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Guilty Gear 201 (Intermediate)
Tension Gauge RC & FRC Burst Combo System
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- Hit Stun Charts Only -

Some moves have on certain frames either Feet, Lower Body, Upper Body, Above Knees / Ankles or Full Body Invincibility, which means that this part of the character's sprite canít be hit. Of note, Dragon Punch type moves (such as Sol's Volcanic Viper, Ky's Vapor Thrust, etc) are fully invincible from startup until after active frames have begun. Backdashes have full startup invincibility as well. Most characters' 6P attacks have upper body invincibility because these attacks are designed to be anti-air attacks.

One important thing to remember though is that being physically invincible does not make you immune to throws.

Throw Invincibility
All moves that render the character airborne are immune to ground throws (such as Bandit Revolver, and most Dragon Punch type moves), however this is really just because the moves leave the ground, and they are therefore still possible to be air thrown.

Some moves are simply throw invincible, meaning that they cannot be thrown at all. Many Overdrives are like this. Some normal attacks are also like this as well, such as Baiken's 6K.

Low Profile/Stance
Some moves have a very low hitbox which allows not only ducking under high hitting attacks but under many mid hitting attacks as well. This property isnít too different from Above Knees Invincibility, except that the move's hitbox usually matches the actual sprite of the character. Sometimes the term low stance is used as well. An example is Axl's 2K, which is low enough to duck under Johnny's Overdrive when spaced correctly.

Some moves have an extremely low profile which allows them to slide under things that normally would be impossible to. Sol's Grand Viper can slide under Venom's Dark Angel or Potemkin's F.D.B. reflection wave. May's 3K can slide under many projectiles as well.

Super Armor
Moves with Super Armor will absorb hits but continue to execute anyway. These moves are useful because even though they might have a lot of startup, they will be able to cut through attacks anyway. Hits taken with Super Armor still do damage, but a reduced amount. Some moves can absorb only a single hit, while others can absorb multiple. Super Armor ironically cannot absorb hits from super attacks (Overdrives) at all.

Prime examples include Potemkin's Hammerfall (which absorbs only 1 hit), his Judge Gauntlet (which absorbs multiple hits), and ABA's Danzai.

Guard Point
Some moves can guard while executing, which is called Guard Point. Unlike Super Armor, Guard Point counts as guarding and not eating a hit, so the damage recieved will be much less. Guard Point also does not only guard a certain number of hits, it guards as much as it can within its time frame. However, Guard Point typically is more restrictive in what it can guard... most attacks that have it only guard either high and mid, or low strikes.

Anji has many Normals with Guard Point on them, which can also be cancelled into special Guard Point attacks. Baiken also has a Guard Point command dash that blocks high strikes.

Guard Cancel
Guard Cancel is a term that refers to breaking out of guard to do something else. In Guilty Gear, every character has a Dead Angle Attack which may be used while guarding. Burst as well can always be used during block. Baiken has a number of moves she can perform even while guarding. These moves present an additional challenge for the attacker, because they give her a free (but not completely safe) way to escape pressure and turn the match around.

Counter hit State
Some moves have an extra Counter hit State attached to certain parts of them. This state means that if the player is hit out of this move during this time, he will ALWAYS be counter hit. An example is Eddie's Invite Hell (22S/H), which is in Counter hit State during a large part of the startup of the move, making it very unsafe to throw out when the enemy is close.

It's important to understand all of the properties of moves, even the negative ones, so that you know when and where a good place is to use them, and how to beat them as well. Learn to utilize moves with special on-CH properties if you know you can get someone during Counter hit State.

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