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Alternate Costumes
By using different buttons, you can select additional costumes colors for your character. Each character has multiple color sets, and 6 colors in each set. Colors arechosen by hitting P, K, S, H, D, or Start, color sets are cycled through by hitting Taunt. Each character has a Gold and Shadow color in one of their sets. Both gold and shadow costumes give the character special bonuses. Gold is a very powerful version of the character with added and/or different abilities, and many gold variations come with automatic full Tension. Shadow is the original version of the character with automatic infinite Tension.

If both players attempt to pick the same character and the same color, the person who tries second will get the default color. (?)

There are a few ways to unlock the special colors. TODO: Get this info

EX Characters
Also unlockable within GGAC are EX Mode characters, as well as old version of characters from previous GGXX games.

Once unlocked, these characters can be selected by ... TODO

To unlock these extra character modes ... TODO

GG Generations

Special Fight Intros
There are a number of special fight introductions that appear if a specific pair of characters are matched against each other. In addition, there are some special musics that only play when certain characters fight each other.

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