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Guilty Gear 101 (Basics)
Movement Guarding Attacking
Throws Tension Attacks Teching

Tech (Ukemi)
Tech, also known as "Ukemi", is an option to lessen the effects of certain throws, knockbacks, and combos. To perform a tech, press any button in while in the air after being hit. Depending on the attack your character is hit by, teching may or may not be possible. Also, each attack inflicts a certain amount of float stun which allows other moves to follow up without characters being able to tech out. As a general rule, the stronger the attack, the more float stun it inflicts.

After a tech, the double / triple jump and air dash options are reset. This means, if you double / triple jump, or air dash, are hit out of the air, then tech, you can perform another double / triple jump or air dash again.

As an added bonus of the tech, you can actually choose to direct it either forward, backward or neutral. This can help get out of traps, and allow you to reposition your character for a better angle of attack. Forward and Backward teching is also faster than neutral, however these techs will pop you up into the air a bit (unlike neutral teching), which can possibly be even less safe, especially against fast characters with a dangerous air game (like Jam). Make sure you know when and where each type of tech is useful, and make sure not to be too predictable about it.

An important feature of the tech is the fact that, as it starts, characters become invincible for a few frames. By timing your techs, you can actually wait for attacks and then tech as they are about to hit. The incoming attack can actually be teched "through", which can leave your opponent highly vulnerable to retaliations. Keep in mind that you must wait for the tech to complete before before your character can do anything. However, you can actually tech and then guard since the tech is invulnerable until it finishes and guarding takes place instantly after it recovers.

A very important thing to remember is that some combos cannot be "neutral" teched, but they can be "side" teched... either forward or backwards (see below).

For more advanced uses of Tech, check out the Selective Tech section.

Untechable Timing
The amount of time a move is air untechable for decreases with each hit of the combo. The rate at which this happens actually is different between Neutral tech, and Forward/Backward tech. For Forward and Backward tech, the untechable time actually decreases faster, meaning you can break out of combos easier with these techs. The downside is that Forward and Backward tech will pop you up into the air more, meaning you are an easier target for continued attacks.

IMPORTANT: Because of this property of teching, it's important to practice your combos with the enemy set for Forward/Backward tech, as otherwise some combos may seem to work even when they really wont! The 'Beat' indicator will also turn black to help remind you that your combo isn't entirely solid.

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