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Guilty Gear 201 (Intermediate)
Tension Gauge RC & FRC Burst Combo System
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- Hit Stun Charts Only -

Bear Stun
If you are struck repeatedly over short amount of time, your character will become stunned (also known as "dizzied"). During this time, you will be unable to perform any actions such as guarding, attacking, or even teching combos. Dizzies are indicated by birds that fly around your character's head. As it wears off, the birds will fly off. When all the birds are gone, you will resume control of your character. You can speed up the recovery by shaking the joystick in all directions and rapidly pressing the buttons.

If a character is dizzied mid-combo they will remain dizzied until the player shakes out, or the dizzy wears off. This allows players to land and begin another combo on a dizzied character if their opponent doesn't shake out.

Each move contains a different "dizzy potential". Depending on the dizzy potential, it will take a different amount of consecutive hits with the move to make the opponent dizzy. Each character has their own Bear Stun Rating which is basically their "dizzy resistance". The higher the number, the less likely it is they will get dizzy.

- Bear Stun Formula -

(Move Damage x Combo Modifier x Character State Modifier) -> -5 -> x(1.0 - 1.3) -> x0.15

Character State Modifier - state the opponent is in while struck (IK Mode refers to the striking character)
Normal Hit = 100%, Counterhit = 200%, OTG = 25%, IK Mode = 50%

Combo Hit Modifiers - dizzy potential decreases per combo hit. (combo hit number / modifier)
1/100%, 2/75%, 3/69%, 4/63%, 5/56%, 6/50%, 7/44%, 8/38%, 9/31%, 10/25%, 11/19%, 12+/13%

Example 1 (Normal Hit): - Potemkin's 6H (90 damage)
If Potemkin's 6H strikes the opponent on a normal hit, this is how the dizzy potenial is calculated. First the damage is taken into account (90), then the combo hit modifier (say this is the first hit, so 100%), then the state the character is in while struck (normal hit, so again 100%).

So far we have 90 x 100% x 100% = 90.

Next we automatically subract 5. Total is now 85.

The total is then multiplied by a random number between 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, or 1.03. Let's say in this case it's 1.03 (best case scenario), so we now have a total of 87.55.

Finally, we multiply the total by .15, and end up with a grand total of 13.1325 (so basically 13 stun is inflicted).

Example 2 (Counter Hit): - Johnny's 6H (76 damage)
Using the same formula above, except changing the "Character State Modifier" to 200%, we can attain the total amount of stun inflicted.

76 x 200% x 100% (assuming it is a single hit, not combo hit) = 152

Subtract 5 (147), Multiply by random number between 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, or 1.03 (lets say 1.00 this time) = 147 still.

Multiply the entire sum by .15 and we get 22.05 (so basically 22 stun is inflicted).

Now you compare the number against a characters Stun Resistance Rating and you can see how much closer they are to becoming dizzied after your hit strikes. For example, Chipp's Stun Resistance is 50, so subtract the 22 stun inflicted from Johnny's counterhit 6H and you can see Chipp only has 28 stun points left before he is rendered helpless!!!

- Healing Rate -

If you do not take damage, the amount of inflicted stun you have received will gradually heal (be subtracted). As long as you are not taking damage, the healing is as follows:

- 2.4 per second (normal state)
- 4.8 per second (while opponent is in IK Mode)
- 6.0 per second (while your character is downed)

If you've read the chart carefully, you can see that the system has been designed so it is harder to activate IK Mode and then dizzy the opponent for the Instant Kill. While you are in IK Mode, you will only be inflicting 50% stun, and your opponent's stun will be healing at a rate of 4.8 units per second.

Bear Stun Resistance Chart
Anji Axl Baiken Bridget Chipp Dizzy Eddie Faust I-No Jam
65 60 55 55 50 50 60 65 55 65
Johnny Ky May Millia Potemkin Slayer Sol Testament Venom Zappa
70 60 70 55 80 70 60 65 60 60
Robo-Ky Holy Order Sol ABA
80 60 80

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