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Guilty Gear 101 (Basics)
Movement Guarding Attacking
Throws Tension Attacks Teching

Overdrive Attacks ("Supers")
Much like "Supers" from other fighting games, Overdrive Attacks are one of the primary uses of the Tension Gauge. When you have at least 50% of your Tension Gauge filled, you can perform an Overdrive Attack. Each Overdrive Attack is character specific, and it's up to you to know what your characters variation does and what properties it contains.

Note: Some characters have Overdrive attacks which require a full 100% meter to perform!

Force Breaks (FB)
Each character now has one or more Force Break moves. These moves are basically Extra Special moves. They require 25% tension to do (half cost of an Overdrive). Force Breaks are all character specific, so look at your character's move list for more information on how to do them.

Some characters gained entirely new moves that are FBs (Slayer's Big Bang Upper), some have had their properties changes (Air 623H for Axl has changed to a downward Axl Bomber, whereas his old one is now an FB with modified properties), and some characters have had moves changed to FB Only (Johnny's Jackhound is now only usable with 25% tension. The 214H command no longer exists).

To perform an FB, you need to have 25% tension, then perform a specific input (Note that all Force Breaks use the Dust button as input). Some moves are brand new and thus follow no trend. Examples: Ky's Air 214D is new and follows no trend, Axl's Air 623D is an "improved" Axl Bomber, Slayer's 214P D is an improved Pile Bunker etc.

You'll know a Force Break was successfully performed because of a specific noise it makes, and the character has a white flash for a second.

Dead Angle Attack (DAA)
Dead Angle Attacks are basically counters / reversals which require 50% of your Tension Gauge. To perform a Dead Angle Attack, you must first block any attack while on the ground. During the block stun, press towards your opponent and any two buttons simultaneously (6P+K for example). When performed, your character will flash white, then immediately attack the opponent back. This can be useful when your opponent is rushing you down and you want to get them off your back. It can also be used to do a small amount of damage and set up possible combo follow ups. Since each characters Dead Angle Attack is different, it's important to know what each one does. Also, since each Dead Angle Attack has startup frames like every other attack, if you counter an opponents move that recovers quickly, your Dead Angle Attack may be guarded. It's best to use the Dead Angle Attack when you are certain it will connect. Most DAAs have invincible startup, but also most have punishable recovery.

As mentioned in the "Increasing Tension" section, when a DAA is used, your Tension Gauge will increase at only 20% of normal for a full 4 seconds.

Instant Kill (IK)
To perform an Instant Kill, you must first enter Instant Kill mode by pressing all four attack buttons at once. This can be done at any time, and effectively changes your Tension Gauge into a timer. The timer length is based upon how much Tension you had stored. It will gradually decrease as you remain in Instant Kill mode. Once its emptied, you will remain in Instant Kill mode, but your health meter will then act as the timer. From then on, as long as you remain in Instant Kill mode, your health will gradually decrease. This will continue until you either perform the Instant Kill, you revert back to Tension Gauge by pressing all four attack buttons again, or your health meter depletes fully. You cannot kill yourself in this manner, but it will leave you with zero health, and the next hit or guard damage point will finish you off. If you revert back to your normal Tension Gauge, you will always have no tension remaining.

If you successfully connect the Instant Kill, your opponent will be destroyed and instantly lose the round, no matter how much life they have. If you miss, or if the Instant Kill is blocked, you will lose your Tension Gauge for the rest of the round. This will prevent you from using Overdrive Attacks, Dead Angle Attacks, Roman Cancels, False Roman Cancels, and Faultless Defense. You will also be unable to perform another Instant Kill. Each Instant Kill has different properties and can be used in different situations. It's important to know what your characters Instant Kill looks like, and in what situations it may be useful.

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