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Guilty Gear 201 (Intermediate)
Tension Gauge RC & FRC Burst Combo System
Damage Scaling Dizzies Attack Effects Defensive Effects
- Hit Stun Charts Only -

Hit Stun Level Chart
Each attack has a Level (LV) rating. Depending on the rating, the attack will inflict a different amount of hit / guard stun (recovery) which relates to how long the opponent will be incapable of moving after the hit / guard stun has been inflicted. Use the chart below to determine how much hit or guard stun an attack will inflict. The level (LV) rating for each attack can be found in the individual Character Analysis sections.

This chart is still being researched for accuracy.

Hit Type L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Standing Hit 10 F 12 F 14 F 17 F 19 F
Crouching Hit 10 F 13 F 15 F 18 F 20 F
Air Hit 10 F 12 F 14 F 16 F 18 F
Standard Guard 9 F 11 F 13 F 16 F 18 F
Faultless Defense 11 F 13 F 16 F 19 F 21 F
Instant Block 7 F 8 F 10 F 12 F 14 F
Air Standard Guard 10 F 12 F 14 F 17 F 23 F
Air Faultless Defense 12 F 15 F 18 F 24 F 27 F
Air Instant Block 4 F 6 F 8 F 10 F 12 F
Ground Counter Hit +0 F +2 F +4 F +8 F +12 F
Air Counter Hit +6 F +9 F +16 F +18 F +?? F
Note: Ground Counter Hit and Air Counter Hit add the indicated frame amount to the Static Difference. Example, if L3 attack normally has a SD of +3 on Standing Hit, when a Counter Hit is scored, the move will now have a SD of +7 (+3 standing hit added to the +4 Ground Counter Hit).

Hit Stop
When an attack connects in Guilty Gear, the players pause briefly to make moves appear more powerful visually. For the player, this actually gives you an extra large amount of time where you can buffer inputs for moves. In addition, this is extra beneficial for charge characters (May, Venom) because it gives them extra time to charge moves, allowing them to perform some combos that would normally not seem possible.

Hit Stop only effects the people involved in being hit. Projectiles, for instance, cause hit stop only on the projectile and the person being hit by the projectile (not the person who fired it). This also means that if a projectile is active on the screen and then one player hits the other with a melee attack, the projectile continues to move even while the players are in Hit Stop.
Hit Type L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Hit Pause 11 F 12 F 13 F 14 F 15 F

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