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Guilty Gear 101 (Basics)
Movement Guarding Attacking
Throws Tension Attacks Teching

There are a multitude of ways to attack your opponent. To fully grasp each variation, you must first understand basic attacking and how the buttons work.

There are 5 attack buttons: P (punch), K (kick), S (slash), H (heavy slash), D (dust).

In general, P attacks do the least amount of damage, while H attacks do the most. Since the D button has a couple specific uses (launch and sweep), it is the exception. This is because while the ground D variations usually do less than H attacks, the air variations usually do more and have added effects. Also, generally the stronger the attack, the more guard / hit stun it will inflict on your opponent.

Command Normals
Every character has their own command normals. A command normal is performed by pressing a specific direction with a specific button. Every character has both a 6P and 6H command normal, and some have command normals with 6K as well. It's up to you to learn the different command normals and the properties of each for your character.

Keep in mind that most every 6P command normal has some form of upper-body invulerability. It's important to remember this because 6P's can be used to stop many high (and sometimes mid) attacks, and also against many jumping attacks. This also tends to make 6P's ideal anti-air attacks.

Dust Attack
The Dust Attack is the basic air combo starter. By simply pressing D, your character will perform their Dust Attack. Every characters Dust Attack is an overhead, and must be blocked standing by holding back. Connecting a Dust Attack on your opponent will send them reeling into the air. If you then hold any upwards direction, you will perform the Homing Jump and follow them up. From here, it's up to you to slap them up with your best air combo.

After reaching a certain height in the Homing Jump, the background will change from the normal stage graphics, to a burning blue display. At any time before the background changes red, your character will be able to combo normals simultaneously that are normally uncomboable. To do this, you must hold up on the controller until the screen turns completely blue. Basically, holding up during the initial Homing Jump allows you to Jump Cancel moves even if they normally would not be able to. You also have unlimited Jump Cancels and Air Dashes during this period of time.

Dust Attacks will only launch your opponent if their feet are on the ground. Hitting an airborne or downed opponent will not result in a Dust Attack air combo opportunity.

Connecting a Dust Attack on Counter Hit will cause the launcher to be completely untechable if no followup hits are performed, which can be used similar to Impossible Dust.

The Sweep is a basic knockdown tactic which every character poseses. By pressing 2D, your character will perform their Sweep. Each sweep attack possesses different properties and follow-up opportunities so it's important to know what options are available with your character. Sweep attacks provide a great alternative to Dust Attacks as they must be guarded against low.

Note that Robo-Ky does not have a Sweep with 2D. His 2S serves the same purpose, however.

Special Attacks
Special attacks are attacks that require a more elaborate command input, and have unique effects and properties. These range from standard proejctiles (Ky's Stun Edge) to Dragon Punches (Sol's Volcanic Viper) to command throws (Potemkin's Potemkin Buster). Almost all Special Attacks are free, not requiring Tension or otherwise, but some characters have special attacks which change under certain conditions.

One distinct difference between special and normal attacks is that specials always build some tension, even if they miss completely. Special attacks also deal Chip Damage as well.

Taunts and Respects
Though it's not really "attacking", Taunt and Respect do have their uses.

All characters have both a Taunt and a Respect. To perform a Taunt, simply press Start (Arcade) or R (Respect on Console). Taunts can be canceled into into any attack after about half of the animation has played. Respects, on the other hand, can be canceled at any time. Respects are performed by pressing 6R (or 6Start). Both the Taunt and Respect can be used to give a false sense of vulnerability as your opponent may be lured into attacking. Since the Respect can be cancelled at any time, it's usually the best choice for a lure attempt.

Performing a Taunt will raise your opponents Tension Gauge slightly.

Performing a Taunt at the end of the match after the opponent is defeated will cause a 'Rakusyo', which will give the other player 50% tension at the start of the next round.

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