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Guilty Gear 101 (Basics)
Movement Guarding Attacking
Throws Tension Attacks Teching

In order to be able to successfully attack and defend against your opponent, you need to know how to move around in order to gain the initiative. Moving around in Guilty Gear AC is used to position yourself to attack and/or defend. Each of the different movement options has its own special uses and you should definitely be familiar with each of them before you try anything tricky.

Walking is the most basic of all movement options. It is also the least effective. Walking can be useful to move short distances in the place of a dash or run. Setups and combos benefit from walking.

Dashing is a highly used movement technique within GGAC. Not only can dashes be performed on the ground, but they can also be done in the air. Dashing can be performed either forwards or backwards and is done by quickly tapping the controller twice in that direction. Since dashing is typically faster than walking, it is often the quickest way to get around. Take special note that a forward dash can be cancelled at any point into any ground attack. This is very useful for Gatling Combos as your character will retain their forward momemtum. This helps add additional hits for Gatling Combos and keep you close to your opponent while rushing. Holding forward during the dash will put the character into their run. Forward dashes can also be canceled into jumps as well.

Backdashes cannot be cancelled and must complete animation before you can do anything else. Remember this when backdashing to evade attacks, as opponents will be able to attack you without fear of being countered. Though you will be unable to attack during the backdash, one bonus is the fact that backdashes all have invincibility on startup. This can be a very useful tactic if mastered because you will be able to avoid / evade some attacks that would otherwise force you to block. You can also reversal backdash because of this, which allows you to escape some wakeup pressure.

Air dashes have much different properties than ground dashes. After the start up frames of the air dash/backdash, characters can cancel into any air move. If a dash is used, after a Jump or Superjump, your character will be unable to double jump (unless you are using Chipp, who has triple jumps). If a double jump is used, then your character will be unable to air dash (unless you are using Millia or Dizzy).

(note: Potemkin has no dashes aside from backwards. Also, because Johnny and ABA (in regular mode) hop forward instead of dash, they cannot cancel their ground dash into other moves the same as other characters. Johnny's dash does become cancelable (into a Faultless Defense too) after a certain point before he recovers however. Slayer teleports and does not have traditional Dash options either, although he is unique in that he can jump cancel both his forward and backward dash. Millia and Dizzy can both perform two air dashes in a row. After a double air dash, they will be unable to double jump.

Running is another excellent movement option within GGAC. The run can be used to cover a lot of distance in a short amount of time. This can be useful for punishing whiffed moves and getting close to rising opponents after knockdowns or knockbacks. As with the dash forward, the run can be used to add additional hits in Gatling Combos and also to remain closer during rushdown.

As mentioned above, to perform the run, double tap forward and hold the second input to dash into the run. In general, the longer your character runs, the faster he or she will get. This will give more forward momentum and allow longer Gatling Combinations.

Johnny, Slayer, Potemkin, and ABA (in regular mode) have no run.

Jumping is a key part of GGAC gameplay. All characters can double jump, and one can triple jump (Chipp). Jumping can be performed in any upwards direction by simply pressing up, up+forward, or up+backwards. If no moves are performed while your character is in the air, you can double jump by pressing and upwards direction again. The triple jump works the same way for Chipp. If a jump attack is used, characters may be able to continue with their double / triple jump and air dash options. Each character is unique so it's important to know which moves prohibit further air options.

Certain ground and air moves can be cancelled into another jump. This trick is called Jump Cancelling. In each characters move section, a list of every move with their Jump Cancel options is shown. Jump Cancels can be used to enhance combos and mix up offense / defense options. To perform a jump cancel, hold an upwards direction as a Jump Cancelable move is connecting. After the move connects, your character will cancel into a jump. Generally Jump Cancels still follow the same double / triple jump and air dash rules.

In addition to the standard jump, there are two special jump options within GGAC. The first option, Super Jumps (also known as High Jumps), can be used in a variety of ways. A super jump is performed by first pressing any downward direction, then quickly pressing an upwards direction. The upwards direction will determine which way your super jump is aimed. If you use a super jump, your character will not be able to use double / triple jump options. You can, however, super jump, then perform an air dash. This can be a key tactic to get out of a rough corner trap or away from an overly agressive opponent.

The other special jump option, Homing Jump, can only be performed after you have connected a Dust Attack. After a Dust Attack successfully hits your opponent, hold any upwards direction to "home in" after them. This is a prime opportunity for an air combo! Each character has a special frame of animation during the homing jump. Also, the homing jump shares the same double / triple jump and air dash rules as a regular jump. This means you can still utilize double / triple jumps, as well as air dashes after a homing jump depending on the options available to that character during a regular jump.

Both the super jump and homing jump are signified by a blue aura surrounding your character as they leap. While a super jump can be performed in any of the upwards directions, the homing jump will always jump towards your opponent no matter which upwards direction you press.

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