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Guilty Gear 101 (Basics)
Movement Guarding Attacking
Throws Tension Attacks Teching

Throws are moves which, after initiated, do a considerable amount of damage to your opponent. The best thing about throws is that they are very quick ways do deal damage. To perform a throw, press either 6H or 4H while next to your opponent. Though the motion is identical between all characters, the actual throw, damage, and combo follow ups are different. Throws have absolutely no startup at all, so the instant you input the throw, the instant it happens. Keep in mind though that if you miss, you will get a 6H or 4H instead, which is often not good at all.

As a side note, you can throw opponents that are staggered. Characters that have stagger-inflicting moves as well as a command throw (such as Potemkin or Slayer), can actually combo their throws!

- Frame Info -

It's important to know when you can and can't throw the opponent. Depending on the state of hit / block / recovery stun they are in, they may not be able to be grabbed. Below is a list of situations when the opponent cannot be thrown:

While the opponent is being attacked, and 6 frames after the opponent recovers from being hit. Basically this means that after an attack strikes the opponent, even if you RC or FRC the move, they will be invulnerable to throws for an additional 6 frames from when they left hit stun.

While the opponent is being guarded, and for 5 frames after the guard stun ends, your opponent will be invincible to throws.

While the opponent is knocked down (This one should be obvious).

Many moves have throw invincibility properties as well, such as Baiken's 6K. Moves like this are often good for Wakeup pressure because they are immune to reversal throws. Some moves also discretely count as being in the air, such as Slayer's 6K. These moves can't be thrown on the ground, but CAN be air thrown!

Air Throws
Air throws are also similar to basic throws except they are performed in the air (duh!). When near an opponent that is not in block-stun, hit-stun, simply press 6H or 4H to air throw them. Keep in mind that you cannot air throw someone using diagonal directions. You must press 6 or 4 (forward or backwards).

Air throws often give people trouble because they are not quite as easy to space as ground throws. The ideal way to air throw someone is to be slightly below them and rising up to meet them. Typically if you are above the other person, you will not be able to throw before they do.

Another typical use for air throws is throwing people out of techs or bursts, neither of which are throw invincible. Doing so usually requires you to bait out the escape attempt and punish it.

Command Throws
Command throws are similar to basic throws except they require specific joystick and button combinations to perform. On the whole, command throws inflict more damage than basic throws and often have better follow up possibilties. Command throws also have more range than normal throws, and can be canceled into like other special moves. They also can be done while running, so no need to Dash Break. Command throws however do have startup frames, so usually can't be used on reversal safely like regular throws can be.

Another important advantage of Command throws is that they will always beat normal throws if both go active on the same frame. In other words, if Sol tries to normal throw Potemkin at the exact frame Potemkin does his Potemkin Buster, the Potemkin Buster will win.

Throw Breaks
There are 2 versions of throw breaks. The first one occurs when your opponent presses his throw at the EXACT same time as you. This causes a purple graphic to appear and you both back off on even recovery. The second one is if your opponent presses throw within about 2 frames of you throwing them. This causes another purple graphic to appear, but this time the throw animation will start, but they take no damage and they will back off in a less favorable way. It depends on the character's throw (like in Johnny's case, they get tossed in the air a little away from him but take no damage)

Command throws cannot be broken.

You can break air throws just like ground throws.

You CANNOT break throws while you are recovering from a move, so unsafe attacks are still unsafe.

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