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Dash Brake

Dash Brake is a very simple technique but should not be overlooked. It involves using Faultless Defense (FD) to instantly cut a ground dash short and put your character into a blocking state. The reason this is important is because during a dash/run, in order to come to a complete stop and simply block, you must go to neutral on the controller (5) or hold back (4). However, before your character is able to block, they will slide to a halt. During the slide, you are completely vulnerable to ground attacks. As noted in the General section, you can cancel the dash or run at any point with a Jump, Super Jump, or any attack. However, if you just want to advance quickly for position without throwing any attack out or jumping, the other option is to Dash Break.

Johnny and Slayer cannot use the Dash Break technique because they have forward hops instead of the traditional dash. Also, since Potemkin has no forward dash, this technique is unavailable to him as well.

Execution of the Dash Brake is extremely easy. Simply use Faultless Defense (FD) to stop your run/dash. This will instantly cut your dash or run short and put your character into a blocking state.

Application 1: Standard Dash Brake
Character Example: Dizzy

Dash Brake Technique: 6[6] (run), 4P+K (FD)

Sometimes when rushing in, your opponent may do something unexpected or attempt some kind of countermeasure to stop your advances. This is the perfect time to use Dash Brake and guard what's coming.

Also, because Faultless Defense is performed with a back motion (4), you can use it as the first motion for a back dash. For example, you rush in with Dizzy, see that your opponent is counter attacking, then simply 4P+K,4. Here you use Dash Brake to stop your forward momentum and then use one more back motion to instantly go into your backdash.

Application 2: Dash Brake Throw
Character Example: Testament

Dash Brake Technique: 6[6] (run), [4]P+K, H (Throw)

Another common use of Dash Brake involves stopping your characters forward momentum and instantly going into a throw. You cannot throw during a dash or run, and also for a few frames at the start of your normal dash stopping animation. However, using Dash Brake to stop the dash and instantly going into a throw can often catch your opponent off guard. This works especially well when using a character notorious for constant rushing techniques (Chipp, Millia etc). To use this variation, dash or run as normal, then execute the Dash Brake and hold the backwards direction. The moment your dash stops, hit H again for the throw. Obviously you need to be right next to the opponent for the throw to connect.

Depending on the direction your characters 4H throw tosses the opponent, you may want to opt for the 6H variation instead. To do this, Dash Brake as usual (4P+K), then quickly switch to 6H. It's just as effective as the other variation but requires slightly better timing.

Application 3: Dash Brake Command Throw
Character Example: Sol

Dash Brake Technique: 6[6] (run), 623K (Command Throw)

Though this technique is not officially Dash Brake (using FD to stop your dash or run), it is very similar in theory to the Dash Brake Throw variation. Since Sol (and Eddie and May) have command grabs that are executed with forward directions first, you can actually use the forward direction of the dash or run as the first movement for the command throw requirement. For example, Sol does 6623K. He will get a quick dash forward and then go right into his command grab. For the running variation, he can do 6[6] until he wants to grab, then 23K to snatch them up. NICE!

Dash Braking is a very simple yet effective tool that can be used at all levels of play. Not only will you score more surprise throws, but you can keep your opponent weary of your ground game and force them to go airborne. From there you can cancel your dash or run into a jump and air throw! TOO GOOD!

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