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Guilty Gear 201 (Intermediate)
Tension Gauge RC & FRC Burst Combo System
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Though techincally a part of the Tension Gauge system, both Roman Cancel and Force Roman Cancel is important enough to warrant its own section. Both variations of the cancels open the game up for both offensive and defensive reasons. Be sure to study both sections and practice using them with your character of choice.

Roman Cancel (RC)
The Roman Cancel is one of the GG series' most innovative features. By pressing any three attack buttons simultaneously during a move that connects or is blocked, you can cancel all of the recovery. The Roman Cancel has many great uses, the primary being for extending combos and increasing damage. Any normal attack, and the majority of Special Attacks and Overdrive Attacks, can be Roman Cancelled which lends itself to some devastating options. Using a Roman Cancel requires 50% of your Tension Gauge. Since not all attacks can be Roman Cancelled, it's important to study the character movelists to learn what can and can't be cancelled.

Roman Cancelling blocked attacks can be an effective option as well. Though it still takes 50% of your Tension Gauge, it can often get you out of impending trouble, or set up unexpected follow ups. Since your opponent may expect to block your attack and retaliate as you recover, Roman Cancelling the recovery can catch them off guard and allow you to continue your attack rush. Projectile attacks cannot be Roman Cancelled.

An important facet of Roman Cancelling to be aware of is trajectory. When a move is cancelled, whatever direction and speed your character is travelling will, for the most part, continue. For example, if an upwards moving attack is Roman Cancelled, then your character will continue travelling upwards. This also holds true for forwards, downwards, backwards, and diagonal movement.

Force Roman Cancel (FRC)
New to GGXX, the Force Roman Cancel (FRC) (or "blue cancel") is very similar to the regular Roman Cancel. However, there are two major differences. The first is that FRC's only require 25% meter to perform. The second is that they can ONLY be done on specific moves, at specific times. Usually the average frame window to FRC is about 2-4 frames (that's 1/30 - 1/15th of a second), but some are only 1 frame, and some are really long.

A major advantage of FRCs is that they do not require a move to hit to do, and infact can be done with Projectile attacks as well (unlike RCs). FRCs can be used to make unsafe moves safe, extend combos or pressure, or be used as a fake out to bait bursts or mixup. Make sure you check your character's movelist to learn which moves can be FRC'ed, it's important to understand when and where FRCs can be used, they can dramatically improve your gameplay.

To find the FRC point of a move, you can go into Practice mode and turn on the Display Input. The display bar will flash white where the FRC point is, and fade to blue for a bit afterwards. These points are very small, yes, so keep practicing.

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