional jump also serves as the first motion for the air dash so you only have to press the respective dash direction once to follow up. For example, if you wish to perform an instant air dash fowards, simple press up+forward, then as your character leaves the ground, quickly tap forward to complete the input (  ). By perfecting this technique, you will be able to leave the ground and quickly advance upon your opponent much faster than if you had jumped and then manually performed an air dash.

Alternatively, you can also simply input forward before any jump, and then hit forward again once you leave the ground. This method can be useful for some players or with some motions that feel odd to do otherwise. For example, you can perform an IAD with the input Forward, Upback, Forward (   )

The option to instand air dash really shines when you combine it with jump cancels (JC). Since you can already cancel certain moves with a jump, by timing your instant air dash to coincide with the jump cancel, you can strike the opponent (hit or blocked), then rush in immediately after.

Due to the fact that each jump cancelable move has different cancel frames, you will have to study your character and learn when to time the initial jump, then when to follow with the appropriate direction for the dash.

All techniques are explained below.

Type 1: Attack Patterns
Character Example: Jam vs Johnny

IAD Sequence: 2K S S > JC, iad j.P.P.P.P |> K S S > JC, iad j.P.P.P.P |> ... etc

Perhaps one of the best Instant Air Dash'ers in the game, Jam can be played as a super rush down character when her IAD options are applied correctly. Not only can she max an opponents Guard Gauge in a few quick repetitions, but she can also switch her patterns up and really give the opponent trouble. By Jump Cancelling the S-S sequence into an instant air dash, Jam can come right at the opponent with a low flying series of quick air Punches. Once she lands, she can go right back into the same pattern. Once she gets her opponent scared to attack, she can mix it up by landing and switching into her other attacks or throw.

Type 2: Combo Options
Character Example: I-No vs Eddie

IAD Sequence: c.S H > JC, iad j.K.S.H |> c.S 6P H > 632146K

By cancelling her stand H into an well-timed instant air dash, I-No can link K S H in the air, then land and continue the combo. Utilizing the IAD technique allows her connect for 235 dmg (vs Eddie) without having to use any Tension for a RC, FRC, or Super. Now that's efficient!

The ability to instant air dash is one that is often overlooked by many players. It can really boost your attack patterns and combo options, giving your overall offense a major improvement. With timing and practice, you will be able to perform IAD's right off the ground. Learn and execute!

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